Before heading out to the detailed information on brand strategists, let us go through their aim first. It refers to the strategy adopted by the brand to enhance its popularity and reach the right audience. Every business takes up a specific problem to target, which needs to reach a specific set of audiences for better brand growth. It requires modifying customers' perceptions to influence their needs and hence buying decisions. The action is carried out with mindfulness and requires proper research and strategy to accomplish the organizational goal.

What is a Brand Strategist?

The brand strategist is a job profile that assists the marketing team or brand manager in a unified mission to increase the brand's visibility to customers. They need to think according to future trends and the arising need of or future of the product, facility, or service provided by the customer. Frame the usage accordingly and market it to the audience. Also, the profile requires awareness of the statistics through research analysis available from numerous data collected by the company. 

Brand Strategist Job Role

The person holding this position is accountable for trends in brand strategy. They are the chief planner responsible for every aspect of planning that involves identifying the target audience and their problem and posing the brand’s product as a solution to an individual's needs. They also need to find out when and where to engage the products utilizing their brand's positioning, the competitors' reach, drawbacks or limitations in their products or services, and numerous other critical components. 

Brand Strategist Job Description

The job of a brand strategist requires candidates with a solution-oriented mindset. They are required to perform research and analysis for existing problems and trends of available solutions in the market. They also deal with recommendations, client presentations, and representing the product and company. The key skill required for the job profile is to be a strategist involving futuristic planning and thinking. The candidate must be open-minded and possess three key skills: research, analysis, and storytelling.

Brand Strategist Responsibilities

Here are the key functions performed by brand strategist:
  • Analyze research, data, and trends 
  • Conduct primary and secondary along with consumer research and update with market trends. 
  • Formulate zealous reviews and analyses of the situation
  • Create attractive brand stories
  • Performing target audience research
  • Performing audits every consecutive year to analyze the brand position in the market
  • Curate ways to strengthen brand position in the market  
  • Recognize the challenges and opportunities based on market and self-analysis
  • Present the information to clients
  • Discussions with creative teams to produce productive outcomes. 
  • Lead idea generative and brainstorming sessions
  • Rebranding existing products or services
  • Create brand architecture, including messaging, logo, campaigns, and creative materials 

Qualifications or Requirements and Skills

The company expects a candidate suitable for a brand strategist to be:

  • Degree holder in marketing, communication, business, branding, or a related field
  • Experience of dealing with clients
  • Work experience as a brand strategist
  • Strong research skills 
  • Analytics and problem-solving mindset
  • Excellent presentation skills 
  • Strategic thinker
  • Storytelling ability

Career Path: How to Become a Brand Strategist?

Find the list of required actions to become a brand strategist:

  • Earn Bachelor’s Degree

The foremost requirement is a degree in the stream to undertake corrective actions. The four-year bachelor’s degree must enlighten the candidate about the market, make them a strategist and introduce the candidate to basic concepts required in the profession. The degree must make one aware student about psychology, economics, marketing, English, business, communications, and design. They provide background knowledge. 

  • Gain Experience

Most companies require experienced and familiar candidates looking for the job role. But how can one gain experience if no one is hiring freshers? The internship is the key. The interns are required to perform actions, get the training, and are sometimes paid a stipend as well. It is one of the best ways to enter any industry. The internships or entry-level jobs in the domain as a marketing assistant, associate, social media coordinator, advertising representative, digital marketing assistant or brand ambassador. 

The positions introduce a candidate to the functioning, strategies, methods, workflows, and job duties. The advertising or creative agencies also allow exposure into the field, contributing to skills required for becoming a brand strategist. 

  • Digital Marketing

Introducing the brand to customers, relating services and products with their necessities, and reaching the target audience is possible through digital marketing. To familiarize oneself with the involved concepts, gain information about metrics analysis, email marketing, website design and optimization, SEM, and SEO. Also, look for certification to validate your training and focus on a practical approach. 

  • Strengthen Writing and Computer skills

One of the brand strategist's responsibilities is to curate marketing content, present it to the clients and assist the design team. The major requirements for these works are writing and computer skills. The ability to copyright the content for websites, blogs, advertisements, and white papers requires prior knowledge and creativity. Additionally, working with photo editing software, spreadsheets, and social media platforms requires computer knowledge and analytic programs. Customer relationship management systems and content management systems. 

  • Team Leading 

The brand strategist handles the team of graphic designers, content managers, art directors, and creative agencies. Dealing with numerous teams requires leadership skills to effectively and impartially treat employees and get efficient work done. 

  • Earn a Certification 

Earning a certification is the best method to gain knowledge, experience, practical approach, and insights into the position's real-life challenges. The certification validates the degree and the candidate’s dedication and seriousness toward a career. It also indicates a choice of career and future, causing a positive impact on the recruiter. 

Executing Brand Strategy Work

Working on brand presence in the market requires multiple strategies and techniques. Here are a few of them and how to work on the same:

  • Brand Positioning

Any given problem can have multiple solutions offered by different brands. However, the customer's choice of the specific brand depends on certain filtered factors. Brand positioning requires bringing out the characteristics and features of brands that differentiate them from their competitors. The feature must be enough to captivate and attract customers. 

  • Buyer Personas

It is one of the techniques to enhance the connection between buyer and employees, which encourages them to understand and fulfill the needs of customers. The brand strategist needs to create an imaginary customer who will buy the product or service from the brand. Impersonating her personal life details like goals, lifestyle, challenges, age, and other small elements of life will help fit the product and to make it a necessity for her life. 

  • Brand Audits

The brand audit is required every one or two years on a regular basis. The step-by-step process helps conduct the audit successfully, providing every required tool and technique at the correct moment. The time period of auditing must be timed to understand the efficiency of the strategy planned for brand recognition by the public. 

  • Brand Naming

It requires creativity and the ability to form connections between customers and the brand through the brand name. It reflects the research input into the action. It is generally conducted through specifically designed processes in the company. 

  • Brand Architecture 

The brand architecture includes creativity, logo, marketing campaigns, and brand messaging. It also includes the interaction between brand representatives and customers achieved through customer service and support, salespeople, and people performing services. These components are representations of the brand perception in public and must reflect the brand ideology honestly. 

  • Brand Creative

The creativity must be consistent to ensure market presence and enhanced exposure. Developing a brand asset management system ensures the same. The brands must also define a creative review process to ensure brand creativity is compatible with the brand strategy. The brand creativity is visible in excel sheets, digital ads, presentations, social media, and print ads. 

  • Rebranding 

Rebranding may often be needed in creating situations like introducing new solutions or addressing another problem. Ensure to follow dos and don'ts while rebranding. Also, know how to carry out the process and be ready to combat the consequences of taking risks. 

Examples of Problems a Brand Strategist Solves

The common examples of problems put forward to brand strategists for solving are:

  • Figuring out the brand for merged companies in a limited time span. Here the brand strategist's work includes changing the name, representing a new logo, and communicating the modification to stakeholders. Also, work on the representative strategy of combined brands. 
  • A new startup needs a brand strategist when the brand has around twenty products for the public. Again working in a limited time span requires brand strategists to formulate a strategy to launch the new brand and address the customers. They also need to work out the location for the brand launch and the name of the brand and publicize differentiating factors. 

The salary range of a brand strategist in India lies between INR 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs. The average salary is around INR 6.5 lakhs and the average additional cash compensation is around INR 3.5 lakhs. 

Next Steps 

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1. What are the seven 7 components of branding strategy?

The brand strategy must contain seven components: purpose, loyalty, emotion, consistency, competitive awareness, flexibility, and employee involvement. 

2. What are the 3 C's of a strategic action?

The strategic action or triangle requires the brand strategist to primarily analyze competitors, customers, and corporations. It helps deduce key success factors (KSF), thus deriving a viable marketing strategy. 

3. What are the 4 key ingredients of brand positioning?

The priority requirements of the brand positioning are the payoff, target market., differentiation and category. 

4. What are the 5 C's of personal branding?

The five C’s of a personal brand require the inclusion of clarity, creativity, content, connection, and community. 

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