What Is Blue Prism? The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Top Automation Solution

Blue Prism is a global pioneer in intelligent enterprise automation, improving how employees work. The Blue Prism helps organizations enhance operational efficiency and agility by making it simple for individuals to automate tasks. If you're interested in knowing what Blue Prism is then you're at the right place. Read this tutorial on “What Is Blue Prism” to get a complete understanding of not just about Blue Prism but how you can gain knowledge in it and make a career in the automation industry.

In this “what is blue prism” article, you will learn everything about it from scratch in order to understand the concept in detail.

What Is Blue Prism?


  • Blue Prism is a software company that develops industry robotic process automation (RPA) software that enables businesses to automate complicated, end-to-end procedures.
  • Blue Prism created the Virtual Workforce Platform concept and is working on a robust, highly scalable, secure, and dependable enterprise Robotic Process Automation platform.
  • Blue Prism's software complements traditional IT solutions by utilising an agile virtual workforce that adheres to rule-based business processes and interacts with systems similar to users.
  • Blue Prism's RPA software solution automates processes that humans would otherwise perform manually or through extensive customization of existing IT systems, resulting in a greater level of automation with significantly less investment and faster deployment.

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Features of Blue Prism


Now that you have understood what is Blue Prism, look at some of its features

Provides Intelligent Execution Technology

Organizations can teach the autonomous engine to run on process priorities, feed it with work, and then leave it to run autonomously, responding to systems, business scenarios, and preferences changes. Robots, like humans, can perform jobs based on SLA, volume, and priority and dynamically alter and change robot allocation without human intervention.

Compatible With a Variety of Platforms

They built Blue Prism on the Microsoft.NET Framework. It is technologically adaptable, functioning across several platforms and technologies, such as the mainframe, windows app, WPF app, Java, SAP, Exchange, custom apps, Citrix, thick client, thin client, web services, and so on.

High Security

A software robot securely connects to an application and manipulates the presentation layer in the same way that a human would, but in a controlled, non-invasive environment, assuring that it never damages the program's integrity.

On-Premises or Cloud-Based

On-premises or hybrid enterprise deployment, with public or private cloud provisioning.

The robots are operational, and they can perform any operation defined in Blue Prism on any number of robots in the Virtual Workforce.


Blue Prism is object-oriented, which allows for rapid scalability through the use of reusable components and libraries.

Reporting and Analytics

By capturing each step, it is possible to generate high-quality data that can be utilized to provide relevant BI and MI reporting and inline process statistics, and real-time operational insights.

Work Queues

Work Queues is a queue-centric approach for dynamically controlling the number of resources, or robots, operating against a given queue at any given time, allowing for maximum flexibility in adjusting the number of resources assigned to collaboratively work items in the queue based on business demands.

The Architecture of Blue Prism


We now go beyond the fundamentals of what is Blue Prism to getting a deeper understanding of the Blue Prism technology. The Blue Prism technology is backed by a comprehensive methodology for rapid business process development, deployment, and operational support, allowing for a whole business process cycle to be completed within the same environment.

The diagram depicts the architectural components of a Blue Prism deployment, including all aspects to enable governance, security, and control and the inherent flexibility to support operational agility and self-service.

Monitoring and Referrals

Technical service monitoring and business-owned referral management for work items requiring additional, manual steps.

Operational Methodology

It is a comprehensive framework for implementing Blue Prism methodologies, including analysis, design, development, and implementation.

IT Governance

The principles that underpin "best practice" in process selection change management and release procedures.

Operational Configuration

Ownership of the Blue Prism product for operational configuration, testing, and execution.

Roles and Responsibilities

Within the methodology, there are clear, devolved roles to manage and implement the many aspects of ongoing agility.


Functions of security products, infrastructure, and methodology that provide a secure and compliant implementation.

Support and Hosting

A robust, scalable infrastructure that allows for rapid deployment and expansion based on business requirements.

Components of Blue Prism


To get a complete understanding of what is Blue Prism, it is really important to understand the components that make the Blue Prism architecture  

Object Studio

Object Studio allows business users or IT professionals to construct reusable Blue Prism Objects as the building blocks for the business process by modeling current applications and training Blue Prism as a robotic user.

Object Studio is the design canvas on which you program the Blue Prism robot to conduct the fundamental system activities that serve as the foundation of processes. The presentation layer, which provides a library of elements to operate, quickly models and validates the target desktop application.

Process Studio

Process Studio allows the company or IT to design, build, edit, and test processes made of reusable Blue Prism elements. As the library of business objects grows, actions can be scheduled and controlled in the process layer, the top tier of the Blue Prism architecture.

Process Studio provides a similar interface to Object Studio and allows you to sequence and test business logic, control loops, variables, and object calls in a visible business flow.

Processes in Blue Prism are comparable to software procedures in that they can invoke objects and operations to run applications, automate rules-based processes and business logic.

Control room

Control Rooms allow businesses or IT services to schedule, perform, and control processes.

Blue Prism platform administrators can use the Blue Prism Control Room interface to monitor and review the status of the connected runtime resources in the production environment.

The interface also allows for manual process start and stop, automated process schedule setting, and extensive management information and dig downs into Blue Prism task queues.

Applications of Blue Prism


Blue Prism’s RPA software is used in the following process types.

  • Rules-based processing using structured digital inputs, such as credit card activation or fraud detection.
  • Transactional processing that is repeated, such as SIM swaps or invoicing processing.
  • High transaction quantities, such as billing or new handset order processing.
  • Issues with process adherence/quality, such as policy renewals or policy migrations.
  • Complex or mission-critical procedures such as pension redemptions and financial reconciliation.
  • Changes in demand or backlogs, such as new product launches.
  • Used in HR onboarding or introducing a new online product, where no integration exists.

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Benefits of Blue Prism


Automation Speed 

Days and weeks to automate processes in a Blue Prism would take months and years to automate using standard automation methodologies.

Less Expense

Robots are programmed with the business rules of repetitive clerical duties and deployed to drive existing applications, eliminating the requirement for costly integration and process re-design expertise.

Improved Performance

A small specialist ability within the IT department collaborates with the robotic workforce to train them, manage referrals, and continuously enhance the robots' operational performance.


The robotic automation platform is secure, audited, and governed within the governance IT corridor. The usage of software robots invariably increases compliance with applicable data standards, confidentiality, and the speed and accuracy of record keeping.


Because the software robots operate in a virtualized environment, they can rapidly scale them up and down based on demand.

Companies Using Blue Prism


Many top-tier organizations, such as Google, Accenture, EY, KPMG, Jaguar, Siemens, Microsoft, and IBM, use a Blue Prism.

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Now that you have a good understanding of what is Blue prism, it’s applications, and benefits, you should also know that expertise in the technology can be a stepping stone to a great career in RPA. Here is a look at salary estimates for related roles needing expertise in Blue Prism technology.

In India:

  • The average salary for an RPA Developer - Blue Prism is ₹6,04,046 per year. 
  • The highest salary for an RPA Developer - Blue Prism in India is ₹9,90,000 per year.
  • The lowest salary for an RPA Developer - Blue Prism in India is ₹5,10,028 per year.

In the United States:

  • The average salary for Blue Prism Developer in the United States is $88,875 per year.
  • The highest salary for a Blue Prism Developer in the United States is $130,857 per year.
  • The lowest salary for a Blue Prism Developer in the United States is $60,362 per year.

Next Steps

RPA is one of the hottest and fastest-growing technologies for improving real-time business operations and processes. In this article, we discussed what is Blue Prism, what its features and benefits are. You also learned about its architecture and components. It is a revolutionary technology, and you’ll need a thorough understanding of this tool.

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If you have any questions or feedback regarding what is Blue Prism or any other topic, let us know in the comments section. 

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