One can't term any corporate task as "successfully done" until effective communication doesn't occur. When it comes to messaging apps suitable for the corporate world, nothing else but two major apps come to our mind, i.e., Slack and Discord. While both apps have won the hearts of millions, it is still challenging to decide which one is the best. With a plethora of options available on both apps, it's time to explore slack vs discord and come to the conclusion of choosing the best one. Let's get rolling!

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What Is Slack? 

Slack is an official team chatting app designed keeping effective business communication in mind. This app's first and primary goal was to solve a problem for game developers. Later on, the founders identified the loophole of no operational app where the team could connect and work collaboratively. Hence, Slack was born. 

What Is Discord? 

While you can imagine Slack as the kid of the family who stays a little formal, Discord is the one who loves to chill too. Discord was officially designed as a gaming app and is the synonym of Reddit; and it's an app where one can chat limitlessly and play games in a team and additional groups. 

Now that you have a glimpse of what these two apps do, it's time to enter the war of Slack vs. Discord. 

Slack vs. Discord 

Before we declare the answer, let's go step by step and identify which one performs better in every field.

No One Gets Tired of Chit-Chat! 

Admit it or not, it's never possible to text and send the entire message in one go. Especially when you're trying to explain something or want to share some office gossip. If you're looking for a limitless chatting option, then Discord wins the game. 

Slack has a chance of texting with a limit of only 10,000 messages if you don't go for a premium version. While, with Discord, you can explore the option of endless chatting and keep your brainstorming session ON! 

Where Do You Pay More? 

Slack comes with four proper plans, while Discord shares just two. You can explore the Free version, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid in Slack, and Discord offers you a Nitro plan and Nitro Classic. 

Slack Plan

Free- $0

Standard- $6.67 per month

Plus- $12.50 per month

Enterprise Grid- Choose your own custom plan


Nitro Plan- $9.99 per month

Nitro Classic- $4.99 per month

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Comfort Zone

In the hustle and bustle of daily tasks, no one likes to have complications while communicating. Hence, one requires a text app with straightforward navigation and one that doesn't confuse someone. In the war of Slack Vs. Discord, Slack slightly wins here. While they come with almost the same interface, Slack has more well-organized features. 

In Slack, you can avail three options- Direct message, Private Conversation, and Private Channel. The threaded conversation option comes as a cherry on the top. You can use this option to segregate your internal conversation from the significant discussion while still staying in the loop. 

On the other hand, Discord lets you explore only direct messages and channels. But with advanced features comes complexity. For direct messages and media, separate menus have been created, leading to confusion and complicating the process. 

However, the best part is that both the apps come with an easy option of searching files, chats, etc., through the search bar. 

The Calling Option 

With work from home coming into play, choosing an app that provides better video and voice quality is pertinent. In the race of Slack vs. Discord, Discord wins it. 

Discord has been created keeping gamers in mind; that's why they can't afford to miss smooth and effective real-time communication. On Slack, you can video call a maximum of 2 members in the free version and 15 members in the paid one, and Discord offers you to add up to 25 members and some splendid features like noise suspension or echo cancellation. 

Talking about the Voice Call, Slack offers you an option of calling someone directly through the 'Call' option. However, limit strikes here too! You can only call 2 people and 15 members in the paid one. 

Discord comes with an outstanding quality where you can convert your video call to voice call in no time. One can add up to 5000 members. It also comes with an option of directly joining the call with no prior permissions. It gives you a choice of choosing between private or public calling. 

Who Lets You Go All Social? 

While both apps keep effective text communication in mind, Discord also offers "taking a break" while you work and chat. At Discord, you can play team games and keep the team spirit alive, and on Slack, you can't avail of this unique feature.  

By this time, we have a handful of knowledge of both apps. Still not sure which one to vote for in the race of Slack vs. Discord? Here, we have aligned some individual benefits of each app to give you clarity. 

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Benefits of Slack

Slack is meant for the corporate world, in a world where everyone is caught up with their daily project management tasks and other burdens. You can still gain specific project management skills by doing the Post Graduate Program in Project Management course and bring them into everyday use. But developing communication skills and not having a perfect platform to showcase it can be tedious and infuriating.

Slack allows you to showcase your daily communication skills with some classic features. Aligning here a few for better decision-making: 

  • On Slack, you can allow approximately 800 integrations with third-party apps. 
  • You can share files up to 5GB in the free version and 10 GB in the paid one. Discord allows you to share files up to 8 MB and Max 50 MB. 
  • You can identify straightforward chat navigation on Slack followed by thread conversations for better brief understanding. 
  • Your chats are safe, and no one from public groups can join in. 
  • You can avail affordable pricing plans. 

Benefits of Discord

While both the apps run parallel to each other, in some or the other way, one can identify specific differences. Here are some benefits that you can look up to while choosing Discord.

  • Effective team calling 
  • Endless team and personal conversations 
  • Freshen up a little by playing team games 
  • Effective and affordable plans 
  • Explore different people and cultures by joining public groups. 

Slack vs. Discord: Which One Is Better for Your Workplace? 

This war of Slack vs. Discord is never-ending. However, it's time to stop this complicated situation and let one choose the easy, affordable, and effective path. 

Head for the Slack app if you like to keep things well-organized and prefer straightforward navigation. If your “team members” work survives on sharing heavy files and getting regular information, this app is the best for you. 

However, if you love to socialize and a gamer is hiding deep inside you somewhere, Discord is your go-to option. If your work includes countless team meetings and brainstorming calls, Discord offers you the best facility. 

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In conclusion, amidst the conversation of Slack vs. Discord, one can identify that it's the matter of choice of every individual that leads to choosing a particular app. Both the apps provide quality features with effective communication. 

If you're looking for something above that, then deep-dive into this article and explore the one that suits the best for you. You may also enroll in Simplilearn’s Digital Project Manager Master’s Program that will equip project management professionals with a three-layer skill-set framework that includes core project management skills, using modern tools and techniques critical to managing projects, and skills necessary for holistic digital awareness. Happy chatting!

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