Simplilearn, a global provider of Digital Skills training, announced its collaboration with Gulf Business Machines (GBM), a leading end-to-end digital solutions and services provider in the Gulf region. Through this partnership, Simplilearn will enable GBM’s employee skilling program by providing access to an array of live instructor-led classes across digital economy technologies such as Artificial IntelligenceCloud ComputingData ScienceCyber Security, and many others. This learning initiative will equip GBM employees with industry-specific skills, preparing them to meet the demands of a digital future and, in turn, contributing to the growth of the organization and the region.

Digital Transformation in the Region

In 2019, an IDC study pointed to digital transformation as a driver for spending on information and computer technology (ICT) in the Middle East and Africa. In early 2020, IDC predicted governments would be a leading sector for ICT growth due to digital transformation. Since then, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In parallel, GCC governments have had a long-standing policy of advancing the technology skills of the region’s workforce. The importance of digital skills to the future of the region gained an important symbol with the recent launch of the first Arab interplanetary space mission, the Al-Amal (“Hope”) Mars Orbiter.

Against this backdrop, both public and private science and technology skilling programs play an important role in developing the region’s future. The development of GBM’s workforce in digital economy skills will directly contribute to the capability of the Gulf region to ride the wave of digital transformation.

Gulf Business Machines - a Leader in End-to-End Digital Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, seven offices, and over 1,500 employees across the region, GBM is a leading end-to-end digital solutions provider. They offer the region’s broadest portfolio, including industry-leading digital infrastructure, digital business solutions, security, and services. GBM has nurtured partnerships since 1990 with the world’s leading technology companies and invested in a talented, skilled workforce to implement solutions that cater to customer’s specific, sophisticated, and diverse business needs. GBM is IBM’s sole distributor throughout the GCC region (excluding Saudi Arabia and selected IBM products and services), a Cisco Gold Partner, the highest level of certification at Cisco, and a VMware Premier Partner, the highest partner status within VMware.

“As part of our continued investment in the learning and development of our employees, and to foster a lifelong learning culture within our organization, we are delighted to partner with Simplilearn and add their learning platform to our existing catalog of learning interventions,” said Feras Al Majed, GBM’s Vice President - Human Resources. ”The blended learning approach which Simplilearn offers will enable our employees a flexible and cutting edge platform that will allow them to enhance their skills and acumen to support our clients on their digital transformation journey.”

A Partnership to Strengthen GBM for Digital Transformation Workforce

The Simplilearn and GBM partnership offers a comprehensive learning experience made available to GBM employees across all centers in the Gulf market. Upon completing the programs, GBM’s learners will receive certificates of completion from Simplilearn and related industry partners. 

Sharing his views on this partnership, Krishna Kumar, Simplilearn’s Founder and CEO, said, “Today’s rapidly changing technology has created a need for companies and employees to be in a mode of constant learning. Keeping pace with new digital trends through upskilling and reskilling is essential to stay relevant and develop a competitive edge. We are happy to support and be the learning partner for Gulf Business Machines. We believe that this partnership will help the workforce build new skills, redeploy existing ones, pivot to new growth opportunities, and address the skill gap in digital skills.

Simplilearn provides digital skilling through online bootcamp programs worldwide.  We provide these programs directly to enterprises for upskilling their workforces, and we also provide them directly to individual learners and through partnerships with leading higher education institutions.  Whether you need enterprise-wide skilling like Gulf Business Machines or are looking for an individual learning path for your career, Simplilearn can help.

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