Creating structured content to augment website traffic, get new customers, make more sales, and enhance brand awareness is vital to survive the rising competition in the digital landscape. Content marketing is an indispensable technique in a digital marketing strategy, which is why many marketers invest in content marketing. Following industry experts' proven hacks and content marketing tips can help you bring about a revolution in your online business. 

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

15 Content Marketing Tips 

Knowing your objectives, the audience, and the brand purpose are prerequisites of systematic content marketing that lures traffic. Businesses excel when they have deep insights into their customer's interests, including search intents and buying journeys. The following content marketing tips will help you surpass your competitors. 

1. Create a Niche Library of Content 

Rather than collecting random articles, improve your chances of ranking higher by providing content focused on a particular topic or a niche. Make relevant content and become a go-to resource for the said niche for your audience.


Rank Higher with Relevant Content

2. Benefit From Analytics

Track your performance carefully and constantly keep a watch on your analytics. Monitor what's working or what not to include improvement in your digital marketing strategy. Your aim for optimization should be continuous and never-ending. 


Analyzing Your Content Performance Helps in Overall Improvement 

3. Use Different Content Types 

You must resonate with your audience with various types of content while conforming to your roots. Go beyond written content. Content forms like podcasts that have a consistent popularity rise over the past years are expected to grow in the oncoming years too. Webinars and virtual workshops push brand stories to the targeted audience. In a recent survey, 38% of marketers expressed their plan to leverage infographics for the first time in 2022. 


Leverage the Power of Webinars 

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

4. Deliver Relatable Messaging for Better ROI

Every content marketing resource should have a data-driven approach. Your content marketing strategy must align with the overall business objectives instead of marketing goals only. For instance, the messaging approach needs to be more humanized. 


Relatable Empathic Messages Get Customers Engaged

5. Determine Gaps in Content and Answer Queries

The surge of content published every minute leads to information overload. Your content must narrow the knowledge gaps while addressing the audience's queries. Conducting research and thoroughly analyzing your competitors is vital to determine loopholes and plug them with appropriate content. Identify what questions can disturb your potential customers and provide the answers.


Answering FAQs to Make it to SERPS

6. Write for Visitors But Optimize for Search Engines

Search engines satisfy users by answering their queries. So, if you only focus on what people want to read without adopting tricks that search engines understand, you will publish good content, but it won't be accessible to users. You must first think of the type of content your visitors require and then optimize it for search engines to have a win-win situation.


SEO— An Essential Part of Content Marketing Strategy

7. Target the Suitable Stages of the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel of B2B and B2C organizations are similar, but their marketing approach must vary. Targeting the wrong part of the funnel can lead to an ineffective marketing strategy. You must understand your funnel and decide which parts require a boost and which ones are performing fine. Avoiding targeting content for 2+ stages of the funnel is thus a more appropriate approach.


Target the Right Stages of the Marketing Funnel 

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

8. Keep Clear, Measurable Business Goals

To effectively manage your content, draw it back to your brand's purpose. Identify the target audience and brainstorm ideas on how your content will best serve that audience. Leveraging analytics tools helps ensure that your content reaches the right people. 


Maintain Business Goals to Achieve Success

9. Promote Guest Posting

Freshen up your existing blog with content exchange and expand your audience range. Promote your guest posts on social media platforms and ask the visitors to share them to get further exposure. Moreover, link building or guest posting helps improve SEO rankings.


Guest Posting To Give Content Marketing A Push

10. Create Your Distinguished Writing Style

If your content has a brand personality and voice, it will surely stand out and attract visitors. Content marketers must observe some guidelines while writing. Creating a particular style of writing that hooks the reader can help you get distinguished and survive the stiff competition. 


Brainstorm to Come up With Unique Content Ideas

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11. Choose Permanent Social Media Content over Ephemeral

Brands observe that permanent social media content on a platform's feed is more effective in their marketing campaigns. 44% of global marketers plan to invest increasingly in permanent social media rather than ephemeral content that stays up for 24 hours and vanishes unless saved. Permanent content encourages revisits and conversions that positively impact businesses. 


Social Media Post Revisits Promote Businesses 

12. Optimize for Mobile 

According to Think With Google, 53% of mobile users are likely to close a website if it consumes more than three seconds as its loading time. It is detrimental to enhance the mobile responsiveness of your website to engage the audience. Mobile phones are handy; most people have twice as many interactions with businesses on mobile phones than anywhere else. 


Design Mobile Friendly Websites

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

13. Invest in Mobile Ads

Youngsters and older adults spend most of their time on mobile phones. Understanding that your potential customer can reach out to you via mobile advertisements, marketers spent $341 billion in 2021 on mobile advertising. You must leverage the power of mobile ads to reach out to your potential audience. 


Mobile Advertisements 

14. Repurpose and Remarket Your Content

To repurpose your content, take a previously-written topic and transform it into a new format. To remarket the content, take existing content, and re-engage visitors who interacted with the content but did not convert. People often tend to ignore a product, but intentionally remarketing it to those who showed interest could increase the probability of grabbing their interest again at the right time. 


Remarketing’s Crucial Role in Conversions

15. Use Data to Catch Attention

Use data and statistics. It is one of the best content marketing tips as it would help you highlight the importance of information and strengthen your points.

It hooks the reader and adds authenticity to your content. Tie statistics to add value to your product and validate your points. It is important to cite the research article whenever including statistics in your content. Opt for the most recent data, and ensure that it is accurate and from reputable sources.


Add Statistical Data to Catch Visitors’ Attention

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