Digital marketing is commonly viewed as an essential for communicating effectively with today's internet customers. This is a competitive sector, evidenced by the average digital marketing salary in Canada. According to Statistica, Canada's total income spent on digital advertising had surpassed 9.6 billion CAD in 2020, owing to a thriving labor market for digital marketing positions. It indicates that the good news is that the digital marketing salary in Canada is booming. 

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Salary in Canada for Top Roles

A digital marketing salary in Canada is between 52,000 and 58,500 CAD per year, or 28.96 CAD per hour in the digital marketing field. You can expect a starting income of 32,250 CAD, rising to 99,450 CAD with experience.

Entry-level digital marketing specialists can expect to make 43,711 CAD in total compensation. These would include tips, bonus, and overtime pay. The average real income for a digital marketing specialist with 1-4 years of experience is 50,556 CAD. 

Salaries in Digital Marketing With Respect to Experience

You now know what the average income in digital marketing is and the compensation ranges in each province. So now it's time to delve a little deeper and find out the specific stats for digital marketing specializations. 

1. Marketing Analysts

Marketing analysts use content and marketing campaign data to better current and future marketing initiatives. As you might expect, this entails using data-gathering tools like Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to figure out what works and how that component may be improved and replicated.

According to Salary., the average annual salary for a marketing analyst in Canada is 61,816 CAD ranging between 54,535 - 68,850 CAD as of January 27, 2022.

51,430 CAD is another estimate based on 199 data points on Payscale. Marketing analysts with less than 365 days of experience make an average of 47,847CAD, while those with 5 to 9 years make an average of 58,006 CAD. 

2. Content Marketer

As a content marketer, you'll be responsible for developing blogs, videos, graphics, and other types of content to promote a company. Everything you write must attract your target audience, generate leads, and convert prospects into customers as a content marketer.

It's a little more challenging to pinpoint the average base income for content marketers. Indeed reports a salary of 56,914 USD based on 106 reports, while Glassdoor estimates a salary of 60,398 CAD based on 26 data points. 

3. SEO Specialist

Digital Marketing is incomplete without SEO! It assures a consistent stream of organic or free visitors, decreasing the need for expensive advertising. Because of the answers your material provides, organic traffic has the extra benefit of drawing an audience that is more inclined to convert.

According to Indeed's 156 data points, their average pay is 50,759 USD. Another Glassdoor analysis says the average base wage of 114 SEO specialists was 53,048 USD. At the same time, the average salary for 136 profiles on Payscale is 49,247 CAD.

Meanwhile, Jobillico believes that SEO consultants earn an average of 52,500 USD. The highest median is 72,280 USD  in Nunavut, while the lowest is     37,440 USD in Yukon.

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

4. Social Media Marketer

To break into this field, you'll need to understand how marketing works on numerous social media platforms. Every social platform has its demographics, and it's up to social media marketers to figure out how to tailor content to these groups.

According to 259 salaries on Glassdoor, Social Media Marketing Managers earn 51,827 USD a year. Meanwhile, Payscale's 48,329 CAD figure is based on 79 profiles. Talent's estimate for social media managers is 48,080, USD based on 217 data points.

5. Email Marketer

Email Marketers, among other things, are critical for building a devoted audience base through promotional offers, timely newsletters, and transactional emails.

Email Marketing Specialists earn an average of 55,928 CAD per year, according to 63 Payscale data points. Of the 53 salaries listed on Talent, the average yearly income is 57,500 USD. On the other side, according to Glassdoor, the average base compensation for at least 54 Email Marketing Managers is 73,121 USD.

Digital Marketing Salaries in Canada Based on Experience 

Some positions pay well for acquired experience and knowledge. A few notable roles are divided into executive and senior levels to give you a good idea of where you can go in your marketing career as a novice.

Level of experience 

Pay (2022)

Entry Level Pay

42,700 USD

Median Pay

55,460 USD


78,448 USD

1. Executive-Level Salaries

Payscale points out that chief marketing executives with 10 to 19 years of experience made up half of the reported salaries or 43 percent.

Furthermore, for the average compensation of digital marketing directors, Talent and Payscale only provide 26 and 38 data points, respectively. 


Pay (2022)

Chief marketing Officer

148,571 CAD

Marketing research Director

115,000 USD

Director of Digital Marketing

116,790 CAD

Digital Strategy Director

132,974 USD

However, keep in mind that senior jobs typically get filled domestically, and a casual search for salary in these roles in the United States may yield US figures first.

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

2. Senior Role Salaries

This list of senior positions was selected because they are common in digital marketing departments, advertising agencies, and marketing firms. While we've mentioned statistics from February 23, 2022, you can double-check any discrepancies using our sources here:


Pay (2022)

Data scientist

85,000 CAD (Indeed)

Brand manager

70,0084 CAD (Payscale)

Creative director

80,555 CAD (Payscale)

Art director

73,210 USD (Glassdoor)

Senior copywriter

72,283 CAD (Payscale)

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