The technologies that drive the digital economy continue to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, and new opportunities for digital technology careers arise faster than ever.  Simplilearn has helped more than 1,000,000 learners worldwide acquire digital skills to propel their careers.  We’re proud to announce a new program with Caltech CTME, that will give learners an ideal opportunity to enter one of the fastest-growing areas of the digital economy, Cloud Computing.

Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

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Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

Why Cloud Computing?

As the 20th century came to a close, computer scientists developed ways to separate software from specific hardware and to allocate computing and storage resources dynamically as they were demanded by operating units users and customers.  That approach has evolved into what we now call Cloud Computing.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and Netflix used the Cloud to build their own businesses that have transformed how we work, shop, spend our leisure time, and almost every other aspect of our lives.  Amazon and Google, alongside traditional computing companies like IBM and Microsoft, decided to make computing and storage resources available as platforms for others to build businesses on.

Now Cloud Computing is no longer the domain of a few large providers and digital businesses: today, every company needs to consider putting its digital operations into the Cloud.  That means nearly every company has a current or upcoming need for skilled Cloud Computing professionals who can drive the migration of computing and computer-based services on Cloud platforms.

Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers have the specialized skills to adapt and reinvent business operations to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Cloud.  There are many opportunities for Cloud Computing professionals, and that has attracted many individuals to training programs for Cloud skills.  To stand out from that crowd and gain access to the best jobs in the Cloud domain, you need to select a program that not only gives you a complete skillset in Cloud Computing but also gives you the evidence to demonstrate to prospective employers that you are fully proficient in those skills.

That is why Simplilearn is proud to introduce the Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing in partnership with the California Institute of Technology Center for Technology and Management Education.  The Caltech CTME-Simplilearn partnership gives you the dual advantage of the deep technology expertise of Caltech and the digital skills training delivery of Simplilearn.

Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

Cloud Operations on AWSENROLL NOW
Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

Why Caltech CTME?

Caltech has taught some of the world’s most renowned engineers and scientists how to think creatively and ask questions that lead to innovative technology solutions.  In its history, 38 alumni and faculty members from Caltech have won the Nobel Prize in their fields of research, and 36 more Nobel laureates came to Caltech to teach and conduct research.  Six members of the Caltech community have won the Turing Award in Computer Science, and 13 have received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Caltech is a renowned center for computer science research.  In fields from economics to bioengineering, Caltech applies advanced computational expertise in interdisciplinary ways to help scientists and policymakers solve complex problems. Caltech researchers have engineered computer networks to boost data transfer speeds to record levels, developed data analysis methods that preserve individual privacy, and applied computer science to make breakthroughs in DNA computing, synthetic biology, and algorithmic game theory.

Throughout its history, Caltech has applied its research and scientific and engineering knowledge to the commercial sector.  Examples of current industry partnerships include joining with Amazon Web Services to create the Center for Quantum Computing that will accelerate the development of quantum computing hardware and software and collaborating with Disney Research on robotic and artificial intelligence for human-machine interaction.

Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME) specializes in postgraduate educational programs in areas that include data analytics, cybersecurity, and project management.  Caltech CTME instructors are drawn from research, engineering, venturing, commercialization, manufacturing, operations, and executive roles at technology-driven organizations and government agencies.  Their real-world industry experience helps learners develop new ways of thinking about their organizations' most pressing problems and give them the technology and management skills to solve them.

“Organizations are looking for IT professionals who can seamlessly integrate applications and infrastructure into the Cloud.”, stated Dr. Rick Hefner, program director, Caltech CTME.  “Aspiring cloud professionals must demonstrate the appropriate skills and knowledge to compete favorably in the market, and a Caltech CTME Cloud certificate is the best way to do that. Our collaboration with Simplilearn allows learners to build a strong portfolio of applications to show potential employers. We are excited to offer this practical, hands-on certification program to tomorrow’s technology leaders.”

Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

Cloud Operations on AWSENROLL NOW
Skyrocket Your AWS Career: Earn Top Salaries!

The Simplilearn Advantage

With the success of the recently launched DevOps PG Program, Caltech CTME has expanded the partnership to include the new Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing. Simplilearn’s unique Blended Learning methodology provides a high-engagement educational experience in a completely online environment by combining self-paced learning, live virtual classrooms, hands-on lab exercises, and industry-related projects in the perfect blend of academic learning and industry applications. The recent IDC survey⁠—IDC InfoBrief, How Blended Learning Impacts Training Success (October 2019), found that blended learning methodologies using a combination of virtual instructor-led training (V-ILT), electronic self-paced content, and projects were up to 122 percent more likely to be best in class at transferring knowledge and up to 50 percent more likely to be best in class for cost-effectiveness.

Our team of world-class instructors deliver a curriculum strategically designed to address competitive industry requirements. Our Post Graduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing provides learners with over 300 learning hours, more than 30 hands-on projects, and a Capstone project. It covers foundational to advanced skills in Cloud administration, Cloud applications development, Cloud architecture for distributed computing, Cloud solutions design, platform-specific tools for Azure and AWS, and more, equipping learners to be high performers in the growth field of Cloud Computing.  Learners receive both in-depth theoretical instruction and practical hands-on experience.  

The Caltech CTME-Simplilearn program includes Master classes taught by Caltech CTME faculty via virtual classrooms.  The Capstone project demonstrates the full range of skills included in the program, which gives you an excellent sample to show prospective employers. Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate from Caltech CTME and will gain membership in Caltech Circle, joining a global community of Caltech learners. 

Speaking on the program launch, Mr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn, said, “With increasing data volumes and decreasing data center bandwidth, IT spending forecasts point to continued demand for cloud infrastructure services. Also, with the widespread adoption of work from home, organizations are looking for solutions in cloud technology to support uninterrupted access to work-based data, in turn boosting demand for cloud specialists. At Simplilearn, we strive to offer the most comprehensive learning programs by covering a wide range of subjects with an in-depth analysis of each. Through the PGP in Cloud Computing in collaboration with Caltech CTME, we aim to equip professionals with industry-relevant skills and help advance their career paths in the cloud domain.”

Find the Right AWS Course

Simplilearn's AWS courses offer a comprehensive pathway for professionals aiming to master Amazon Web Services and enhance their career prospects in cloud computing. Whether you are a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced professional seeking advanced skills, Simplilearn's expert-led training provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS's core services and solutions. Our courses are designed to align with industry standards and prepare you for AWS certification exams, ensuring you have the credentials and expertise that employers value. Elevate your cloud computing capabilities with Simplilearn’s AWS courses and gain the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s tech-driven world.

Course Name Skills You'll Learn Explore Program
AWS Solutions Architect
  • Master IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS
  • 16 live demos
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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
  • Master AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Learn AWS pricing models and support
Enroll Now
Architecting on AWS
  • Access to AWS Skill Builder labs
  • Official AWS live class training content
Enroll Now
AWS Technical Essentials
  • Learn AWS Compute, AWS Storage Monitoring and Optimization
  • AWS Networking
Enroll Now
Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104
  • Administer Azure AD users and groups
  • Build and configure an Azure App Service
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Advanced Architecting on AWS
  • Master best practices for security, networking, serverless architecture, and cost optimization
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Aws Devops Certification
  • Master CI CD Pipelines, Contenrization & More
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation
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Cloud Operations on AWS
  • Learn CloudOps lifecycle processes
  • Live online training from AWS-authorized instructors
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Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert AZ-400
  • Design and implement build and release pipelines
  • Azure exam voucher included
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Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate: AZ-204
  • Practice labs and projects with integrated Azure labs
  • Official course completion badge
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Set Your Course for a Cloud Computing Career

If you are considering a career in the field of Cloud Computing, this genuinely comprehensive program provides you with everything you need to get started or move up the ladder. The Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing is a unique opportunity to gain a complete set of skills in a highly-demanded technology field with the prestige of a world-leading university behind it.  The combination of academic excellence from Caltech CTME and Simplilearn learning technology makes this program a career advancement opportunity like no other.

It may not be a good thing to go around with your head in the clouds, but it’s a great decision to get your head in the Cloud and build a career in Cloud Computing. Find your place in the Cloud with the new Caltech CTME Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, in collaboration with Simplilearn. Learn more and start your journey today!

Our Cloud Computing Courses Duration and Fees

Cloud Computing Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

Program NameDurationFees
Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

Cohort Starts: 31 Jul, 2024

8 Months$ 4,500
AWS Cloud Architect11 Months$ 1,299
Cloud Architect11 Months$ 1,449
Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect11 Months$ 1,499
Azure DevOps Solutions Expert6 Months$ 1,649

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