Zomato, when it began, wanted to become the best restaurant search and discovery tool. It offered comprehensive details on more than 1.4 million establishments in 23 countries. There were restaurant names, menu items, pricing, reviews, and other information.

It has evolved into an internet platform for meal delivery over the years. People can now use their app or website to order food from nearby establishments. Delivery personnel from Zomato pick up the customer's order from the restaurant and deliver it to the specified address. While talking about Zomato, let's also look at their marketing approach.

"If something does not go as planned, then the core team of Zomato is always ready to pick it up and go through the same afresh, making the necessary changes."
- Deepinder Goyal, Co-founder, CEO, Zomato

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Zomato Target Audience 

People with smartphones and experience using apps between 18 and 35 makeup Zomato's target market. It aims to attract two customers: those who prefer to eat out and those who want to order food delivered to their homes. These groups frequently overlap. Its Zomato Gold program provides incentives for people to eat out and provides food delivery for those who need it.

People who are employed and need food in their offices, students who live in dorms and need food, those who lack the time or space to prepare their meals, and those who occasionally enjoy eating out are all included in this group.

Zomato Digital Marketing Channels

Zomato utilizes Google Adwords for its search ad campaigns. It targets terms such as "food," "online ordering," "restaurant names," and many others. It aims to attract people who want food delivered to them. It also runs Google Display advertisements to target people on apps and websites from third parties.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Zomato 

On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Zomato is active. It has 726k Instagram followers, 1,899,405 Twitter followers, and 1.42 million followers as of July 2019.

Zomato interacts with its audience by posting on popular subjects. The brand is aware of the nature of its audience. As a result, it promotes material that encourages people to share, discuss, and revisit it. To engage visitors online, it uses popular topics and publishes straightforward pictures.

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During the 2016 Olympics, Zomato used Twitter to promote its brand. The brand used rings made out of coffee and claimed that if coffee drinking were a sport, they would get the gold medal. 

The "Pokemon Go" video game was another current hot subject. Zomato profited from it as well. Zomato used the famous Pikachu to promote its brand on Twitter.

Connecting with the audience was facilitated by posting on popular themes. Users probably don't want to ponder too much while using social media. In actuality, individuals utilize social media to enjoy and view humorous content. Expect your material to be shared when such content appears on their news feed. Of course!

Zomato's digital marketing strategy must be adjusted when new trends emerge. They will need to devise fresh strategies to get the interest of their customers. They are currently performing a fantastic job. They will benefit greatly from it if they put forth a continued effort.

These people are skilled in making the most of the Email Marketing tool. One of the cleverest and most effective tactics is Zomato's email marketing. Zomato keeps customers loyal to its brand by using appealing subject lines and a drive to action.

They ran an email marketing campaign on Amazon Prime Video with the theme of the renowned series Mirzapur, season 2. Subject lines referencing characters from Mirzapur were included by Zomato.

Additionally, it produced a CV for Biryani as part of one of its greatest email marketing methods. Food-related terms like "Curriculum Vitae of Biryani" were featured in Zomato. Additionally, it used the CTA "hire immediately" rather than "order now." That is how Zomato's email marketing strategy excels so well.

Influencer Marketing Strategy by Zomato 

Zomato has advanced the concept of "hyper-local marketing" by promoting its material in regional tongues in addition to contacting micro-influencers. This increases Zomato's credibility by enabling them to connect with more people.

Zomato has placed a lot of attention on influencer marketing in its advertising strategy because it recognizes its potential. Whether a macro or micro-influencer, Zomato isn't afraid to go above and beyond and leverages its notoriety to grow its user base.

We are all aware of Zomato's funny takes on various scenarios via its tweets. Zomato provides content that will make its consumers smile, regardless of the issue they are now dealing with or the one they encounter daily. Additionally, its humor spreads like wildfire and has a powerful knock-on impact.

Memes are extremely popular on social media, and Zomato has mastered the technique of "meme marketing" because it recognizes its significance. The food tech firm generates a lot of organic traffic thanks to this content marketing technique, which eventually helps to increase its overall revenue.

Zomato's Collaboration Strategy 

Zomato is actively working with the government to ensure that its services can continue to run smoothly during the crisis, in addition to providing support to the thousands of people who are a part of their delivery network by creating a fund for them to cover any income they would have lost due to the crisis. Additionally, they made sure that their delivery partners had masks. 

Zomato has always been a pioneer in recognizing the value of videos and using them to its advantage on the YouTube platform. On YouTube, Zomato frequently has short, snappy, and unskippable video commercials with a subdued "call-to-action". It will therefore be appropriate to assert that video ads play a significant role in Zomato's digital marketing strategy.


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