In this ClickUp vs. Trello comparison blog, we'll take a closer look at the two popular project management tools and weigh their features to help you determine which one will best serve your business.

What Is ClickUp? 

ClickUp is a project management tool. To enable them to be kept in one place, ClickUp intends to replace each of the apps you currently use. As a result, the business has crammed as much of your productivity requirements as possible into a single project management platform. ClickUp has been successful primarily.

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What Is Trello? 

Atlassian created the list-making and collaboration program Trello in 2011. Trello is organized into project boards that you can add tasks and images to and share with other team members. With the Standard Unlimited plan, you can have an unlimited number of boards and users, which means you can accomplish anything.

ClickUp vs Trello

The battle for the finest project management software title features ClickUp vs. Trello, a two-front threat! It's possible that you have already come across these brands in your search for the best project management software. 

Watch how they perform in comparison to one another.

ClickUp vs Trello: Features

ClickUp Features

  • Dashboard: The dashboard for ClickUp is a one-stop shop. 
  • Goals and Targets: Without any outside assistance, you are able to set and manage goals and targets within ClickUp easily. 
  • Workspace: The helpful feature known as Workspace Views enables users to personalize how they engage with the project they are working on. 
  • Comments: You may use this functionality to turn the posted comments into assignments and allocate them to different resources. 
  • Task Hierarchy: You receive a color-coded work priority system when you choose ClickUp.

Trello Features

  • Kanban: The Kanban approach is the foundation of Trello. It performs as a result like a digital Kanban board, replete with boards, lists, and cards. 
  • Card Views: In Trello, clicking a card will display a popup with more information about the task. 
  • Integrations: Trello has several app integrations that can assist increase its capabilities. 
  • Mobile App: The Trello app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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ClickUp vs Trello: Lists

With ClickUp, you can break out tasks into lists for better navigation. Trello also has the kist feature, but ClickUp wins this point as it has better customization options. 

ClickUp vs Trello: Boards

There are numerous ways to see your tasks in ClickUp, beyond merely a board display in the Kanban manner. The learning curve is severe, and navigating is challenging when there are too many alternatives available. 

Trello is only a Kanban-style board, which is popular because it is straightforward.

ClickUp vs Trello: Other Views

With regard to its five subscription tiers, ClickUp offers a sizable selection of views. You may utilize forms, timelines, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or even bespoke views. This makes it incredibly adaptable but initially a little challenging to master. 

Although Trello's Kanban boards were initially its most prominent feature, the development team has added more view options over time. The drawback is that Trello Views is only accessible to Premium or higher subscribers.

ClickUp vs Trello: Team Communication

Real-time communication between team members is possible via ClickUp's chat view, which is reminiscent of Slack in specific ways. 

When it comes to team communication, Trello, on the other hand, frequently falls short. Trello lacks native real-time communication, but you can link it with well-known team chat programs like Slack or Google Hangouts.

ClickUp vs Trello: Pricing

Trello Pricing

Standard users pay $5.00 monthly, while Premium users pay $10. Pricing for Enterprise starts at $17.50 per user per month (for a minimum of 250 users, payable annually). It comes with a free trial and free version as well.

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp has a free forever option. The next choice is Unlimited, which costs $5 a month. The $9 monthly Business version comes next. An expanded version of the prior choice is available with the $19/month Business Plus plan. Not to be forgotten is the Enterprise plan for numerous sizable teams.

ClickUp vs Trello: Pros

ClickUp Pros

  • Compared to Trello, which needs additional Power-Ups to expand its capability, ClickUp is a considerably more feature-rich application. 
  • Compared to Trello, ClickUp is more adaptable and customized. 
  • More sophisticated workflow automation features are available with ClickUp. 
  • You may create unique dashboards with ClickUp and follow essential metrics and performance indicators with ease. 
  • When compared to Trello, which has additional costs for Power-Ups, ClickUp is more inexpensive.

Trello Pros

  • While ClickUp takes a rather extensive setting, Trello can be fully set up in just a few minutes. 
  • Trello is simpler to use because it has fewer features and settings. 
  • You can significantly increase Trello's capability using one of the many Power-Ups and integrations available. 
  • There are more features in Trello's more generous free plan than are necessary to manage relatively modest personal tasks.

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ClickUp vs Trello: Cons

ClickUp Cons

  • The variety of functions offered causes some people to feel overloaded. 
  • The abundance of functionality and flexibility offered by ClickUp is one of its greatest benefits. While some users may find this advantageous, others who want a more straightforward overall experience may not.

Trello Cons

  • You cannot view your Trello board if you don't have internet access. 
  • As a free user, you are limited to 10MB of uploads; thus, you must remove attachments. 
  • There is nothing like Trello. However, overseeing more significant projects may be a genuine pain.

Our Learners Also Asked

1. Is Trello or ClickUp better?

Both of these platforms have their pros and cons. By reading the above ClickUp vs Trello comparison, you can make your own choice.

2. What is better than ClickUp?

ClickUp has a lot of features and is suitable for everyone. However, Trello is better than ClickUp on different fronts.

3. Does ClickUp work with Trello?

ClickUp and Trello are both project management tools. You do not have to use these together. Both of these tools have unique features.

4. Is ClickUp too complicated?

ClickUp is loaded with features and customization and can be complicated for some people. 

5. What are the advantages of ClickUp?

There are several features in ClickUp. It is practical to be able to see all of your tasks at once. The listings of projects might include logos, making it much simpler to navigate.

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While ClickUp has an advantage in functionality and versatility, Trello retains the advantage due to its simplicity and solid Kanban foundation.

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