Today, organizations in all sectors are moving towards paperless jobs. The traditional tedious job of recording the data has been overtaken by the latest technological advancement. Now, all information is available on the desktop in the form of a pdf document.

SharePoint is one such Microsoft product. It is a document management and storage system that allows the teams to operate workflow applications, Listing databases, and other features. Automated functions and easy information access are also the main features of SharePoint. Its compatibility with all browsers makes it one of the best products.

The following set of questions will prepare you for the technical questions you might encounter during the interview.

Top SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

1. What are the uses of SharePoint?

SharePoint is used for

  • Sharing documents
  • Storing and organizing data
  • Consolidating data in one place
  • Building websites

2. How many SharePoint versions are there?

  • SharePoint 2001
  • SharePoint server portal 2003
  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Sharepoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2019
  • Sharepoint online

3. What forms can be created in SharePoint?

  • Task edits
  • Association
  • Modifications
  • Installation

4. What is the full form of WSP?

WSP is a Web Solution Package. It is a file having information regarding resources, images, etc.

5. What is a zone?

It represents a distinct logical pathway (URL) to the same web application. It enables the setting of distinct access and policy requirements for different users.

6. Name the 5 zones.

  1. Custom
  2. Default
  3. Internet
  4. Intranet
  5. Extranet

7. How many days are taken by online sites to create a backup?

14 days are required.

8. Name SharePoint permission sites.

  • Contribute
  • Design
  • Full Control
  • Edit
  • View only
  • Read
  • Limited Access

9. What are the steps for creating a list with a column?

  1. Go to the homepage of the site. Click +New and then List from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter List’s Name and Description.
  3. A list will be created with Title and +Add Column.
  4. Click +Add Column and select the items.
  5. Enter Column’s Name and select Save. The column will be created.

10. What hardware is required for a single server in SharePoint?

  • RAM = 8 GB
  • Processor = 64-bit, 4 crores
  • Hard Disk = 80 GB for the system drive.

11. What hardware is required for a web server in SharePoint?

  • RAM = 12 GB
  • Processor = 64-bit, 4 crores
  • Hard Disk = 80 GB for the system drive.

12. What is MOSS?

MOSS is Microsoft Office SharePoint Server that provides a portal-based platform to create, modify and share documents and web facilities.

13. What is a SharePoint Farm?

It is a group of servers. They collaborate to fulfill responsibilities and perform functions.

14. What is the main difference between a Custom master URL and a master URL?

Custom master URL changes the layout of the admin page, whereas the master URL changes the layout of the end user’s page.

15. Explain Site Collection.

A Site collection is a group of websites. SharePoint supports 2 Site collections, a host-named site collection and a path-based site collection.

16. What are the types of SharePoint?

There are 3 types of SharePoint

  1. SharePoint Server
  2. SharePoint Foundation 
  3. Office 365 

17. What type of forms are used in SharePoint?

3 forms are used in the SharePoint workflow 

  • Initiation and Association forms
  • Modification forms
  • Task forms

18. How many maximum sub-sites are there in a SharePoint 2019 site?

The maximum sub-sites are 2000 in SharePoint 2019.

19. What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?




Shared assets library


Not Available

On-premises storage


Not Available

Comments and mentions

Not Available


Mobile document scanning

Not Available


Website, apps, and CMS

SharePoint engine is used by companies to create and maintain websites

It doesn’t allow you to publish your files.

20. What is the default lookup column limit in the SharePoint list?

The maximum limit is 12.

21. How to create a Task notifications workflow?

  • Open SharePoint designer. Create a new task list.
  • Under this, create a list workflow associated with the task list.
  • Set required terms and conditions
  • Mention the mailing address of “Assigned To”. Add the subject with a lookup to the recent item title. Add the link to the Task list’s edit form and the task ID.
  • Activate the workflow to start when a new item is created.
  • Publish workflow.

22. What does the content database handle in SharePoint?

  •   Report models
  •   Published reports
  •   Resources
  •   Permissions
  •   Shared data sources

23. What is the difference between SharePoint 16 and SharePoint 19?


SharePoint 16

SharePoint 19

File storage in the document library

15 GB

10 GB

Maximum file character limit

400 characters

260 characters

Mobile connectivity



Communication site



Modern site pages


Not Allowed

SMTP authentication support


Not Allowed

Sync files with OneDrive


Not Allowed

Modern UI experience


Not Allowed

24. What is the team site?

It enables the user to store and collaborate with the files or create and manage information. It includes web pages, a default document library, a data management list, and web parts.

25. What document management features are provided by SharePoint?

  • Document check-in/check-out
  • Document storage 
  • Document versioning
  • Document set
  • Document integration 
  • Client-side integration
  • Content-type
  • Managed metadata service (MMS)

26. What is Office 365? SAAS, IASS, or PAAS?

Office 365 is SAAS.

27. What is the picture library?

It enables the storage and updating of pictures used for the site or sharing with others.

28. How can you create a picture library in SharePoint?

  • Go to the homepage of the site. Click +New and select App from the drop-down list.
  • Look for the picture library and click on the required picture.
  • Enter the picture library name and select the Create button. The picture library is created.

29. What SharePoint assets can be used with a SharePoint feature? 

  • WebParts
  • Pages
  • Simple site customization 
  • Custom site navigation 
  • Lists
  • Event handlers
  • Custom actions
  • Workflows


1. What are the main functions of SharePoint?

There are 3 main functions of SharePoint.

1. Data Storage

SharePoint helps in the storage of large data in an arranged form. The data is segregated based on its features and requirements. This enables easy access to information. 

2. Team Work 

SharePoint helps in the easy sharing of files and easy editing by all the members of the group. It eases teamwork while maintaining the privacy of the content.

3. Work Organization 

It enables smooth work by clearly assigning the jobs and stating the Workflow. It also enables highlighting the important aspects for quick identification.

2. What kind of skill is SharePoint?

SharePoint requires the following 10 skills.

  • SharePoint Tools Understanding

The candidate must have theoretical as well as practical expertise in SharePoint tools. This could be checked From his handling of tools like Visio, SharePoint designer, ribbon, object model, etc. 

  • Skills in the Programming Language

There must be proficiency in the programming language of SharePoint in both theory and practice. Various languages used are .NET, JavaScript, C#, CSS, and HTML.

  • Skills in UI/UX Design Processes

The target of any business dissatisfaction of the client, hence, the person must have the ability to satisfy and find the solution to the problems by using his UI and UX skills.

  • Testing and Debugging Skills 

The person must have observation skills to test and find faults in the software. Knowledge of testing along with the idea of eliminating the cause rather than the symptom can prove fruitful for the company.

  • Communication Skills

Not only has the technical expertise, but the candidate must also have good communication skills. Skills to effectively convey his ideas, provide solutions, and handle every type of client.

  • Collaborative Skills

Sometimes a person with good collaborative skills provides a way for good teamwork. He can act as a bridge between the team and the client to conduct conversations. He can also look into other important aspects of completing a job.

  • Database and Documentation Skills

Skills Related to arranging and fetching databases and documents are equally important for a candidate. Doing work in an organized manner is equally important.

  • Cloud Technology Handling 

With the increased use of cloud technology, the candidate must not only know what tool to apply but also how to use it and bring the best results.

  • Business Process Automation Skills

The Candidate should have expertise in automated SharePoint workflow techniques to cut costs and time and increase efficiency.

  • Competency 

The candidate should be versatile so that he can cope with even complex projects.

3. What are the 6 features of SharePoint?

  • It is a collaborative platform where all information is synced.
  • All the databases can be stored in one single place for easy fetching.
  • It is a highly secured platform where all information is safe.
  • It is a no-code configuring platform where all tasks can be performed easily.
  • It is easily accessible for users.
  • It can save your project site as the SharePoint site for easy access. 

4. What is a workflow in SharePoint?

Workflow is a pre-programmed application that helps in the automation and streamlining of processes. The Workflow includes giving feedback, approvals, tracking processes, etc. This saves time and effort hence bringing efficiency.

SharePoint is a licensed product of Microsoft Corporation. It has a huge scope in corporate as well as businesses. Most organizations have started using this software. Hence, understand and practice these questions to perform well during the interview.


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