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Array in C can be defined as a method of clubbing multiple entities of similar type into a larger group. These entities or elements can be of int, float, char, or double data type or can be of user-defined data types too like structures. However, in order to be stored together in a single array, all the elements should be of the same data type.  The elements are stored from left to right with the left-most index being the 0th index and the rightmost index being the (n-1) index. 

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Some of the most-asked interview questions for C Programming roles are: 

  1. What is the difference between an array and a pointer in C?
  2. How do I declare an array in C?
  3. How do I access array elements in C?

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Array  in C are of two types; Single dimensional arrays and Multidimensional arrays.

  • Single Dimensional Arrays: Single dimensional array or 1-D array is the simplest form of arrays that can be found in C. This type of array consists of elements of similar types and these elements can be accessed through their indices.