The world's top universities have a long history of teaching students and preparing graduates for important and demanding careers. The top-ranked universities on our list provide various programs with faculty that have won awards. Future business, healthcare, and government leaders are educated at renowned universities. In this article on Best Universities in the World, we will discuss some of the top universities, their culture, top reasons to study there, etc., in detail.

Following are the Universities that we will be covering:

  • University of Chicago 
  • UCL (University College London)
  • ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 
  • Imperial College London 
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Harvard University 
  • University of Cambridge
  • Stanford University
  • University of Oxford
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

University of Chicago

The private University of Chicago (Booth) business school is located in the American city of Chicago, Illinois. Since its founding in 1898, the Booth Campus has maintained links with the University of Chicago.


Over 4,000 of the 17,000 students at the institution are international. The University of Chicago offers full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs (Booth). The programs offer instruction in more than 14 different subjects. Additionally, the university offers Ph.D. and A.M. programs. Accounting, quantitative marketing research, finance, and business management are a few of the disciplines.

Now let's understand the Top reasons to study at University of Chicago.

Top Reasons to Study at University of Chicago

  • Former US President Barack Obama is a renowned professor at the University of Chicago (Booth), known for its exceptional chances.
  • Booth wishes to support students in their academic endeavors. Candidates who desire to be a part of the University of Chicago's (Booth) MBA program during its early years can apply for scholarships. Deserving students can apply for scholarships and fellowships depending on their merit. 
  • University is famous for promoting a culture of creativity and intelligence through its research activities. 
  • The academics are motivating. Research from Chicago Booth has been published in more than 200 business and economics publications.

Now let's understand how to apply at the University of Chicago

How to apply at the University of Chicago?

So these are some of the pointers to apply at the University of Chicago.

  • Before the deadline, students should submit the online application.
  • Students must create an account on the web portal with a username and password.
  • Submit in the required documentation for previous qualifications, together with official and unofficial transcripts of the post-secondary credentials.
  • Submit any additional prerequisites requested by the university, such as the essay, English proficiency test results, and GMAT and GRE admission test results.
  • Enter the essay's text into the space provided on the application form.
  • Submit the application fee.

Now coming to the next University, which is University College London

University College London

University College London, usually known as UCL, was established in 1826 and was the third university to be established in England after the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In addition to its flagship campus in the center of London, UCL also has locations in Qatar and Australia.


In addition to exchange and research agreements, UCL has various ties with institutions worldwide, including the University of Montreal in Canada and Zhejiang University in China. Students from 150 different countries attend UCL, and their tuition costs are higher than those of students from the UK and the EU. First-year undergraduates are guaranteed housing on campus. At UCL, the academic year consists of three terms, and the language of instruction is English.

Now let's understand the top reasons to study at University College London.

Top Reasons to Study at University College London

University College London is now ranked eighth globally, fourth in the UK, fourth in Europe, and with a strong reputation for academic excellence, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2022.

The UCL Institute of Education, which has been ranked first in the world for education for the past eight years, and The Bartlett, UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment, where the study of architecture and the built environment is ranked second in the world, are two additional noteworthy highlights of the department.

You may fit your studies around other commitments in your personal and professional life thanks to the vast range of graduate degree programs University College London offers.

There are over 500 taught graduate programs (MA, MSc, MRes) and 140 research graduate programs (MPhil, PhD) to choose from.

The University will spend £1.25 billion over the next ten years to build environmentally friendly spaces and top-notch facilities that will equip faculty and students with all they need to advance their education and scientific discoveries.

Now we will understand how to apply for University College London

How to Apply for University College London?

For the program of study that interests you, check the academic, English language, and visa prerequisites.

Students interested in Study Abroad, Independent Study, Erasmus, or Exchange programs should apply by visiting the UCL Apply Online website and choosing the relevant level of Affiliate study.

The application deadline is March 31 for enrollment in September, whether it be for the entire year or only the Autumn Term.

Only the Spring and Summer Terms are available for entrance in January; the application deadline is 30 September of the preceding year.

If applications are submitted by the specified dates after the deadline, they may still be taken into consideration, pending availability.

After submitting the application, applicants will receive an email (or if it is saved halfway through). Within 48 hours of submitting your application, you should also receive an acknowledgment that it has been received and is being evaluated by our database. A decision about acceptance will be communicated to you as soon as possible by UCL Admissions.

Your online application will be used to collect your module preferences, and once you have finished the pre-enrolment procedure online, you will be allowed to choose your modules.

Now moving on to the next University.

ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich is among the best colleges in the world for technology and the natural sciences. It is well known for its excellent education, fundamentally revolutionary research, and for immediately putting the most recent findings to use. It offers researchers a stimulating work environment while giving its students a solid education.


About 18,000 students from more than 100 different countries are presently enrolled at the 1855-founded ETH Zurich, 3,800 of whom are doctoral candidates. Currently, over 500 professors teach and conduct research in the fields of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences, system-oriented sciences, management, and social sciences.

Now let’s understand the Top reasons to study at ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute

Top Reasons to Study at ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute

  • There are grants and loans available for current students. Numerous scholarships are available to international students at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels.
  • ETH Zurich invests resources in fostering an environment that encourages the growth of global talent and innovation, much like a botanical garden would.
  • The institution's "bottom-up" culture encourages a high degree of autonomy and accountability at all organizational levels. Such a culture draws the finest of the best and provides the perfect environment for naturally motivated people.
  • Students, faculty, and staff have access to top-notch material resources as well as welcoming living and working spaces.
  • Over 65,000 excellent ETH Zurich graduates and alumni have founded more than 400 spin-off companies, including Sensirion, Pregnolia, and Teralytics.

How to Apply at ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute?

There are two application windows for ETH's bachelor's programs:

The Regular is : 1 November – 30 April 

The Late is: 1 May – 31 July 

Apply online at eApply for the bachelor's degree program of your choice. You will receive step-by-step instructions as you complete the online application. Please be true and thorough when filling out the online form.

You must print out the application form, fill it out, and sign it before mailing it to or handing it in at the admissions office by the deadlines listed below in order for your application to be accepted.

Regular application period: by 30 April 

Late application period: by 31 July

Your application will be processed after paying an application fee.

By the dates listed below, mail or hand deliver your completed application form and required documentation, along with a signed copy of it.

Imperial College London 

Imperial College London, established in 1907, is the only university in the UK that places a significant emphasis on science, engineering, medicine, and business. Top public research university, that's what. There are 150 master's degrees offered here, along with 100 undergraduate programs from Imperial College London.


More than 17000 students attend the institution from 140 different countries, with half of them studying abroad at Imperial College London.

Now let's discuss the top reasons to study at Imperial College London.

Top Reasons to Study at Imperial College London

For its exceptional student performance in teaching and learning, Imperial College London received the Gold Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award. For professional prospects, it is among the best colleges in the UK.

  • Out of all the universities in the United Kingdom, Imperial graduates earn the highest average beginning wage.
  • It offers a variety of Imperial College scholarships to deserving students and is one of the UK's universities with the most generous financial aid policies. The scholarships cover tuition, living, travel, and other costs.
  • Students who exhibit academic aptitude and promise are given a scholarship worth EUR 1,000 (INR 80,000) every year for up to four years.

Now let's move on to the next topic, How to apply at Imperial College London.

How to Apply at Imperial College London?

Certain procedures must be undertaken to be eligible for admission to Imperial College London.

  • Apply to UCAS portal ( undergraduate) / college online system(postgraduate)
  • Fill up your details.
  • Upload the required documents
  • Pay application fee

So as we have covered all about the Imperial College London. Now let’s understand about the California Institute of Technology(Caltech).

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Founded in 1891, the prestigious California Institute of Technology is a private research university. Caltech, which is based in Pasadena, has established a reputation as one of the world's top technological universities. Naturally, many applications are submitted worldwide, including thousands from India. It is difficult to enter, though. In fact, it's possible that Caltech is among the most difficult schools to get into. Rather than anything else, we believe this may be related to the extraordinarily high expectations present.


So this was about the California Institute of Technology; now, let’s understand the top reasons to study at the California Institute of Technology.

Top Reasons to Study at the California Institute of Technology

  • Many of the premier scientific research institutions in the world, such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and the Palomar and Keck Observatories, are either located at Caltech or are under its management.
  • Non-astronomers won't be let down whether they visit the Seismological Observatory, participate in research discoveries involving DNA robots and jellyfish dreams, or go to a champagne and cake reception honoring two recent Nobel Prize winners from Caltech.
  • A unique fusion of the traditional and the novel can be found in Caltech housing. The dorms at Caltech are referred to as "self-governing living environments," with student waiters for supper and even a first-year "sorting," which is compared to a Hogwarts house and fraternity. 
  • Students apply to several houses during the first month of school, each of which has a unique personality and vibe.

How to Apply at the California Institute of Technology?

Application completion and submission is the first step.

First-year applicants: Both domestic and foreign applicants must fill out the Coalition Application or the Common Application and provide the following materials:

  • Common Application or Coalition Application, Powered by Scoir
  • Common Application or Coalition Application with the Supplemental Application Essays.
  • $75 application fee
  • Standardized test scores
  • Teacher evaluations
  • Secondary School Report
  • Academic transcripts

There are a few additional requirements for International students:

  • English Proficiency Exam scores: TOEFL, IELTS, and DET are the acceptable English proficiency exams.
  • International Financial Aid Statement of Intent

So this was all about the California Institute of Technology.

Now let’s understand about Harvard University.

Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is a private Ivy League research institution. One of the most prominent colleges in the world, it is known for its richness, prestige, and history.


Harvard College is a close-knit student community that is a part of Harvard University. Harvard is a location where you can learn more than just academics. It provides top-notch academics, innovative research possibilities, and a commitment to a multicultural environment of talented students.

So as we have understood about Harvard University. Now let’s learn the Top reasons to study at Harvard University.

Top Reasons to Study at Harvard University

  • Financial aid officers at Harvard will ensure that your lack of ability to pay is not a barrier from attending the university despite the very generous financial aid package they offer. A piece of Bazooka bubble gum can cost less than a Harvard education. Harvard is more affordable than a public university or college for most families.
  • At Harvard, there are way too many resources available. First off, the Harvard library system is the largest private library system in the world, with 17 million books and 55 miles of shelving. Despite the fact that you will never be able to read all 17 million books published by Harvard, you are conscious that you will always have access to the knowledge you need to achieve.
  • Beyond libraries, Harvard has a lot of funding available to support your research, study abroad, or a combination of the two. Approximately 70% of Harvard students will have some kind of significant overseas experience, such as studying abroad or working an internship abroad.
  • Harvard has the best of all worlds because it is a city, a college town, and its own college. Harvard has its own complete campus while being only a short distance from Boston. Also, the campus is pretty nice. Both Boston and Cambridge are extremely young cities with a huge amount of activities available to college students.

Now let's learn how to apply at Harvard University.

How to Apply at Harvard University?

  • To apply for Harvard University, you must give the ACT or SAT exam. 
  • After that again you have to give the SAT2 particular exam.
  • Following that, there is a TOEFL exam in which English proficiency is checked.
  • You also need to have a letter of recommendation from the two teachers who have taught you.
  • The documents, including the 10th and 12 th mark sheet, etc., you have to submit.
  • If you have taken part in any extracurricular activities, you must give the specifics of such activities because they are checked as well.
  • The next step is to prepare an essay outlining your accomplishments, goals, and reasons for applying to Harvard.
  • When you have all of these documents, you can apply using one of two strategies: early action or regular decision.

You must submit your application for early action by November 1 and for normal determination by January 1.

For admission, you can apply from 3 methods: the first is a common application, the second is a coalition application, and the third is the Universal college application portal.

So this was all about Harvard University.

Now let’s understand about the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was established in Cambridge, England in 1209. The third-oldest institution in the world has maintained a top-five ranking for years. It has 100 departments divided into 6 schools and 31 constituent colleges. The humanities and social sciences, biological sciences, clinical medicine, physical sciences, and technology are primarily taught.


The university has produced some of the world's top philosophers, physicists, attorneys, actors, playwrights, politicians, and mathematicians.

Now let’s discuss the top reasons to study at the University of Cambridge.

Top Reasons to Study at the University of Cambridge

  • The history of Cambridge is astounding and goes back thousands of years. The archaeological ruins of a farmstead were discovered in the city and date back 3,500 years, indicating that it was inhabited in prehistoric times.
  • For such a small city, Cambridge has a lot of culture to its name. It also contains many museums and well-known art venues like the Cambridge Junction and the Corn Exchange. Unquestionably the most well-known museum is The Fitzwilliam, which has an incredible collection of items and artwork by painters including Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, and van Gogh. 
  • Most people imagine Cambridge as a place where they can go punting along the river, stroll past ancient buildings, or have in-depth philosophical debates in cute cafes. This is a broad but somewhat accurate depiction of Cambridge. However, Silicon Fen, a high-tech hub made up of the city, and neighboring towns and villages is located there. 
  • Cambridge punches considerably above its weight in the STEM field because of well-established pharmaceutical research centers and tech start-ups.

Now let’s understand How to apply at the University of Cambridge.

How to Apply at the University of Cambridge?

Course Selection

Choose a course you're personally interested in and will thoroughly like studying because you'll be studying at a very high level for several years. Make sure you meet the admissions standards for the course you wish to enroll in.

Application Submission

You must submit an application to UCAS.

  • Earlier or later deadlines may apply for Mature Students, Foundation Year and Organ Scholarship applicants.
  • There is a supplementary application form if you're applying for the Graduate Course in Medicine.
  • The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford cannot accept applications in the same calendar year.
  • A transcript of records will be sought from some applicants.

Written Assessment

The majority of applicants must complete a written admissions test. If you are selected for an interview, your chosen Cambridge College will organize some assessments, while others require you to register in advance through an authorized assessment center.


Everyone with a good chance of being offered a place is invited to attend an interview. 

So as we have understood about the University of Cambridge.

Now let’s understand about Stanford University.

Stanford University

The well-known Stanford University is a private research institution located in Stanford, California, with a significant output. Simply put, if someone is accepted to Stanford, they should accept it without question because of the uni's low acceptance rate of just 4.8 percent and its generous financial aid policies.


One only needs to look at the long list of well-known companies founded by Stanford alumni, like Google, Hewlett-Packard, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Sun Microsystems, to realize how competitive Stanford is. And just 10% of the list is represented by it. In addition, it ranks third in U.S. News ranking of the world's top universities.

Now let's have a look at the top reasons to study at Stanford University.

Top Reasons to Study in Stanford University

  • Stanford is home to some of the best professors in the world, with top academics in various subjects. 
  • Stanford recently ranked among the top five colleges in U.S. News and World Report's most current list of the Top Value Colleges, which considers the cost of attendance and academic standards.
  • Stanford should be inexpensive for the majority of students, even though the school promotes its total cost as being over $60,000. Need-blind admissions and close to 50% of students get financial aid make Stanford more reasonable than most other schools.
  • Stanford University is unquestionably one of the best academic institutions in the world, but that doesn't stop students from having a good time when they're not studying.
  • Students assemble every fall quarter for Full Moon on the Quad, a drunken welcome from upperclassmen to the new freshmen, and to check out the Greek scene at Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Back to School start or Kappa Alpha's roaming Nomad Party.

In addition, there are a lot of other benefits of attending Stanford University.

Some of the top courses at Stanford are

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biocomputing/Bioinformatics/Biotechnology
  • Computer Systems
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data Analytics/Science
  • Mobile/Web Applications
  • Software Engineering

So now, let’s understand how to apply at Stanford University.

How to Apply at Stanford University?

  • You must use either the Common Application or the Coalition Application to apply to Stanford as a freshman. In addition, you must pay a $90 non-refundable fee unless you submit a fee waiver request. Your ACT or SAT scores must be submitted; you may do this yourself or have someone else do it for you.
  • A school report, a report from your guidance counselor, two teacher recommendations, official transcripts, and a mid-year transcript for your senior year are also required for your application file.
  • You will be given access to the Stanford questions in the Coalition application. You are expected to respond to these additional, Stanford-specific questions as part of your application.
  • After you've finished, submit your application by the deadline required for the process you've chosen. You won't be forced to pursue the degrees you listed after being accepted, so don't worry about it.

Now let's understand about the University of Oxford.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a university research institution with 38 constituent colleges that principally impart knowledge in the areas of technology, biology, clinical medicine, physical sciences, and the humanities and social sciences. It is the oldest English-speaking University in the world; although the exact year of its founding is unknown, there are traces of its pedagogy that date back to 1096. Its motto, "The Lord is my Light," has earned it a place among the top 5 universities in the world.


Now let's have a look at the top reasons to study at the University of Oxford.

Top Reasons to Study at the University of Oxford

  • Oxford University is well known for its outstanding academic facilities. It gives its undergraduate students the chance to join one of the world's most renowned and respected faculties as well as a close-knit academic community. 
  • Lectures, seminars, and tutorials are the three types of instruction offered at Oxford. These instructional methods offer tremendous advantages to students.
  • Oxford also ensures that no deserving candidate is passed over due to financial difficulties. As a result, it provides its students with financial aid like scholarship programs. 
  • Students at Oxford can access additional cash from the College to use for things like book purchases and museum visits. Oxford University also makes sure that there are lots of chances for summer internships and paid work.
  • Employers highly value an Oxford University degree in the employment market. The civil service, law, banking, the arts, and publishing are among the industries where jobs are most prevalent, according to studies.

Let's now look at the application process for the University of Oxford.

How to Apply at the University of Oxford?

Choose the Course

You must make this choice first and foremost, so consider all of your possibilities carefully. Your time at university will be much more pleasurable if you study something you truly enjoy.

Choose a College

Choose whether you want to submit an open application or one with a preference for a certain college.

Admission Tests

These are a critical part of many courses' evaluation process. By September 30th, ensure you are enrolled and have your test candidate entry number.

UCAS Application

To apply for admittance in 2023, begin working on your UCAS application as early as June and submit it by October 15th, 2022.


In December 2022, candidates who made the cut for admittance in 2023 will participate in an online interview.


On January 10, 2023, those who have been interviewed will learn if they have been given a place.


Your spot will be guaranteed once you've gotten your exam results and fulfilled the requirements for your offer!

So this was the procedure to apply at the University of Oxford.

Now let us understand about MIT.

MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 

The private business school of MIT is known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) or, more commonly as the MIT Sloan School of Management. In the United States, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is where it was founded in 1914. AACSB-accredited MIT Sloan has several programs through partnerships and public and private partnerships with its other locations.


Both graduate and undergraduate programs are available at MIT. There are five academic institutions: the School of Science, the MIT Sloan School of Management, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science, and the Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology. The engineering and physical science program of MIT are among its best-known strengths, but the university also excels in other academic fields like economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics, and philosophy.

Now let's discuss the top reasons to study at MIT.

Top Reasons to Study at MIT

  • International enrollment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) is remarkable. This is a result of the outstanding advantages it provides to its students.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) hopes to draw and welcome many well-known corporations, including Facebook, Google, Pfizer, Microsoft, Amazon, and others. After graduation, there is a significant rate of placement changes with these companies for the students who have direct exposure to them.

So as we have understood, The top reasons to study at MIT, Now we will understand how to apply for MIT.

How to Apply at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)?

  • The student must submit all of the necessary paperwork for their chosen program at once.
  • Fill out the application form with your information.
  • Submit your bachelor's degree or equivalent transcripts.
  • For some courses, the students must provide documentation of their macroeconomics, microeconomics, or accounting background.
  • To complete their application, students must provide supplemental materials.
  • Submit the application fee, wherever applicable.
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In this tutorial on Best Universities in the World, you understood various universities, including Stanford University, University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Imperial College London, Harvard University, and many more. We have also discussed the Top reasons to study in these Universities and their work culture, and How to apply at these Universities.

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