SAS or Statistical Analytics System, developed by SAS Institute, is an analytic software tool that allows users to perform data management, statistical analysis, business modeling, report writing, quality enhancement, application development, data transformation, data extraction, and other operations on collected data. It is a group of computer programs facilitating the alteration, management, and retrieval of different kinds of data from multiple sources.

The Ultimate Ticket to Top Data Science Job Roles

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The Ultimate Ticket to Top Data Science Job Roles

The Growth of SAS

Almost 30 years ago, SAS appeared on the number 15 spot of Inc.'s inaugural ranking of fast-growing private companies, and it has never looked back ever since. While, on the one hand, the majority of SAS’s early fellow competitors have met orderly or in orderly ends, SAS continues to add onto its 35+ years of unbroken revenue-growth track record. The best part about this $2.4 billion worth business analytics giant with more than 12,000 employees is the fact that it is still private.

SAS Salary Based on Experience

Before learning a new skill and starting a new career, it is imperative to know about the average salary offered by the field. 

Salary in SAS depends on the following factors:

Job Role and Technologies Known

When you are aspiring to get a job in SAS, it is important for you to prepare for a specific job role like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, etc. It will help you to get a job faster, face fewer issues and receive a better salary package. Numerous organizations seek a combination of technologies such as SAS + (Python + R) + (Tableau or Power BI).


The years of experience you have will determine your salary package.

  • A fresher or entry-level SAS Programmer working in India with a working experience of less than a year can expect an approx average total compensation of Rs. 304,831, including bonus, tips, and overtime pay. 
  • An early-career SAS programmer in India with experience of 1-4 years can expect an approx average total compensation of Rs. 504,676
  • A mid-career SAS programmer with 5-9 years of experience can earn an approx average total compensation of Rs. 973,770
  • An experienced SAS programmer with a working experience of 10-19 years can expect an approx average total compensation of Rs. 18,22,527.

The Company

The salary package you receive will depend upon the company you choose to work for.


The location of your job (country or even the city) will play a big role in determining the salary package you receive.

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SAS Salary: Based on Location


Average Base Salary - Rs. 762k/year

Job Role



SAS Programmer

Rs. 289k - Rs. 1m

Rs. 599,106

Data Analyst

Rs. 299k - Rs. 1m

Rs. 612,686

Analytics Consultant

Rs. 256k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 1,090,063

Senior Business Analyst

Rs. 339k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 751,495

Senior Data Analyst

Rs. 629k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 1,123,049

Statistical Analyst

Rs. 320k - Rs. 1m

Rs. 731,045

Data Scientist

Rs. 477k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 969,841

Analytics Manager

Rs. 556k - Rs. 3m

Rs. 1,800,000


Rs. 301k - Rs 3m

Rs. 915,628

Programmer Analyst

Rs. 295k - Rs. 1m

Rs. 605,000

Software Engineer

Rs. 127k - Rs. 1m

Rs. 457,814

Senior Biostatistician

Rs. 284k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 1,399,116

Credit Risk Analyst

Rs. 110k - Rs. 2m

Rs. 1,190,000

Business Analyst, Finance/Banking

Rs. 367k - Rs. 3m

Rs. 975,000

United States

Average Base Salary - $78k/year

Job Role




$60k - $116k


Data Analyst

$50k - $90k


SAS Programmer

$57k - $124k



$59k - $119k



$48k - $98k


Actuarial Analyst

$57k - $89k


Analytics Consultant

$67k - $119k


Senior Data Analyst

$64k - $102k


Senior Biostatistician

$80k - $139k


Data Scientist

$65k - $117k


Statistical Analyst

$53k - $104k


Senior Statistician

$73k - $136k


Quantitative Analyst

$60k - $133k


Quantitative Analyst, Risk

$66k - $137k


United Kingdom

Average Base Salary - £37k/year

Job Role



SAS Programmer

£25k - £46k


Data Analyst

£22k - £50k


Credit Risk Analyst

£26k - £56k



£26k - £65k


Pricing Analyst

£21k - £37k


Senior Statistician

£37k - £67k


Senior Data Analyst

£23k - £55k



£33k - £44k


Analytics Consultant

£33k - £53k 


Actuarial Analyst

£29k - £43k


Data Scientist

£37k - £58k


Senior Credit Analyst

£32k - £42k



Average Base Salary - C$71k/year

Job Role



Actuarial Analyst

C$58k - C$74k


SAS Programmer

C$48k - C$99k



C$62k - C$97k


Data Analyst

C$47k - C$73k



C$54k - C$93k



C$49k - C$87k


Senior Data Analyst

C$72k - C$78k


Data Scientist

C$50k - C$89k


Senior Biostatistician

C$93k - C$118k


Statistical Analyst

C$54k - C$89k


Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

C$63k - C$75k



C$90k - C$111k


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