Among all the things that changed in 2020, our social media habits definitely deserve a special mention. The global social media usage peaked like never before as people found themselves stuck at home. From staying connected with others to keeping up with all that's latest to collaborating with co-workers, social media is a big part of how people are communicating in the post-pandemic world. This has opened up huge opportunities for businesses to benefit from social media — now, they have a more receptive social audience than ever. No wonder then that many companies are redirecting their marketing dollars from other avenues into social media activities. As they roll up their sleeves and get to work on their digital and social media efforts, the demand for professionals with social media and creative skills is on the rise. For those running their own firms, shifting their marketing energies to social media not only makes sense but will play an instrumental role in how they perform and grow in 2021 and beyond. 

Whether you aspire to a career in digital and social media marketing or plan to harness the power of social media to boost your business, keeping an eye on the latest social media stats is a great way to stay relevant and up-to-date. 

This social media stats article compiles a list of some of the latest and most impressive social media marketing stats. 

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1. Daily Social Media Users Account for Nearly Half of the World's Population 

According to Emarsys, there are 3.2 billion social media users who are active on a daily basis — that's almost 42% of the global population! 

If you aren't actively using social media to market your products/services, you're missing out on a massive opportunity. With social media marketing, you can expand your reach to a broader audience — even the untapped ones — and scale your business to new heights.

2. People Are Spending More Time on Social Media 

The next social media stat is that people are increasingly spending their time scrolling through their Facebook feeds, watching videos on YouTube, or posting pictures on Instagram. But how much time are they really spending on these platforms?

Research by Global World Index found that individuals give an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes to social media on a daily basis. Another study found that internet users aged 16 to 64 spend an average of nearly 2.5 hours on social media every day. That's enough reason for businesses to pay more attention to their social media efforts. After all, you'd be remiss not to engage an audience on a platform that they are willingly spending their time on. 

3. YouTube Is the World's Most Visited Social Media Site

YouTube earns the top spot for the most visited social platform, followed by Facebook and Twitter. According to the latest social media stats,  

  • has 8.564 billion monthly global visitors and 1.625 billion monthly US visitors
  • gets 3.483 billion monthly global visitors and 512 million monthly US visitors
  • comes third with 2.008 billion monthly global visitors and 535 million monthly US visitors

4. Social Media Ad Spend Is Booming

The global social media ad spend climbed to 56.4% in Q3 2020. 

With 42% of people worldwide spending longer hours on social media since the beginning of the pandemic, many brands and marketers recognized social media as their go-to platform to connect with customers, which increased the global ad spending in social channels.  

5. Social Selling Is the Way Forward for Sales Reps

Study shows that nearly 98% of sales representatives, who have more than 5,000 LinkedIn connections, achieve or exceed their quota more easily. While social media has mostly been used as a marketing platform, social selling is rising prominently as a way for businesses to connect and build relationships with leads and potential customers on social media to drive sales.  LinkedIn is arguably the biggest platform for social selling. Though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offer value in terms of learning more about the prospects, LinkedIn is the only platform that directly leads to new business, according to HubSpot.

6. Positive Social Media Experience Boosts Referrals

If you give your audience a positive social media experience, they are likely to return the favor. According to HubSpot, nearly 71% of customers say they'll recommend a brand they've had a good experience with on social media. People love to be engaged and inspired — that's a social media fact! And, when they do, they like to pay it forward in the form of referrals and recommendations. That's how social media marketing allows you to turn your audience into loyal advocates of your brand.  

7. Teens' Social Preferences Are Different From Those of the Older Users

The social preferences of different age groups are obviously quite different from each other. If you're specifically looking to target teens and young adults, Snapchat is where you should be. While this audience doesn't care much for Facebook, 34% use Snapchat, and 29% use TikTok, making the latter the second most vital platform for businesses targeting a teenage population. In fact, TikTok's popularity is fast growing. With over 1.5 billion downloads, it was the third most downloaded non-gaming app in the world. Yet, it's one platform that is still not being leveraged to its full potential. So, there lies a good deal of opportunity. 

8. Social Users Expect Businesses to Respond Within 30 Minutes

Study shows that 50% of consumers expect to get an answer within 30 minutes of posting a query/feedback on a brand's social page on Facebook or Twitter. Yet, on average, it takes 1 hour 56 minutes for businesses to respond to them on Facebook. On Twitter, however, the average response time of businesses nearly meets expectations at 33 minutes.

With this social media stat in mind, you can improve your response time on your social pages to provide your customers with the experience they desire. In return, you're likely to be seen as a business that cares and listens — a great way to build credibility and trustworthiness. 

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9. Marketers Are Eying Instagram to Generate Positive ROI

Instagram is the rising star of the social media world. It has more than 120 million users in the US — the country with maximum Instagram users, followed by India and Brazil Source. 

With its increasing user base, the platform has become the second-highest ROI driver for marketers, with 28% of them planning to include InstagramTV in their video marketing strategy. 

10. Video Content Translates to Social Media Success 

Social media users are likely to share 2X more video content with their connections than any other form of content. That's probably one reason why 83% of video marketers who have used YouTube in their marketing strategy have found it to be successful for them.

Social media is loved for its ability to skyrocket a brand's exposure, visibility, and awareness among its audience. These benefits trigger others, such as better site traffic, lead generation, and a growing customer base. Using the engaging and persuasive power of video can help you amplify these benefits.  

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Social media's growth shows no signs of slowing. If anything, it's only evolving day by day and emerging as an even bigger force that is forever changing the way we live, interact with others, and be entertained. To keep pace with its growth and evolution and leverage it effectively to further your own career and business growth, it's critical to stay updated about various social media platforms, new features, trends, and best practices. 

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