With the world’s internet users spending an average of nearly 7 hours per day online, digital marketing is one of the best strategies for building brand awareness. Not only do people discover new brands while engaging in activities online, but they also intentionally seek out this information in their preferred digital spaces — from search engines to social media to streaming content. It’s essential for brands that want to capture attention to be there in those moments.



If you’re curious how to build brand awareness through digital marketing, this article provides a solid starting point. We’ll cover a few digital marketing channels to use, as well as ideas for how to implement them in your overall online strategy. Get ready to be noticed!

Digital Marketing Channels to Build Awareness for Your Brand

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

People go to search engines to find information, so it makes sense to leverage search engine optimization in order to help users discover answers provided by your brand. For example, you may have existing website pages that address search queries at the top of the funnel — where awareness is key. Align and optimize that content with keywords that match search intent, and you’ll be on your way toward greater visibility in search engines.

Other SEO opportunities include Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, and rich results — such as images, videos, and Knowledge Graphs — which display at the top of organic search results. Here’s what some of them look like:


A well-developed FAQ page can help tremendously if you want to try ranking for these kinds of results.

If you want to build brand awareness quickly, then paid advertising is an efficient channel you may want to include in your digital marketing strategy. You can launch paid ads on search (ads only show in search results), on display (ads show on the articles, videos, or websites consumers are browsing), or on social media. Once you push your campaign live, platforms will begin serving your ads immediately for keywords or audiences you specify. 

Keep in mind you’ll need to monitor the performance of your paid campaigns, so you can reduce wasted ad spend and avoid overspending. Here are a few key PPC metrics to help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Social Media

In a recent study, one-third of respondents said they use social media to discover brands, products, or services – presenting a valuable opportunity to get in front of people looking for what you have to offer. Social media audiences are motivated to seek out awareness content: they are looking for new and interesting products to try, or organizations that align with their personal values. 

Building awareness on social media can happen in several ways:

  •     Promoting high-quality blog content or a report
  •     Publishing a helpful infographic with relevant data
  •     Sharing videos about your people or your products
  •     Launching a paid advertising campaign
  •     Live streaming an event, webinar, or Q&A
  •     Creating Stories for in-the-moment content
  •     Hosting a contest 

No matter which formats you decide to use, be sure you’re always generating brand awareness content to catch the attention of people who haven’t yet found you.

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Brand awareness is a critical step in growing your audience, followers, or customer base. Digital marketing channels like SEO, paid advertising, and social media can help brands gain more visibility where people are spending their time. Start with one of the channels to see how it’s working, and then consider adding the other digital channels to the mix as you expand your resources. To learn the latest tools, techniques, and best practices in this exciting field, consider enrolling in Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. Offered in partnership with Purdue University and co-created with Facebook, this comprehensive bootcamp gives students everything they need to know to become a successful digital marketer through an immersive blend of hands-on and self-paced learnin

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