Artificial Intelligence is a hot concept today, so it comes as no surprise that lots of startups have sprung up, eager to get in on the action. Although it’s good seeing AI getting the love it deserves, it makes one wonder which companies in this ever-growing field are the ones with the most potential. Who is in it for the duration, and who is just a flash in the pan?

Well, wonder no more! Today we are spotlighting the top AI startups for the near future. Although AI is a rapidly growing, ever-changing field, we’re confident that these ten top AI startups will stand the test of time.

Top AI Startups

1. AI. Reverie.

AI. Reverie is a New York-based startup founded in 2016. It is a simulation-based platform providing synthetic data, created to make Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms faster, more productive, and more affordable. AI. Reverie was named one of the Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2020 by Forbes. The company offers vision APIs and synthetic data across various industries, including agriculture, defense, and retail. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning work hand in hand, so this company bears close watching!

Note: This is predicted to be the one of the fastest growing company in the top AI startups

2. Anodot.

This US-based AI startup was founded in 2014. Anodot is an analytics platform that utilizes AI and machine learning to continually analyze and correlate all business parameters, offering real-time alerts and forecasts by employing unstructured log data and real-time structured metrics data. Like AI. Reverie, Anodot made the Forbes list of Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2020. Anodot boasts over 100 customers in digital transformation industries.

3. BigML.

BigML’s mission is to make ML beautiful, simple, and approachable by everyone. The company provides a diverse selection of primary machine learning resources that can combine into solutions to solve challenging machine learning tasks. Clients access these resources via an intuitive web-based interface known as the BigML Dashboard, or programmatically by its REST API. In addition, BigML employs Machine Learning as a Service (MLASS) to help thousands of businesses worldwide make data-driven, highly automated decisions. The company also actively promotes machine learning in learning institutions around the world via its education program.

4. Graphcore.

Graphcore is a UK-based hardware systems company officially founded in 2016. It develops IPU-Accelerator and IPU-Appliance products designed to boost machine learning applications. However, its standout product is the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), explicitly designed for Artificial Intelligence operations. Thanks to the IPU’s unique architecture, developers can run current machine learning models substantially faster. More importantly, the IPU allows Artificial Intelligence researchers to undertake entirely new types of projects not otherwise possible using current technologies to spearhead the next significant breakthroughs in AI and ML.

5. Kasisto.

If you’ve ever dealt with a chatbot during a banking or other financial-related inquiry, you may have experienced Kasisto’s Digital Experience Platform, called KAI. Kasisto, founded in 2013, helps financial institutions handle customer service tasks (e.g., serve, engage, acquire) via AI-fueled, human-like conversations. KAI engages millions of customers across multiple channels worldwide in many different languages. Kasisto’s customers include financial heavy hitters like J.P. Morgan, Manulife Bank, Mastercard, Standard Chartered, DBS Bank, TD Bank, and other respected institutions.

6. MixMode.

 Since cybersecurity is a critical topic today, naturally, there needs to be at least one cybersecurity-related entry on this list! MixMode, founded in 2012, is the first company to introduce a third-wave, context-aware Artificial Intelligence approach that automatically learns and adapts to constantly changing environments. Their predictive cybersecurity platform reduces the number of alerts, allowing users to focus on the alerts that deserve attention. In addition, MixMode’s AI-Powered Network Traffic Analytics Platform offers predictive threat detection capabilities and deep network visibility, allowing security teams to perform real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization.

7. OctoML.

OctoML was founded in 2019 by the same team that created the open-source Apache TVM ML deep learning compiler stack project. Their goal is to help more developers to deploy ML models more efficiently and safely to more hardware, thereby spreading the good news about machine learning. The idea behind both TVM and OctoML is to leverage machine learning to optimize ML models. Consequently, the models can run on many different types of hardware more efficiently.

8. Persado.

Persado, founded in 2012, offers a Marketing Language Cloud that uses AI to generate language that meshes with almost any audience. The Marketing Language Cloud consists of the world's largest enterprise language database. The database features over one million tagged and scored phrases and words, best suited for building and retaining customer loyalty. In addition, Persado employs machine learning models that generate content that best fits the individual customer, improves customer service experience, and boosts engagement.

9. Syntiant.

Syntiant, founded in 2017, brings together the best of semiconductor design and deep learning, made to improve machine learning capabilities in edge devices. Syntiant uses massively parallel neural networks perfectly suited for the kind of high computational workloads that real-time applications require. Syntiant’s solutions are perfect for small devices that run demanding sensor and image tasks that are always on.

10. is a San Francisco-based medical imaging company founded in 2016., specializing in applying Artificial Intelligence principles to the healthcare industry.’s stated mission is to employ intelligent software that fundamentally improves how healthcare is delivered worldwide. The company’s efforts involve improving access to care, reducing time to treatment, and increasing medical innovation’s diffusion speed. distinguished itself by launching Viz COVID-19 in April of 2020. This software handles COVID-19 patient triage, improving patient management and allowing for a safer hospital workplace. Also, won the UCSF 2020 Digital Health Award for Best New Application of AI.

These were the top 10 AI startups which will flourish ver soon in the coming days.

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