Applications in the present world help everyone know and understand everything like news, banking, communication, etc. By using ASP.NET MVC, you can build those applications easily and efficiently. In this tutorial on the Architecture of MVC, you will look into everything you need to know about the Architecture of MVC.

This tutorial will cover the following topics:

1. What is ASP.NET?

2. What is ASP.NET MVC?

3. What is MVC?

  1. Model
  2. View
  3. Controller

4. Architecture of MVC

5. Advantages 

6. Disadvantages 

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a server-side technology used for developing dynamic websites and web applications. It is the latest version of Active Server Pages which Microsoft developed for building dynamic applications. 


The first version of ASP.NET was released in 2002. It helps to produce data-driven, interactive web applications on the internet.

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What is ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC is an open-source software used to develop dynamic websites and applications on the .Net framework by combining the features of MVC. MVC is a pattern used to design user interfaces, data, and application logic to achieve separation of concerns.


MVC separates applications into three groups of components: Model, View, and Controller. It helps applications to reduce their complexity and makes them more accessible in coding, debugging, and testing.

ASP.NET MVC was first released in 2007 by Microsoft with the existing ASP.NET features.

What is MVC?

MVC is an application development pattern that divides an application into three parts.

  1. Model
  2. View
  3. Controller


Model in MVC represents the shape of the data. It also stores data and its related logic. Model is also responsible for the response to the request from the view and controller and updates itself. 



View in MVC is a user interface, which displays model data to the user and enables them to modify it. It also represents the present data in the form of charts, diagrams, and tables.



A Controller in MVC is a part of the application which handles the user's request and user interaction. The controller transfers a command to the model to update itself. It also manages the HTTP requests raised by the user and view.


Architecture of MVC

MVC is a design pattern. Here is a look at its architecture.


The architecture of MVC is shown in the picture above.

The below picture shows how the architecture process works.


  1. First, the user will make the request through the view.
  2. The request from the view goes to the controller, and the controller checks the route configuration.
  3. After checking the configuration, it passes to the model, and the model checks the request.
  4. In the model, there are two steps, page Initialization will get started and it will generate results.
  5. Once the result is generated, it will unload to view through the view engine.

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  • Using MVC Architecture, it is easy to implement applications.
  • MVC is easy to support new users.
  • It provides separation of concerns which helps applications run efficiently.


  • MVC provides separate testing for classes and objects. 
  • Applications using MVC avoid complexity by dividing the application into three parts Model, View, and Controller.
  • MVC offers the best support for test-driven development for the applications. 


  • MVC does not provide clear validation support for the applications.
  • MVC is not suitable for all types of applications, it does not support small applications.
  • Complexity is high to develop applications using MVC.


  • MVC requires more developers to perform parallel programming for the applications.
  • Using user interfaces, it is difficult for MVC to develop applications.
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By now, you must be acquainted with everything about the Architecture of MVC. By completing this tutorial article, you’ve gained a good understanding of the basics of ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, the types of MVC and its architecture, the major advantages and disadvantages of MVC.

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