With the ongoing pandemic and people still working from home, employees are having a harder time getting recognition at the workplace. Do you feel like you aren't getting enough opportunities to work on? Or worse, do you feel that your work is simply not getting noticed? As you reflect on your career goals and try to get a leg up in the competition, here are 7 sure-fire ways of how to get noticed at work.

1. Improve Your Emails

Every time you write an email, double-check to see if there’s anything that could be phrased in a better way. This doesn’t mean just checking for typos or using the right punctuation. Those are great and we bet you do them already, but spend some time to make the email better overall. Does it include all the appropriate information? Is anything missing (attachments, files, etc.)? Is the purpose of your email clear enough and not busy with too much useless information? Does it have a good email subject line? One way you can improve your email effectively is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and read it from their point of view. Ask yourself questions like, “Why should I even read this email?” or “If I was reading this email, what exactly do I need to understand?”

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2. Speak Up During Meetings

With meetings going online and most people not even taking them seriously (sweatpants and bed hair? We see you), you can make the most out of it. Even if you don’t always have something important to say, the willingness to unmute yourself and say something carries enormous weight. Assuming, of course, that you are adding something to the conversation instead of just saying random things out of the blue. If the topic is about AI and machine learning, don’t start a conversation about cats. If you feel stuck or don’t know what to say, simply agreeing to a co-worker’s point can make your attendance more memorable during the meeting.

A small trick that goes a long way: If a coworker says something about, say, needing to do more research on demographics before launching a new marketing campaign, you can say this - “I agree with (coworker’s name) on this. We certainly have an effective strategy in place. But if we can do a bit more research, we can definitely make it better.”

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3. Offer to Take on New Projects

Instead of waiting for your manager to assign you a new project all the time, you can be proactive and offer to take up new projects from the get-go. If you are confident enough and have all the right skills to take up the project, you will increase your chances of getting recognition at the workplace. If you are aware of a certain project that’s going to come up but you don’t really have all the necessary skills, then you can try to take up a course ahead of time and stay prepared. Putting yourself out there will help increase your value in front of the managers and within the company.

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4. Create More Value

There are some employees who just want to stick to the job laid out for them in their job description. Sure, this helps the company get the job done but it doesn’t necessarily create more value for the company. In order to get noticed, you need to show an interest in creating new campaigns, features, products or whatever you are good at. Take the initiative and send emails to other departments to create collaborative teams. Engage in conversations and make white papers to share your creative ideas in a more structured way.

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5. Show a Serious Interest in Long-Term Growth

In an ever-changing world where companies are hiring more people than ever, it’s not surprising that many employees don’t think of staying with one particular organization for the long term. This mentality makes employees lazy, making them do their job just for a monthly paycheck. If you truly care about the company as a whole, then your employers will see that you are worth keeping around and even promote you sooner than others. One way to show that you truly care about growing along with the company is to upgrade yourself with new skills and get certified in the upcoming technologies in your field of work. You can even step out of your comfort zone and learn a whole new skill that would help you learn about other departments as well.

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6. Hit All Your Goals as Promised

This tip goes without saying but far too often, many people fail to hit their goals constantly. Too many employees over promise and under deliver. This doesn’t apply to just your monthly key performance indicators (KPAs). Even for simple tasks such as sending an email or getting a report done, communicate your goals: say that you would get it done by a certain date and execute it as promised. This is a simple way to build a good track record with your manager that you are a dependable employee and you stand out from the vast majority.

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7. Focus on The Success of The Team

While it is true that you need to focus on yourself and your own success, no organization wants to keep someone who cannot work collaboratively with their own team members. The greatest opportunities for the success of a company lie in a team that works well together. When you give your time and energy to make the overall team successful, it’s easier to get noticed by your peers as well as by your managers. Someone who makes the office a better place to work will always be preferred over someone who puts others down to gain recognition at the workplace.

What Else Can You Do?

There is no doubt that good communication and interpersonal skills will take you a long way if you want to get noticed at the workplace. These are things that you learn over time and master with constant practice. One more thing that you can do to gain recognition at the workplace is to stay updated with all the latest skills required in your industry. If you are into email marketing, take up an advanced email marketing course. Or if you are into project management, Agile and Scrum courses are the way to go. Whatever field of work you are in, Simplilearn has an umbrella of courses and certifications that will surely help you get noticed at work and scale up your career.