Simplilearn’s 2024 State of Upskilling Survey

Last updated on May 22, 2024
  • Learners prefer online certification courses to enhance their skills.
  • The need to upskill and unlock new opportunities is significantly high.
  • There is a clear focus on enhancing AI, cyber security, and cloud capabilities.

About the Upskilling survey.

The 2024 Simplilearn Learner Survey demonstrates the current and future states of professional upskilling by polling a diverse group of learners from various industries and regions. This annual survey, reflective of Simplilearn’s commitment to understanding and fostering skill development, gathered insights from professionals at different stages of their careers, from new entrants to seasoned leaders. The findings offer a detailed look into respondents' ambitions and educational pursuits, providing a comprehensive view of the upskilling landscape.

Participants, ranging from Individual Contributors to CXOs, shared their experiences, aspirations, and perceived obstacles, highlighting the growing emphasis on continuous learning as a pivotal element of career advancement.

Key Insights for Upskilling

A substantial 97% of respondents believe upskilling is crucial for improving their career prospects. Many see it as a pathway to higher salaries, promotions, and new job opportunities within companies or industries. Here are the detailed audits:

  • High Enrollment in Online Courses: Reflecting the shift towards digital education, 65% of survey participants are currently enrolled in part-time or full-time online certification courses. This trend underscores the flexibility and accessibility that online learning platforms offer today’s workforce.
  • Demand for Tech Skills: Data Science & Business Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, and Cyber Security are among the top skills that respondents aim to acquire. These fields are highly valued across several industries, indicating a strong alignment with emerging technological trends and market demands.
  • Gender Differences in Perception: The survey revealed differing perceptions among male and female respondents regarding career opportunities and the need for upskilling. While more men reported expecting salary hikes, many women felt the need to upskill to unlock new opportunities, suggesting varying challenges and focus depending on gender.
  • Skills for Future Security: Respondents also expressed concerns about job security, focusing on acquiring skills to safeguard their roles against automation and technological disruption. This points to an acute awareness of the rapid changes in job markets and the skills needed to navigate them effectively.

Shifts in Priorities

The survey results indicate a significant shift in learning priorities, with a stronger focus on certification programs that offer the highest career value. Many learners plan to pursue these certifications, expecting them to open new career pathways or enhance their prospects with current employers. This shift highlights an increased recognition of formal qualifications and certifications as key enablers of career advancement in an increasingly competitive job market.

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