As documented by Hassan Ali.

I’m 14 and from Hyderabad, India. I enjoy spending time with my friends and I work hard to finish my homework before 5:30. In the evenings, I teach engineering skills to others—many of whom are adults. I have been teaching since I was nine. My friends call me a “genius,” but most of the time, I’m just like any other 9th grader. I enjoy teaching others as an act of gratitude toward God.

When I was nine, my father started bringing me to the construction sites where he worked. I closely observed the building process and could make sense of how everything works. I learned early on that I had an “engineering mind,” and began reading and learning everything I could about emerging technologies. I quickly developed a working knowledge of AutoCAD and other engineering tools used for design and building.

Caltech AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

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Caltech AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

When I was 12, I won a civil engineering competition hosted by a local university. I also designed a server robot using IoT and embedded systems. And I began learning about data science. I was motivated by the field’s broad and profound implications for the future. I learned that data science is being adopted across a wide range of other fields, including health care, banking, and ecommerce. Not surprisingly, it also requires a multidisciplinary skillset. By learning data science, I hoped to also master statistics, mathematics, and computer science.

Choosing Simplilearn for Ongoing Success

I didn’t want to wait. I knew my future involved the analysis and manipulation of data. I was determined to gain a professional-level understanding of data science. Between my regular school work and teaching AutoCAD and engineering, I needed a flexible program that would work with my busy schedule. Simplilearn’s Data Science Certification and Artificial Intelligence Course were just the right fit.

I was impressed with the online coursework, which combines live, instructor-led classes from some of today’s industry leaders with self-paced videos and hands-on projects.

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

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Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

The learning process with Simplilearn was very smooth. The instructors are knowledgeable and they make the complex topics understandable. Although I’m just a kid, the instructors treated me with the same dignity and respect as other students. 

I credit my ongoing evolution as a teacher to the high standards I observed in Simplilearn’s instructors. I also appreciated the support from the program’s mentors, who help students overcome challenges and chart their career paths. 

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Now I feel confident in my ability to use the R and Python programming languages for various data science applications. I gained an extensive knowledge of data science and AI that encompasses some truly sophisticated mathematics and engineering concepts. 

Simplilearn has unfolded a world of new opportunities for me. I’ll likely complete additional university-level courses before graduating high school. Through their master’s programs, I am learning the technologies of the near future.

Our AI & Machine Learning Courses Duration And Fees

AI & Machine Learning Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution.

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Applied Generative AI Specialization

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4 Months$ 4,000
AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Cohort Starts: 6 May, 2024

6 Months$ 10,000
Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning

Cohort Starts: 9 May, 2024

11 Months$ 4,800
Generative AI for Business Transformation

Cohort Starts: 15 May, 2024

4 Months$ 3,350
AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp - UT Dallas6 Months$ 8,000
Artificial Intelligence Engineer11 Months$ 1,449