Make Your AI & Data Science Career Shift in 2024 a Success with Brown University

About the Webinar

This February 8, 2024, we invite you to a transformative webinar, Make Your AI & Data Science Career Shift in 2024 a Success with Brown University, hosted by Alyson Weiss, a digital strategy and training leader. This session will illuminate the AI and data science fields reshaping our world. Alyson Weiss brings a wealth of experience from her roles in digital transformation and corporate education program development. Her insights will guide you through the evolving landscapes of these technologies.

This webinar will clarify AI and data science's roles in various industries and their potential for career advancement. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why these fields are critical to the future and how Brown University's Applied AI & Data Science program can be a stepping stone in their professional journey.

Topics Covered

The webinar will explore several foundational topics in AI and data science, including but not limited to:

  • Machine Learning: Discover how machine learning algorithms are revolutionizing industries by automating complex tasks
  • Generative AI: Learn about the exciting world of generative AI and its potential to create new content and solutions
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning: Understand the differences between these learning types and their applications in data analysis
  • Data Analysis: Grasp the importance of data analysis in extracting meaningful insights from large datasets
  • Model Selection and Training: Delve into the process of choosing the suitable models for data and training them for optimal performance
  • Deep Learning: Explore the depths of deep learning and its role in advancing AI capabilities
  • Evaluation Techniques: Learn about the methods used to evaluate and improve the performance of AI models

Why Should You Attend?

Attending this webinar will provide you with:

  • Expert insights from Alyson Weiss, a seasoned professional in digital strategy and training
  • A clear understanding of AI and data science's role in modern industries
  • Knowledge of the latest trends like ChatGPT and future directions in these fields
  • Awareness of the diverse career opportunities available in AI and data science
  • A preview of the Brown University's Applied AI & Data Science program
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts

Who is This Webinar For?

This webinar is tailored for:

  • Individuals considering a career shift to AI and data science
  • Graduates and students seeking guidance on emerging technology careers
  • Professionals aiming to update their skill set in line with current industry trends
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs exploring AI and data science applications in their ventures
  • Curious minds eager to understand the impact of AI and data science in today's world

Bonus: Brown Course Preview

Learn how Brown University's Applied AI & Data Science program can help launch your AI and data science career thanks to:

  • A curriculum crafted by Brown University's esteemed faculty, blending theory with practical application
  • A prestigious certificate from Brown University's School of Professional Studies, recognizing your learning achievements
  • Insights into advanced AI concepts like machine learning models, variational autoencoders, GANs, diffusion models, and transformers
  • Hands-on projects that provide real-world experience in AI and data science
  • Monthly master classes led by distinguished Brown faculty, offering deep dives into advanced topics
  • A focus on cutting-edge areas like generative AI, ensuring learners stay ahead in the field
  • Integrated labs for immersive, hands-on learning experiences

Meet Alyson Weiss

  • Over 15 years of professional experience in diverse roles and organizations
  • Led digital transformation of executive education programs at Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, enhancing revenue growth
  • Managed corporate education program development at Brown University, focusing on technology-enhanced learning and organizational strategy
  • Executed digital strategies for alumni relations at Tufts University, increasing online engagement
  • Specialized in digital networking and personal branding as a freelancer, enhancing online visibility
  • Created and managed digital content for social media campaigns at Year Up, focusing on digital marketing
  • Utilized social media and digital outreach at JVS Boston to boost blog engagement and develop marketing strategies

This webinar offers a unique learning opportunity and can mark the beginning of a career rich with future possibilities. By participating, you will join a community leading the way in technological progress. Secure your spot today and become part of a group of innovative thinkers.

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