As 2015 is on the move, have you mapped out your content marketing strategy? After Technology startups like Facebook, Twitter and others landed, the term content marketing has coined to content hacking.  
There are bunch of things to consider before preparing a strategy but without deciding the goal and target audience, one should not start the action. The goal might be
  • Creating awareness for the brand
  • It might be to generate targeted traffic for the website
  • It might be to increase the conversion rate
  • It might be to make the users to download your mobile app
I have squeezed here some of the best content hacking strategy that will work for this year too

Length and depth of the content

Google consider the fat contents are the best content that users want to read, it doesn’t mean that you have to fill scrappy words to reach the 2000+ words long, the content has to be properly formatted with valuable information where users can get.
The better researched article gets better movement on social media and search engines.

Social Media buttons and social media strategy are the call to action

Most of the CMS come up with built-in social media share icons in various sizes, some of the CMS like Wordpress has some awesome plug-ins where everyone can use any kind of plugin that suits to their theme style. 

The proper placement and size of the buttons are the key point to get more share counts from social media channels. For Ex: Viral content websites like Viralnova, scoop whoop, placed the buttons in both above and below the content, the sizes of the buttons are big.

The more you get shares the more people read your content.
Some people write highly quality and engaging content that makes user to read more but not until they share the content on any of their social media profiles (Must share to read more). This is the recent trendy distribution model that only works if you have a great content which compelling to share.

Most of the users and businesses are active in social media recent days, it is either Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin. You need an effective social media strategy to leverage the contents across appropriate social media channels that suits to your goal.

A diverse mix of content (content with rich images, Informative infographics, detailed case studies, engaging videos) is the best ingredient to take your content to the next level.

Visual stories (Infographics, videos)

Visual stories are still the trending category from 2014 and it is also will work on 2015 too. Infographics and videos make the people to digest your content easily; These visual stories helps to reduce bounce rate of your content.
Minimalized or structured content through Slideshare, Scribd and other PPT style is still performing well over audience. People trust these kinds of sites a lot.
Pinterest is the great example that visual stories generate more conversions than an article filled only with words

Location based strategy

Location based marketing is already works better for B2C marketers in these days. It is the future of content marketing that will assist more brands whom they want to market the brand locally.


Mobile content Marketing

Because of the explosive growth of smart phones, tablets and also the research says more consumers are active on these palm devices compare to other devices or place.
Even some start-ups started launching a mobile app as a 1st release to acquire the smart phone users. Whats app and Instagram are the better example that mobile marketing drives better leads.

How to Measure success

The only way to find whether your marketing is a great success or it performs better than your previous strategy but tracking and monitoring them by using tools like google analytics or webmaster tools. There is no other way to measure your ROI than by tracking.

Some of the predictions about content marketing in 2015 by experts

  • Rather than trying to publish as much content as soon as possible. We’ll move towards content marketing that’s both sustainable and reliable” – Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata
  • If you want your content to be great, get customers to participate! I think we’re going to see a lot more of what I like to call Participation Marketing.” – Lee Odden, CEO of Top Rank Online Marketing
  • The line between B2B and B2C content will start to blur as storytelling and the customer experience become more important than ever. In addition, mobile and multi-device content will become increasingly more important.” – Dayna Rothman Odden, Senior Content Marketing Manager of Marketo
  • Content creation has gotten a lot of attention lately, but content management and distribution will rule the day in 2015” – Mike Myers, Consultant, content marketing - Nationwide
  • “2015 will be the year of mobile-first. Get it to work on mobile-first and let all the other platforms follow.” – John Fox, CMO of Venture Marketing
  • “I believe 2015 will be the year where SMBs embrace content marketing massively.” – Guillaume Decugis, CEO of
  • “Remarkable content and storytelling isn’t enough. Marketing technology, specifically marketing automation and analytics platforms, will play an increasingly important role in the planning, creation and distribution of content.” – Paul Roetzer  CEO of PR 20/20

 Determine the appropriate time to hit distribute! 

As 2015 is getting hotter and hotter, there is truly no time to waste and the first step is to discover contents that visitors would like to spend time on it. So, concentrate and deliver your best before you start writing an article.

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