Are you wondering which search tools you need in 2022 to rank in search results?

Do you want to know how those tools align with the latest SEO changes and objectives?

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In this article, we are going to discuss the must-have 2022 search tools and how you can use them to assist your SEO efforts—increasing visibility and performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

The Must-Have 2022 Search Tools

The majority of 2022 search tools may not be entirely new to you, but they remain critical to unlocking data needed to rank higher in the ever-changing search results pages. Let’s have a look.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, or GSC, is a popular SEO tool used to measure a site’s search traffic and performance. It can provide you with comprehensive reporting and data to improve how your site appears on Google Search, which makes it highly valuable for checking off all the latest SEO updates.

Here are a few ways you can use GSC to improve your search rankings:

E-A-T Metrics

E-A-T is something you may have heard a lot about over the past few years, and that’s because it’s very important for Google Search. So much so, that it’s a part of Google’s algorithm and Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is one of the guidelines Google uses to determine if content is valuable for readers and, if so, if it should rank well in search results.

For this reason, it’s important to monitor your E-A-T metrics, which can indicate how well you are demonstrating on-page factors around expertise, authority, and trust.

GSC is one of the primary search tools that can help you do it, including showing you how many pages are being indexed and, perhaps more importantly, giving you insights on pages that are not being indexed. A healthy index ratio is one of the most important trust factors for Google, as it demonstrates your pages are meeting the criteria for Google to index them.

Another way to use GSC to measure E-A-T on your website to track whether the schema and authorship elements being used on your pages are showing up in the SERPs. For example, you can use Search Console to track the keywords of those pages, and then confirm whether those pages are getting the traction you expected.

Brand Rank

GSC will also be one of 2022’s top search tools for measuring brand rank, or how often our brand or domain name is mentioned in the copy on other sites. This could include earned media, ecommerce like Amazon, and affiliate sites where you have a presence.

Search Console can help you measure your brand rank by showing you where you appear in the SERPs for certain keywords, giving you important insights you can use to leverage your online presence, organic strategy, and paid advertising.

Core Web Vitals

The focus of Core Web Vitals is to measure a page’s load speed from a user experience perspective, but it also determines the interactivity (how quickly someone can interact with the page) and layout of the page. They are a key component to Google’s Page Experience Update, which the search engine views as one measure of the content’s quality.

GSC offers a Core Web Vitals dashboard that can be used to measure how your site stacks up against these standards, and even offers tips on improving them. This data can also help you understand how your category or segment performs, enabling you to set better goals relevant to your industry.

Google Analytics

In 2022, the ability to see click paths for your website visitors will take center stage. Click paths allow you to see a user’s journey from one page to the next as they click through your website. You can leverage this data to determine the next page for optimization and what other pages need SEO. It can also come in handy when developing site links.

Google Analytics, or GA, is one of the top tools for analyzing click paths, as it gives you a visual representation of the journey. Once you’re logged in to your GA account, you can find this data under the “Behavior Flow” option.

Heatmapping Tools

Heatmapping joins the other search tools of 2022 as one of this year’s shining stars. That’s because heatmapping tools measure the temperature of your website pages—by giving your scroll data (how far people scroll down the page before leaving the page) and click data. Tools like Hotjar or Fullstory can boost your SEO efforts in terms of checking on whether users are engaging with or spending enough time on the page, as well as what other pages they are clicking on next.

Google Topics

You may have heard about Google Topics as the alternative to third-party cookie advertising. But you can also leverage Topics for your SEO initiatives. For example, by viewing the list of topics identified by Google Ads, you can then see where you might take advantage of SEO for topics that are not covered within that list. You can fill those content gaps and potentially show up in SERPs in topics where there’s much less likelihood to be ads served ahead of organic rankings.

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It’s clear there are plenty of SEO opportunities for your website, including keeping up with E-A-T, Core Web Vitals, and click paths. Now that you know which tools you can leverage for these opportunities, give them a try and see how well you can improve your visibility and performance in search.

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