As digital and social selling strategies and techniques move further into the mainstream, sales and marketing professionals alike are realizing how massive the benefits are for their organizations. They’re jumping onboard enthusiastically with a new perspective on what drives buying decisions, and they are embracing digital and social selling tactics that help them improve online engagement with consumers, target prospects more precisely with the right content, and make social channels do the heavy lifting for them. 

Here are some important statistics that are driving digital and social selling, and making result-oriented sales a reality. 

Digital and Social Selling Are Growing

As the sales models of yesterday continue to tumble, digital and social selling techniques are taking charge. In a recent report from Hubspot, 63 percent of sales professionals reported that social selling—an increasingly important component of digital selling—has become important for closing new deals. 

And you don’t have to look too far to discover why.  Social networks have grown into important foundations for selling. In fact, 82 percent of prospects are reported to be reachable via social media.  And when it comes to business technology, the trends are even more telling with 86 percent of IT buyers using social media to aid their purchase decision. 

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The Role of the Buyer Is Evolving

Thanks to the digital selling world, buyers are self-enabled to research products and services online, both through traditional web channels and on social media. 77 percent of B2B buyers agreed, telling Triblio they did not talk with a salesperson until after they had performed independent research.  

And 78 percent of buyers expect sales teams to personalize interactions based on online activities.  That means sellers would be wise to learn customer preferences through sales intelligence and build messaging and content that is tailored and personalized for each buyer. 

According to an EY study, companies that utilize digital selling techniques are 5.7 times more likely to secure prospect meetings and hit 150 percent of their quotas on average.  And social sellers realize a 66 percent greater quota alignment than those using traditional prospecting techniques.  

Improve Your Career with Digital Selling

Jobs for digital and social selling experts are growing, and salaries are rising too, averaging $70,000 but topping out as high as $123,000 per year. Online training in digital selling empowers sales and marketing professionals to ride this growing wave and lockdown lucrative digital sales positions, by providing learners with the newest tools and best practices to implement this skill to the fullest. 

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