If you’re looking for the best RPA tools, you already know automation is the way of the future—and the present. By the end of 2018, Forrester predicts RPA will have replaced or supplemented 311,000 office jobs and 260,000 sales-related jobs. From Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning to Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), automation is transforming how we work and live in dramatic and disruptive ways. At the same time, automation is generating new jobs, including many in RPA.

With evolving technologies and increasing job demand, however, come competing vendors offering proprietary tools for these technologies. And that, in turn, can lead to some confusion for the IT workers who want to move into the field, as they wonder which software and tools to learn. This is as true of RPA as any other automation technology, leading people to look for a Robotic Process Automation tools comparison.

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Best RPA Tools: Blue Prism 

According to the company’s website, Blue Prism invented the term Robotic Process Automation. Perhaps that’s why you’ll see this vendor listed near the top of the list when you search for the best RPA tools. Also, Blue Prism has been ranked as one of the top 50 Artificial Intelligence Software products. Reviewers say Blue Prism is user-friendly and easy to set up as well as scalable, yet also offers a high level of security. It supports several languages besides English and integrates easily with third-party tools. An overview of Blue Prism’s features includes: 

  • Multi-environment deployment model
  • Automated credential management
  • Audit trails
  • Process changes in comparison
  • Process configuration
  • Application automation
  • Central administrative console
  • User role settings
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integrations

Best RPA Tools: UiPath

As an RPA provider, UiPath received the highest score of all vendors in the 2018 Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation Q2 2018 report. UiPath offers enterprise-grade security and auditing, and role-based access control with encryption everywhere. UiPath also has hundreds of built-in, customizable, and shareable activities, as well as deep integrations with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BPM (Business Process Management), and AI technologies. It is commonly used in call centers, financial and healthcare sectors, and for document management, API enablement, and document extraction and migration. has been ranked as one of the top 50 Business Process Management Software products

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Best RPA Tools: Automation Anywhere 

Automation Anywhere is the world’s largest software provider of robotic process automation. Automation Anywhere Enterprise has been ranked as one of the top 20 Artificial Intelligence Software products. Also, Forrester named Automation Anywhere a leader in the 2018 Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation Q2 2018 report. The report states that Automation Anywhere is ahead of other vendors in providing a bot store for partners. An overview of Automation Anywhere’s features includes: 

  • Cognitive robots
  • Rules setting
  • Machine Learning
  • Administrative console
  • Analytics
  • Single sign-On
  • Version control
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Integrations

See the Gartner review comparing Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

Best RPA Tools: AutomationEdge

AutomationEdge is one of the top 5 RPA vendors in Gartner Peer Insights rated by customers and recognized as a Niche Player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019. AutomationEdge is an integrated automation platform to provide RPA, IT Process Automation solution with Artificial Intelligence, iPaaS, Machine learning, Chatbot, ETL capabilities. It is the only automation solution to be recognized by Gartner in both the market guides for both RPA and ITPA. AutomationEdge provides drag and drop workflow development UI which significantly reduces development time. AutomationEdge has also developed 400+ ready bots to enable plug-n-play automation and avoid development time.

An overview of AutomationEdge's features and components include:

  • Robot controller and orchestrator
  • Process Studio
  • Ready Integrations
  • Audit trail
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Self-service catalog console
  • Scheduler
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Getting Started in RPA 

Those are only three of the RPA tools currently on the market—just three of many RPA tools and vendors. And it could be you can’t know which device you should learn until you know the job you’re going after.  

In that case, start with the Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course instead of a particular tool. This course will give you an overview of the concepts behind Robotic Process Automation and teach you how to work with a variety of RPA tools and workflows as you also learn desktop, web, and Citrix automation. Also, you’ll learn how to organize and manage a real-life workflow automation project, so you’re ready to implement RPA at your next job.

Automation is the future—and the present. Of that, you can be sure. And RPA is one way for you to have a rewarding and promising career in the automation when you master the basics, then move on to learn the best RPA tools. 

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