As time passes and technology becomes prominent in every business initiative, the need for more intelligent systems is constantly becoming the standard. Even in small start-ups, new business owners must have the resources needed to deploy computer systems that will allow them to compete aggressively with others in their industry. In order to accomplish their goals and objectives, they will need the expertise in-house or can avail from a third party source to build enterprise systems that will design systems that can assist them with both operational and administrative needs. The resources that they require will need the expertise to design enterprise systems that will remain relevant from the point of inception and for many years past its initial implementation.

To develop professionals as per today’s demand, there is a standard requirement that must be met and this is becoming a staple in the industry among recruiters and their clients. Which means, enterprise architects that do not possess theTOGAF certification will be left behind without the skills and expertise that they need in order to be proficient in their craft.

What is TOGAF?

TOGAF is becoming well known in the industry as a standard in building and managing enterprise solutions. The acronym TOGAF, stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. Growing number of business clients who need new systems or system enhancements are currently looking for enterprise architect talent that possesses TOGAF certification. In various instances, many enterprise architect with years of experience in building large and complex enterprise systems are not chosen for company projects over TOGAF certified architects. As a result, the competition in this industry is high and aggressive for practicing enterprise architects, specifically for those who have not kept up with the most recent innovations in technical training.

It is important to note that the number of enterprise architects that have TOGAF 9 certifications are increasing. Based on the current statistics, approximately 80 percent of the Fortune Top 50 companies around the world have already adopted the TOGAF standard. Because of this change, the enterprise architects who are currently working for commercial, government and non-profit organizations are expected to fulfill this requirement so that they can work on jobs in the capacity of:

Regardless to the type of position needed, many of the top recruiters of these organizations are looking through their pools of talent so that they can glean out those who have the certification requirements that’s needed. Therefore, enterprise architects that want to distinguish themselves further from their peers may need to seek to complete necessary training so that they can successfully obtain the TOGAF certification.

Driving forces behind the New Aggressive Changes

With any new change, it’s normal for people in these types of professions to question why a change is needed. Further, people are also concerned about the driving force or forces behind the change. This said, the same is true with TOGAF since it is a major change that is impacting enterprise architects all over the world. Therefore, generally speaking, internationally based organizations have expressed the need for a target audience of candidates that have formal architecture training. Once trained properly, this sector of architects will have better understanding of what needs to be done to complete their projects successfully, on schedule and within the allocated budget. Because these professionals are also highly paid, holding them to a standard that produces effective planning becomes a necessity.

Benefits of TOGAF Training

There are many different benefits of taking TOGAF courses and acquiring the TOGAF certification. Many of which involve remaining competitive in the field in a global work environment. Because this certification is recognized highly in fortune 500 companies, people who aspire to work for these companies in this type of capacity will need it in order to land with a job. Also, thecertification that the person receives is meant to exemplify their level of understanding so that they can work with others that have the same knowledge base fluently. Which means, they will be able to use the same terminology when they are working to meet a specified deadline. Specifically, when they are being tasked with an architecture design that mirrors their client’s needs and preferences.

TOGAF in Architecture is not new to those who are considered to be TOGAF aware, it is becoming more prominent on a global scale. Because it is training that offers a thorough understanding of the industry's best practices, countries all over the world are recognizing it highly as a requirement for the talent that they hire instead of an added benefit for those who are enterprise architects. The driving force behind making these changes involves a multitude of purposes including making sure businesses are deploying robust architectural designs that meet their needs.

Also, by using the industry's standards, the knowledge and training that the architect receives can prepare them to work in a global environment that produces well designed and planned systems within the time frame that is allotted. Based on statistics, the number of people trained today is increasing in order to meet the growing demand of government agencies, commercial businesses and non-profit organizations.

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