Digital Transformation and Future of Tech Jobs in India

Last updated December 21, 2018


About the REPORT

About the REPORT

The continuous digital transformation (DT) in India has been driving faster adoption of emerging technologies, and that’s one of the reasons why organizations today are investing in technological capabilities. Businesses in India recognize the challenges of digital transformation and are proactively embracing it. Hence, professionals across technology fields are looking at reskilling and upskilling themselves to stay relevant in their careers.  

This report, "Digital Transformation and Future of Tech Jobs in India" by Simplilearn encapsulates the following:

  • Five top domains/ job roles that are likely to impact the technology job market in India
  • Skills required for each of the job domains
  • Median salaries for each job role, dependent experience 
  • Insights from the survey conducted amongst IT professionals to gauge their views on DT and impact on their careers

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