In this digital era, the need for content marketing professionals is inevitable.  Regardless of an organization’s size or industry, companies are scrambling to find deserving candidates for content marketing. Content marketing requires a different set of talents than your average marketer, so it makes sense to enlist the help of experts in the field. In this article, we've included 12 Content Marketing Interview Questions you can use to test their expertise in each area.

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12 Commonly Asked Content Marketing Interview Questions

Candidates for the content marketing profession should be able to exhibit an understanding of fundamental marketing ideas and great interpersonal skills. 

1. How would you measure the performance of your content marketing? Can you describe examples of good content you have implemented?

Making the world aware of what you have to say is only half the battle. Candidates should be able to track social media shares and use Google Analytics to assess the effectiveness of each piece of content they create.

For a content generation, candidates must be able to define "success." A good indicator of their comprehension is if they use words like traffic, repeat visits, retweeting, liking, and SEO in their responses. In addition, it's much better if they share specific examples of their own accomplishments in such fields.

2. What will be one of your favorite examples of a company that is getting content right? What kind of content do you think is lacking in this industry?

When it comes to content marketing, self-education is essential to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. Marketing blogs, social media algorithm adjustments, and reading widely on marketing can be listed as ways for candidates to stay up to date on the industry.

3. What is the most important thing that must be included in a content brief?

The outline is the most crucial part of a content brief. Placement of headings and targeting related keywords should be mentioned clearly in the brief. The writer is free to add their own thoughts and ideas to the extent that the brief allows. Content briefs, on the other hand, are always able to provide the basics.

4. What is your thought process about content strategy? What must you look out for, in what sequence?

What the content is trying to communicate, who it is aimed at, and how it will be viewed all play a role in determining how the information should be written. 

When interviewing candidates, look for a wide range of editorial expertise, such as creative, newsroom, and branded content. If you're a smart content strategist, you'll know that different purposes call for different kinds of writing. Be on the lookout for 5their ideation journey as they polish, package, and distribute the material to reach their target audience and accomplish their goals.

5. What do you think our company's voice is? How would you write this voice?

The tone of your company's communication is that of an approachable and knowledgeable professional. Therefore, it's important to add useful information and leave in a few technical terminologies, but clarify them throughout your blog posts.

Candidates that are able to identify the tone your organization is striving for in an interview are more likely to have researched your company's brand story in advance and prepared for the interview. Look for the keywords that you connect with your brand in this example since it demonstrates skill in writing brand messages. A strong candidate will also recognize that your intended audience is going to expect a specific tone and voice.

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6. Which content assets have you previously contributed to?

Knowing this will provide you a sense of whether they are familiar with the textual content types that your organization uses. Fewer areas of expertise will be available to a weaker applicant in terms of writing. According to what type of role your firm is searching for, this question might help you determine if the person you're interviewing is a good fit for the position.

7. Describe an instance when you supervised a group of content makers for a project. Describe a situation when you disagreed with their decision.

When putting together a team, it's crucial to consider their strengths and shortcomings. It was because all of my creatives came from the same editorial background that I disagreed with them the last time, and I felt that our direction was too one-dimensional and not focused enough on the brand. 

8. What prior expertise do you have assigned to the content budget? What would you give most priority to?

This is a good way to determine what the candidate knows about the various stages of the content lifecycle. Look for a response that encompasses the entire process, beginning with conception and ending with analytics, from the very beginning of your project. For the best answer, you'll need to include specifics and examples.

9. How do you stay abreast of the latest developments in the content marketing world?

When it comes to content marketing, self-education is essential to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. Marketing blogs, social media algorithm adjustments, and reading widely on marketing can be listed as ways for candidates to stay up to date on the industry.

10. When analyzing the success or failure of a content marketing campaign, what metrics do you consider?

Weak answers don't focus on the metrics that matter and don't understand content strategy. Better answers include references to KPIs more closely linked to business strategy, which implies that they may develop content with those objectives in mind. SEO-related terms, page views, visits, lead creation, and brand awareness are just a few examples of possible keywords. 

11. How do you market your content after its publication?

This test aims to determine whether or not a candidate can look beyond the written word and develop a strategy for promoting their work. The best applicants will create a marketing strategy and execute it, including posting it across several social media platforms, repurposing it in outbound newsletters and emails, and enlisting the help of industry influencers to help spread the message.

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List of Other Content Marketing Interview Questions

  1. What is your favorite aspect of writing?
  2. How do you establish a piece's style or tone?
  3. Describe the function of data in your position. How crucial is it?
  4. Which marketing blogs do you follow?
  5. How does Google determine the ranking of content?
  6. What are some effective strategies to get others to connect to your content?
  7. How do you choose which topics to emphasize and which format to employ?


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