The ITIL Intermediate Certification: The What, Why and How


R Bhargav

Last updated September 6, 2017


The ITIL certification comes right after the foundation level and has a modular structure with specific modules providing different focus on the IT Service Management class. A candidate can take more than one course, if desired. This module structured stage of the ITIL scheme is a very important platform that provides the candidate with a variety of sections to gain knowledge in the IT field. The modules within this stage are divided into two major groups: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability.

Accreditation body

The ITIL Intermediate certification can be offered by any accredited body that gives such certifications. The credential is best received from known bodies all over the world and their affiliates; APMG being one such globally recognized body. It is advisable to do a thorough research before choosing any accrediting body that you can take the exam from. It is also important to note that the ITIL Intermediate level is a very crucial stage in the ITIL scheme. It dictates your middle-stage knowledge and leads you to the top stage of Expert Level. It is, therefore, advisable to invest well in whatever accreditation body you choose.

Eligibility Requirements

There are no formal qualifications required to take up the IT intermediate certification. Most people who have knowledge in the IT service providing organizations or IT service providing sections for any firm or business organization can take the certification. You can also take up a course with a certified BCS training provider and take an exam online or at an exam center. The ITIL Intermediate examination, however, qualifies you for other advanced courses in the ITIL scheme.

Certification process

The ITIL road to certification is pretty clear; there are no complicated ways apart from choosing the right training partner and taking the courses that will qualify you for the credential. Candidates who wish to acquire this certification need to register with their training partner and undergo the training process that is entirely dictated by the trainers but following the right stipulated procedure. Each trainer will offer the courses in different ways, but all the time maintaining the correct structure and procedure. Most of the accreditors will put candidates in the right channels to apply for the examination. You can take the exam online or in a test center. For online candidates, login details are provided. However, for those who can take their tests in an exam center, their registration is done manually, and exams taken at examination centers. A candidate needs to score 70% of the exam to be credited with certification. A candidate is allowed to either take the lifecycle stream or capability stream to qualify.

Accredited Training Partner

ITIL intermediate certification qualifies you for a number of major certifications in the IT Service Management platform. It gives you the ability to demonstrate the best skills in IT best practices. The certification proves your prowess in what you do and makes you stand out from the rest. Each module in the certification is as important as all the others and, therefore, requires proper training and best training partners. The course and examination fees are high, and it only means that you need to be careful in selecting your authorized training organization (ATO). Simplilearn is the best training provider you can choose to partner with. The course fee is fair and benefits are enormous. The correct tools needed to pass the examination such as simulation tests are available for every candidate who chooses to join them. Classes and examination settings are very accommodating.

Post training may be required if a candidate is interested in acquiring the ITIL Expert Level. This certification acts as one of the qualifications for the ITIL Expert Level certification. It is important for holders of the certification to work hard to maintain their credential. You can also earn PDUs from your training and certification provider.

Exam Format

The ITIL Intermediate examination is taken by eligible candidates, once you feel you are completely qualified and have gone through the proper training from a certified provider, then you will need login details to register for the exam. This exam is provided to you by your ATO. Bodies like the APMG have links to help you start your exam or continue a previously started exam. All you need are your login credentials.

The exam takes the format of multi-choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions. There are 8 questions per paper with each question carrying 5 marks totaling up to 40 marks. The marks are awarded differently according to how a candidate answers each question. 5 marks are given for a correct answer, 3 for a partially correct answer, 1 for the least correct and 0 for the distractor. For a candidate to successfully pass, they must score 28 out of the possible 40 marks i.e. 70% of the total score percentage. The exam duration is 1.5 hours and is a closed book session exam.

Retaking the Exam

The ITIL Intermediate certification examination is intensive and requires proper training and good preparation. Candidates who follow the correct procedure for the examination come out with flying colors. If you realize that you did not attain the recommended score, and you feel you are ready to give it a second go, you can resubmit your registration details. You will need to pay the exam re-sit fees aside from the course fees. Your ATO will give you an outline of the areas you did not perform so well. You will then need to revise these areas and ensure you grasp every detail. You can re-appear for the exam as many times as you deem necessary.

Career growth and role of post-certification

The ITIL Intermediate certification can either be self-sponsored or sponsored by your organization. Either way there are many benefits an individual can acquire from this particular credential. As an individual, you improve your chances of getting hired in future since this certification is becoming a most-needed qualification in many IT job descriptions. Any person with this certification falls within a very high paying bracket with the minimum pay being close to $100,000 a year. The ITIL Intermediate course also has huge benefits for any organization that has working personnel with this certification. IT solutions to customers are delivered and controlled efficiently. Organizations benefit from individuals with high skills, thus helping in maintaining competitiveness. This certification also acts as a vendor-neutral.

Post-examination requirement

After the examination is completed, holders of the certification need to protect their credentials by practicing their professionalism to the fullest and adhere to the IT professionalism. There is no expiration of the certification and holders are highly regarded in the IT job market. There is also much more to learn by following and reading books on IT Service Management. There are also other advanced certifications that can be taken by holders of this credential. Maintaining the credential is the most important aspect to be performed by credential holders. Holders of the ITIL intermediate certification can qualify for the ITIL Expert Level certification where they will only train and complete an MALC examination.

ITIL® Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) Training

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