In the field of business intelligence and analytics, Tableau is a powerhouse, providing intuitive visualization that transforms complicated data into actionable insights. It is widely implemented across multiple industries, making it a highly demanded skill in the job market. For professionals seeking to boost their Tableau knowledge, skills and expertise, having a certification is a must. 

What is a Tableau Certification? 

A Tableau certification is a formal recognition offered by Tableau to candidates, presenting a detailed understanding and expert use of the software. Not only does the accreditation boost your resume, but it also polishes your skills in Tableau, making you an expert in implementing Tableau in regular tasks. Whether you want to advance your present position or create a career in data analytics, this certification can help you in each way.

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Tableau Certification Cost

There are 5 Tableau certifications available. The cost for Tableau certification is as follows:

  1. Tableau Desktop Specialist: This entry-level certification focuses on foundational Tableau Desktop knowledge. 

Cost: $100

  1. Tableau Certified Data Analyst: This certification focuses on data analysis and visualization and is designed for users who are experts in Tableau desktops.

Cost: $250

  1. Tableau Server Certified Associate: This certification is structured to teach skills regarding Tableau Server functionality.

Cost: $250

  1. Tableau Certified Consultant: This certification examines your ability to engage with customers and create analytics solutions using Tableau.

Cost: $250

  1. Tableau Certified Architect: This certification checks your ability to manage and lead Tableau Server Infrastructure, deploy, design, monitor, and manage a scalable Tableau platform.

Cost: $250

Tableau Certifications vs. Tableau Certificates

You might have encountered the term Tableau certificates many times when learning about Tableau certifications. It is essential to understand the difference between Tableau certifications and Tableau certificates. Even though they sound similar, they offer different purposes. Learn the significant difference between the two by referring to the points listed below:


Tableau certifications are formal recognitions representing your achievement on a specific level of expertise and the use of the tools. They boost your skill and proficiency in certain areas of Tableau.

Tableau certificates are acknowledgments for completing a course, training or workshop related to Tableau. They represent participation and completion instead of a skill assessment.


Tableau Certifications represent your competency and expertise in Tableau, making you a worthy candidate in your professional field and the job market.

Certificates, on the other hand, display your commitment to professional development and learning in Tableau and data analysis but do not directly measure your professional expertise.


Tableau certifications come with an expiry term of 2–3 years. Hence, you must renew or update your certification.

Certificates do not expire and act as a record of your investment in learning opportunities related to Tableau.

Issued By

Tableau directly issues tableau certifications. Your certification is an official endorsement of your knowledge and skills by the software creators.

However, Tableau certificates are issued by different training institutions and educational platforms, not exclusively issued by Tableau.

Tableau Certification Requirements

To begin the journey of Tableau certification, individuals must consider and follow the major requirements as mentioned below:

Learn About the Certification 

Before preparing for the certifications, get your hands on the certification process. You can also check some of the frequently asked questions by people about Tableau certifications. It can help you understand the basics, the exam process, the exam logistics, and more. Hence, plan your journey before you begin it.

Prepare For the Exam

After knowing the exam expectations, start your preparation. Try implementing training materials offered by Tableau, taking courses and joining forums. Forums are a great option for learning, as many people share tips, ask questions and discuss major topics about the subject.

Sign Up For the Exam

Sign up for the exam once you are confident about your Tableau knowledge and skills. You can do so through the Tableau website. The process is very straightforward; you select your exam and the preferred time and take the exam when you’re ready.

Get Your Results

Once you’ve given the exam, wait for the results. Whether you get your certification by passing or need to go for another round, it all is a part of your journey towards becoming an expert at using Tableau.

Average Salary of Tableau Specialist

On average, a Tableau specialist earns approximately $1,05,089 per year. However, additional pay might include a bonus, commission, tip, promotion or profit sharing. The salaries of Tableau specialists are not the same and may differ depending on the company, position, expertise, knowledge and skills.


A Tableau certification is a powerful tool to present your skills and knowledge in data analytics and visualization in Tableau. Mastering Tableau can open many career opportunities and boost your present career growth. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, different levels of the Tableau certification are a significant investment to hone your skills.

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1. Is tableau certification valuable?

This certification is proof of a professional’s skills and knowledge.

2. Are there different levels of Tableau certification, and what are their costs?

The Tableau certification has five different levels, each with a different cost.

3. How often do I need to renew my Tableau certification?

You must renew your Tableau certification every two years.

4. What are the costs involved if I need to retake the Tableau certification exam?

To retake the Tableau certification exam, students must pay a fee, which is around $100 for a Desktop Specialist and $250 for a desktop-certified consultant.

5. What is included in the Tableau certification cost besides the exam fee?

In addition to the Tableau certification fees, candidates must invest in the right Tableau certification course, such as the Simplilearn Tableau Certification Course, to clear the exam.

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