On 24 February 2022, Sarbojit Mallick hosted a Simplilearn webinar, reviewing current technology trends and where the top opportunities for technology jobs will be in 2022.

Sarbojit, Co-Founder of Instahyre, is an expert in leveraging technology for recruitment. He leads the business and customer success teams at Instahyre and helps hundreds of enterprise talent acquisition teams succeed in their recruitment goals using the Instahyre platform.

Are You on the Hunt for a Technical Job? 

Not only is the tech industry profitable, but skilled technical workers are currently in high demand. According to the Harvard Business Review, the tech industry is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years

In 2022, technical jobs will be well-compensated, well-paid, and easy to find, making them attractive career opportunities for both new and seasoned professionals. 

Therefore, to best equip you for a successful future in the tech industry, our team here at Simplilearn has compiled a list of the top technical jobs in 2022 and how to prepare for them. 

Before we get into the top technical jobs for 2022, it is important to understand the hiring trends that dominated the tech industry in 2021. 

On the macro-landscape — which covers how tech companies performed on a larger scale — we saw more and more companies expanding globally and/or tripling their workforces. Such expansion was made possible due to a surge in remote jobs, as the 2021 State of Remote Work Report by Owl Labs revealed that 70 percent of full-time U.S. workers worked remotely in 2021.

Working remotely dramatically expanded the technical talent pool, and tech companies began to ignore geographical limitations when seeking new candidates. For the first time, companies were able to access talent that was previously inaccessible, and as a result, they began hiring solely for skill. 

In 2021, technological skill surpassed an educational pedigree in the eyes of hiring managers. Tech companies started seeking the very best, regardless of the candidate’s physical location.

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The Technical Jobs Most In-Demand for 2022

So, what are the top technical jobs in 2022? Here is what our Mallick had to say:

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers remain one of the most in-demand technical jobs for 2022. As major tech companies pull employees from all over the world — those of whom are working within time zones, countries, cultures, etc. — the need for an efficient manager of the IT infrastructure has become pertinent. DevOps engineers work on overseeing coding, scripting, and processing development necessary to design and update that deployment infrastructure. 

Product Managers

Product managers oversee the development of a specific product from start to finish. As technological innovations rapidly expand, product managers are needed to supervise the task flow and see those innovations to fruition.

AI Architects

GlobeNewswire’s ReportLinker announced that the global conversational AI market size will grow from USD 6.8 billion to USD 18.4 billion by 2026. For that reason, artificial intelligence (AI) architects are in high demand for their ability to oversee all AI initiatives. 

Computer Vision Engineers

Computer vision is a rapidly growing sector of AI that involves computers’ visualizing and extracting messaging from images. It is especially useful in fields like medicine, defense, manufacturing, and monitoring. Therefore, computer vision engineers are needed to implement systems and use computer vision to solve real-world problems in those industries. 

Software Engineer

Software engineers are needed for their ability to design, develop, and install software systems. With recent applications in government, private firms, and the healthcare industry, these positions are growing rapidly. 

How to Become a Competitive Applicant Technical Jobs

So, now that you know which technical jobs to apply for in 2022, how can you position yourself as a competitive applicant? Well, the answer is actually quite simple according to Mallick. 

Because the tech industry is ever-changing, obtaining hands-on experience is incredibly valuable. An easy way to do so is through on-the-job experience, as immersion within the tech industry allows you to continuously develop, enhance, and perfect your skills. 

However, on-the-job experience is not the only avenue. Beyond industry work, there are several projects you can do on your own that will enhance your skill set. Here are a few examples of impressive, solo projects to boost your technical portfolio:

  • Open-source: Open-source software has source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Therefore, you can use it as a learning and training tool that will help you become a better programmer and/or software developer. 
  • Hackathons: These social coding events bring computer programmers together to improve upon (or construct) software programs. Like experimenting with open-source software, they are a great way to enhance your skills. 
  • Internships: As you can probably guess, getting an internship with a tech company is a great way of gaining that valuable, hands-on experience.

Finally, it is also possible to expand your technical skills from the comfort of your own home or office. As the tech industry continues to advance and change, online certification courses ensure that you remain up-to-date on all current and necessary skills. In turn, this boosts your competitiveness as an applicant.

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