An advanced, technically accurate software application that aids designers and engineers to represent or conceptualize their creations, designs, and product drawings is known as AutoCAD.

A professional design engineer is often a skilled AutoCAD user offering a wide spread of enterprise-level design drawings. To recognize the skill level of engineers during interviews, several questions that estimate the capability and knowledge of engineers are conducted - Autocad interview questions are asked!

When hiring an AutoCAD expert, the questions would be a wise mix of any of the following questions covered in this article.

Top AutoCAD Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

To help you prepare better for the interview, the following sections are divided into technical questions, generic questions, and some application questions.

1. What is the essence of AutoCAD?

  • Simply defined this is a specialized software package that is an essential Design Tool to build dimensional images in two dimensions or three dimensions. 
  • Secondly, it was developed by the company AutoDesk in 1982 and it has provided designers and engineers with the most technically accurate software to conceptualize ideas and drawings.  
  • Thirdly, AutoCAD software is used to complete a design automatically using a source model. This is one of the most important application-based uses of AutoCAD.

2. Why is AutoCAD very popular with engineers? 

Autocad software package is accurate and easy to use by engineers to develop visuals of any product. It is useful in changing or making alterations to the design while at the drafting stage itself before the finalization of a product design. For professionals in AutoCAD, it can give out the concept and design ideas for alternative options enhancing the productivity of the designer. It is very easy to collaborate with other designers or teams working on specific layers and specific design concepts of a larger design idea. 

3. What are the skills needed to be able to use this software package?

Several skills are required but in particular visual attention addressing, in detail, the information provided by the client and the translation of the same into product designs is very very important. The knowledge of managing the drawing software and the different tools is also very important.

4. What features can be corrected? 

Mainly used in removing corrupted drawing elements. Adds vertices at poly-lines to include new vertices. IT removes objects no longer needed by the system by erasing or eliminating them.  

5. Which are the main areas of the screen used in AutoCAD?

The most frequently used main areas are: the ribbon, command prompt, status bar, toolbars, and drawing window.

6. What is the magnetic feature in the AutoCAD package?

This feature is to hold the object's feature and can include both a center and an endpoint. 

7. What purpose is autumn used for?  

It is used to draw a straight line. During this mode, the tool will draw the vertical horizontal and a shortcut for this is the F8 shortcut key.  

8. What is the meaning of partial open? 

Simpler view of large drawings for easier loading purposes. It can also be used to choose a specific geometry to view particular views and layers. 

9. What are zoom extents and zoom all commands?

Zoom extends will allow a closer look at the geometry of the drawing. Zoom all commands will focus on the drawing's geometry as well as a grade.

10. What is the meaning of the array command?

This command is used to make a copy of several objects that are needed to make a pattern. Of the several ways in which copies are made the array command is easier because it offers regular space mod and path array.

11. Why is the user interface created with this software?

Most of the time the command prompts are used to simplify the drawing plots and make it easier to create a user interface in AutoCAD software. In the next paragraph, another use of the plot command is the integration of an external database command for dialogue boxes.

12. Why is LAYMRG used? 

LAYMRG command is used for merging several object layers. In this type the objects are selected first with the layers and whenever changes have to be made the enter key has to be pressed. This helps in identifying a different object and combining selected objects. 

13. What are the steps to be followed before setting up the AutoCAD drawing?

To set up the drawing in the software the following steps have to be executed:

  1. Find out which units are in use
  2. What are the drawing limits set 
  3. Set the snap type on the right
  4. Identify which increment to use
  5. Set the grid Value as necessary

14. What is the method to be used to draw a screw thread or a spiral?

Multiple steps have to be followed to answer this question. The extrude command is the main command to be used for loading a reference object and the spiral of the screw thread will identify the path. The autoserve and the mechanical desktop where augmented lines will also define the path to make the screw head or the spiral.

15. What is the process to remove an Empty layer in AutoCAD?

It is not possible to delete any layer in AutoCAD if it contains any objects. Else all the objects have to be first removed to delete the layer. Alternatively, freeze the layers for a particular viewpoint or when the user has deleted the empty layer and this can be checked in the dxf file.

16. How are CAD and CADD different? 

  • CAD is the abbreviation for Computer-aided design. On the other hand, CADD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design and Drafting.
  • CAD is used for 2D and 3D images and 3D models.
  • CADD is a discrete subfield of engineering for dealing with the drafting and designing of any object. On the other hand, CADD will provide all additional features in an automatic drafting property for the design saving time on the part of manual drafting.

17. What is the reason for using grips?

Grips are used to edit drawings in AutoCAD. Without having to enter any commands at the prompt it can stretch, rotate, move, and mirror entities by using grips.

18. What is the meaning of angular dimension?

This is a dimension where the angle between the two lines is measured. The angle is inscribed by using a segment which is called an angular dimension.

19. What is the function of a vertical integration program? What is the meaning of Polar coordinates?

The value is located in space where the location related to the last point is described.

20. What are the functions of an AutoCAD draftsperson?

The primary role of the AutoCAD draftsperson is to build  CAD models for client presentations. Secondly, they should meet clients and other team members like architects and engineers to discuss concepts, and modify and edit the designs according to the client's needs.  

21. File Formats that are used In AutoCAD?

Multiple file formats are used in AutoCAD like the native file format - DWG, for storing and describing 2D and 3D design data, and metadata, apart from DXF to export to other software and DWT, for Template files 

22. For what reason is Vertical Integration used?

The purpose of vertical integration is to clean up and correct any issues in the 3D architectural design object like walls, lines, and circles.  

23. Examples Of Vertical Programs 

Enhancement purpose vertical programs are - AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, Autodesk Civil 3D,  and AutoCAD Architecture.

24. How to duplicate dimension styles between drawings? 

In order to have the same measurement style from one drawing to the next, the design center has to be used, with AutoCAD instruments a setup has to be run in the measuring style of the current drawing. Secondly, create a new document that should have the same measurement style, which will then be saved as a sketch once it is completed. A new archive with the drawing will then be the new source for the options available. This archive will be saved in the form of a sketch after it is completed.  


1. What are the basics of AutoCAD?

UI understanding, 2D Sketching, 3D Modeling, Moving and Aligning Objects, Technical Drawings, and working skills  

2. What are the tools of AutoCAD?

Commonly used tools in AutoCAD are Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polyline, Trim, Extend, Copy, and Mirror.

3. What is the full form of AutoCAD?

Auto Computer Aided Design

4. What is the most used CAD software?


5. What are the skills that an AutoCAD professional needs? Or What are the important skills that the candidate will need to be selected?

  • Firstly, textual attention, to spot errors in textual details when working on client information.
  • Secondly, visual attention to identifying minor details in the process of producing the first drawings and designs.
  • Thirdly, the very fundamental AutoCAD skills like the functions of the software. And the key skill is editing - when working on a design being able to succeed in a designer role a key focus will be on the editing skills.
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