Interviewing for a new job is always a bit nerve-wracking. Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder and applying for a new high-level position, or you’re fresh out of college and applying for entry-level jobs in your field, we all want to put our best foot forward. 

To help you mentally prepare for an upcoming marketing interview, we’ll cover what to expect from the interview process, go over 12 of the top marketing interview questions, and discuss their answers.

The General Interview Process

It’s normal to go through multiple rounds of interviews when you’re applying for a job in the marketing industry. In the first round of interviews, the employer wants to get to know you, learn about your experience, and discover your skillset. Before they learn anything else about you, they need to know that you have what it takes to handle the responsibilities of the job.

If you’re invited back for second and third rounds, companies will use those interviews to find out whether you will fit in well with the workplace culture. To prepare, spend time learning about the company and the role you’d be fulfilling. Do your research, look at their website, and try to get a feel for their marketing style.

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General Marketing Interview Questions

1. What are the five key parts of a marketing campaign?

Set clear goals, understand your target audience, identify an appropriate delivery channel, create a compelling call to action, and follow up on leads.

2. What is one of your greatest strengths and how does it relate to this position?

I’m creative. In marketing, it’s important to think outside of the box if you want to stand out from the competition. 

Note: This specific trait is simply an example of a strength that can be valuable to a marketing team. Be honest and be yourself. Also, try to think of a quick anecdote of a time when you showed your strength in that skill.

Marketing Manager/Director Interview Questions

3. How would you handle pushback from your team?

I would address the pushback in the next meeting, allowing for open discussion so that I may better understand the situation. I would use facts to explain the reasons behind the decisions that were made. If appropriate, we would discuss what needs to change and then I would follow up on those changes.

4. Which metrics are most important when gauging the success of your team?

Return on marketing investment, incremental sales, and cost per lead are important metrics when deciding whether a marketing campaign was successful.

Marketing Intern/Entry-Level Marketing Interview Questions

5. What is a marketing trend that you’re excited about?

Ad personalization is a trend that I’m excited about because it means creating a unique experience for each shopper rather than generic material.

6. What are some areas that you hope to improve upon if given this position?

I would like to improve my analytical skills so that I can dig deeper to identify new insights and more complex patterns.

Note: As an intern or entry-level employee, the interviewer doesn’t expect you to be an expert. This answer shows that you acknowledge you have room to grow and want to go above and beyond to think critically and creatively about your work.

Product Marketing Interview Questions

7. How do you measure whether a product was marketed successfully?

One way to measure if a product was marketed successfully is to review the win rate, or the number of won opportunities when compared to the total number of opportunities.

8. How can you market an existing product in a new way?

I could update the packaging or the appearance of the product, update the materials that come with the product, or simply create a more targeted campaign to a specific customer segment.

Note: It’s good to give a few ideas so that you can show the breadth of your knowledge, but don’t go overboard with long, memorized lists of ideas.

PR Interview Questions

9. In what ways can social media be used as a tool for effective PR marketing?

Social media gives businesses the opportunity to engage directly with their target audience and build relationships. It can also help to create a strong brand image.

Note: Social media marketing is such a valuable tool for businesses and PR today. If you don’t have much experience using it professionally, consider taking a social media certification training course.

10. How is PR valuable to a company?

A good PR strategy will strengthen a company by gaining good exposure from third parties, improving internal morale and loyalty among employees, and increasing demand from customers who have built an emotional connection with the business.

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Digital Marketing Interview Questions

11. What are a few relevant digital marketing tools?

Some of the most popular digital marketing tools include HubSpot, Slack, and Google Ads.

Note: This is another situation in which naming a few options is beneficial but naming a long list of options can be too much. Choose a few that you know a little bit about so that you’re equipped to answer any potential follow-up questions. If you’re not sure where to start, do some deeper research specifically into digital marketing interview questions and answers.

12. What are some ways to increase traffic to a website?

Prioritizing SEO and optimizing for voice search are two ways that businesses can increase traffic to their websites. There are a lot of components that go into each of those tactics as well, including link-building, fast site speed, and optimizing text for Google snippets.

Note: It can be of great benefit to you to brush up on some of these topics before going into the interview. Consider taking a digital marketing course. There are options out there for everyone, from beginners to specialists.

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Another Way to Land that Marketing Dream Job

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