Quality management is an extremely dynamic field that requires utmost commitment. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) certification is a valuable credential that has world-wide recognition. Having this credential can become a great move for professionals who want to influence organizational decisions by taking the concept of process improvement to the next level. This is because SSBB-certified professionals are well equipped with the art of boosting the results by utilizing advanced statistical analysis and implementing Lean concepts.

In case of experienced professionals such as coaches, mentors, trainers, project managers and team leaders, this credential paces up their career growth and puts them in responsible leadership positions. Six Sigma Black Belts are regarded as the best of the best and are considered as the best resources to consult when the organization is facing challenges associated with process improvement. For this reason, the demand for experienced and competent Six Sigma Black Belts is huge.

Let us now examine the difference between project managers and Six Sigma certified professionals. Although project managers and Six Sigma practitioners carry out similar roles and responsibilities, their roles are not identical. Project managers are involved in managing a project end-to-end, whereas Six Sigma practitioners focus on the concept of process improvement with the help of quantitative tools in order to influence organizational decision making. SSBB-certified professionals will be capable of gaging the steps that are involved in process improvement and project management.

What Is In It For Me?

This certification equips quality management professionals with various analysis techniques and tools as well as graphical analysis. Apart from being equipped with tips to enhance process improvement, SSBB-certified professionals are also trained on several advanced-level statistical tools and techniques. This helps them to carry out a detailed root cause analysis in order to take process improvement to the next level.

It is not necessary for a Six Sigma Black Belt to be a trained statistician, however, s/he should be comfortable with data collection, data analysis and should also be able to use statistical tools to come up with practical applications for various situations. As a Six Sigma Black belt one realizes that improved results are the outcome of better process improvement steps.

What Do Organizations Look for?

Quantifiable results are exactly what big businesses are looking for. SSBB imparts you with the concepts of variation, which is not appreciated or sometimes just ignored by most of the leaders. Variation is the prime enemy of quality. SSBBs know how to reduce variations thereby improving the results. Organizations seek Black Belts who are capable of counseling and leading operation personnel as well as business leaders on reducing variations.


Experienced and competent SSBBs are highly sought after as this credential imparts ability to bring about quantifiable and sustained improvements in the business metrics. This credential also lets you accomplish breakthrough in your performance. In order to be successful, SSBBs should be skilled, competent and should have good knowledge on statistical analysis, stakeholder management, problem solving abilities and more. Although this requires a high degree of commitment, this credential is worth achieving as it comes with huge corporate demand.



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