If you’re looking for a short-term, non-degree pathway to develop skills specific to the field of information technology, bootcamps are an option worth considering. With a high demand for talented professionals in the IT industry, coding bootcamps have become the door to finding jobs and kickstarting careers for tech-savvy individuals. If you plan to pursue a bootcamp in the flourishing field of IT, we have listed the best IT bootcamps offered by several prestigious universities. 

What Is an IT Bootcamp?

Information Technology bootcamps are short-term yet intensive training programs in the field of IT that offer training and modules related to computer programming languages, coding, cloud computing, and other aspects associated with information technology. There are countless universities that offer both in-person and online bootcamps, and candidates can choose as per their convenience and preferences. The bootcamps are designed to range from 6 to 40 weeks, with most courses being an average of 12 weeks in length.

Best IT Bootcamps Offered by Top Universities

When opting for the best IT bootcamps, the university that offers the program should be a primary factor because bootcamps by reputed universities are designed keeping in mind the current standards of the industry to prepare candidates accordingly. Here are some of the top universities offering the best IT bootcamps-

Blockchain Bootcamp by the Carlson School of Management

This blockchain Bootcamp trains you to design and deploy applications and hone your skills to become a Blockchain professional. After completing the course, candidates earn a certificate from the Carlson School of Management and become a part of Minnesota’s Alumni Association. Designed for self-paced learning, the course is convenient and provides a hands-on learning experience, wherein candidates can interact live with industry experts.

The curriculum includes modules that cover the basics and fundamentals of building blockchain solutions, equipping you with strategic and technical skills that meet the demands of the industry. From learning how to administer Bitcoin wallets, Ethereum Networks, and Truffle frameworks, to Hyperledger, individuals can build all-around skills and knowledge to become a certified Blockchain expert.

The Certification Course in Blockchain Bootcamp covers the fundamentals of blockchain, the applications, and architecture of blockchain, and trains individuals to use tools, such as Solidity, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Indy, Bitcoin, Ganache, and Multichain, among others. It also includes a capstone project that helps apply the skills learned throughout the course for practical implementation.

Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Cloud computing bootcamps help students develop the skills to find a high-paying job in the industry. This Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a well-planned course that helps you build expertise in planning, designing, and scaling cloud implementations. Candidates who enroll for this Bootcamp learn to use Microsoft Azure and AWS for developing and deploying reliable and scalable applications. After the completion of the course, candidates earn a Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp Certificate.

The learning path of the cloud computing bootcamp by Caltech comprises an orientation session, followed by AWS cloud fundamentals and designing applications and architectures in AWS. It progresses to introduce candidates to the fundamental concepts of Azure and implementing, managing and monitoring the Azure environment.

The bootcamp is well-designed to familiarize candidates more with practical aspects of cloud computing using AWS and Azure, which involves designing infrastructure solutions on Azure and a capstone project. As candidates complete the bootcamp, they are equipped with skills that help shape them into cloud computing professionals for various positions in different organizations.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp by the Carlson School of Management

The Carlson School of Management is yet another reputed university, with programs that rank high both nationally and internationally. The Cloud Computing Bootcamp by the Carlson School of Management helps instill skills in individuals that prepare them to have a good command of the architecture principles and services of Azure and AWS, therefore transforming them into cloud professionals.

This program has various applied projects and online labs that are useful for individuals aspiring to make a good fit for organizations that need skilled cloud computing experts. It is a combination of self-paced videos and live virtual classrooms, along with access to complete learning support and various forums and a community. When you enroll for the course, you receive training from top industry leaders, which helps you develop skills to keep up with the current competitive environment in the industry.

The program is a balance between theoretical and knowledge-specific modules as well as practice, and hands-on modules to ensure individuals develop all-around skills. The course combines modules on the fundamentals of AWS and Azure, and how to implement, manage, monitor, and design solutions on Azure and AWS. The capstone project puts all the theoretical aspects of it to test, allowing the candidate to understand how to implement their knowledge.

Upon completion of the course, candidates receive a program certificate from the Carlson School of Management and Simplilearn and gain membership in the University of Minnesota’s Alumni Association.

Caltech Coding Bootcamp

The California Institute of Technology offers this self-paced learning coding bootcamp aimed at preparing candidates to work with both front-end and back-end Java technologies. The bootcamp is planned to be beginner-friendly as it starts by covering basic concepts, such as the fundamentals of planning an UI design, backend and database development, etc. It then progresses to modules on integration and development, and API endpoints and communication to offer the candidate a holistic learning experience.

By the end of the Caltech Coding Bootcamp, candidates submit a Caltech bootcamp Capstone project, which helps them build confidence in their technical skills and how to put them to use. You can earn up to 17 credits and are awarded a certificate from Caltech CTME after completing this valuable bootcamp on coding. Additionally, you can be a part of one-to-one resume sessions and receive the Caltech Circle membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are IT Bootcamps worth it in 2022?

IT bootcamps are a preferred choice for individuals who intend to develop skills specific to a certain area of information technology. When pursued from a reputed university, they are also a quick way of developing the right skills that meet the standards of organizations that hire IT professionals and coding experts.

2. Can you really get a job after a coding bootcamp?

It is very much possible for individuals to get a job after a coding bootcamp. What matters is the skills you learn and the knowledge you take from the bootcamp and how well-prepared you are with the basics and applications of the concepts when going for interviews.

3. Are IT Bootcamps for beginners?

All IT bootcamps are not created equally. With that said, any IT bootcamp that extensively covers the basic, fundamental concepts before moving on to the practical aspects of it is well-suited for beginners.

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Pursuing a bootcamp in your interest area can help you prepare well for entry-level opportunities in tech fields. IT Bootcamps go beyond traditional learning to offer real-world experience, which is the key to succeeding in today’s competitive world where skills are valued more than mere conceptual knowledge. When choosing a bootcamp out of the many, your first consideration should be the university, followed by the duration of the bootcamp. Make sure that the bootcamp comprises basics if you're a beginner. 

If you have any doubts and queries regarding these bootcamps, feel free to post them in the comments below. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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