When you are starting a business and have limited resources, you need to be sure that you are not wasting any money and time. However, when it comes to marketing, you cannot afford to miss or ignore a tool that is as valuable as e-mail marketing.

You may think there are many ways to reach out to customers, so why rely on email marketing anyway? Is email marketing even worth it? The answer is a big YES!!

The fact is that e-mail marketing does much more than simply getting emails into inboxes. There is much buzz around e-mail marketing and the advantages associated with it, but what really do the email marketing stats recommend? Well, the results and the figures say a lot when it comes to proving how credible email marketing is. 

What is Email Marketing

Let us first understand what email marketing is. In simple words, email marketing uses emails for advertising services or products – however, it is not limited only to that. One can use email marketing to enhance and improve relations with present clients, and to reach out to possible customers. E-mail marketing enables businesses to keep their clients informed, and to personalize their marketing messages. Come to think of it, e-mail marketing is indeed the most cost-effective and conversion-rich form of digital marketing at present.

Email Marketing Statistics

Let us understand the e-mail marketing statistics in 2023. These stats will help you understand and see how other businesses are using e-mails to connect with customers and improve their ROI. 

  • E-mail is one of the top 3 distribution channels for B2B and B2C Marketers: While B2B and B2C marketers could have separate goals, e-mail is one of the most dependable methods to enhance content marketing. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers use emails as a distribution channel. It comes in right after social media and is more common than using company blogs. 79% of B2C marketers depend on e-mails to distribute their content (blog posts or articles). It is the top channel for securing and nurturing leads, and a close second for converting those leads. E-mail is a crucial part of the entire sales process, not only the beginning stages of content marketing.
  • Potential of e-mail reach and demographics: In 2023, nearly 4.03 billion people worldwide use email. Experts predict that this number is going to reach as high as 4.48 billion by 2024. Thus, no platform even comes close to this potential e-mail. According to statistics, there are nearly 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users. Even if you add Instagram’s 1 billion+ users the number is much less than the total number of email users. But where do customers tend to open their emails? Close to 42% of e-mail access happens on mobile apps, 18.2% use desktop apps, and 39.8% of users use web apps, such as Gmail or
  • Welcome emails have a very high open rate: The email open rates are one of the best ways to see how well an email marketing strategy is doing. This shows how many customers are opening an email. The usual email open rate for businesses across all verticals is 19.7% (GetResponse, 2022). However, welcome emails have a close to 68.6% open rate, which highlights their standing. With such a significant open rate, brands should consider adding helpful information for their audience in the welcome emails.
  • Personalization works wonders for an email marketing strategy: As already mentioned, the typical email open rate is close to 20%. However, if you customize your emails, you will see the tremendous impact that personalization can have. Emails that have customized subject lines have 50% higher open rates. Thus, a great email marketing tip is to customize your subject line and greeting to include individual names while sending emails.
  • Average email bounce rates: How many emails actually make it: The average email bounce rates display the number of emails that do not reach the customer’s email  inbox. E-mails may not reach their destination due to expired email addresses, spam filters, opt-in typos, and many other reasons. Thus, email authentication is vital to avoid emails ending up in spam boxes, drastically reducing an e-mail’s chance of being opened and read.
  • Interactive emails are the future: Today, e-mails need to generate user engagement. An email marketing campaign has to be restricted to a newsletter format. Advertisers are looking for enhanced engagement in the form of interactive content. Various reports show that adding videos to an email can enhance the click rates by around 300% - which is a shocking number. Marketers also include collapsible menus, sliders, and GIFs to get their emails to look better to their clients. Also, you must ensure that all your interactive emails are suited for mobile devices.
  • Customers love to hear from you: On evaluating how frequently customers would like to receive brand emails, consumers have stated that they would like to receive advertising emails from their favorite brands on a weekly basis. This email marketing statistic is particularly handy when you are worried about sending emails to your customers very often. Your customers love to hear from you and they are happy when you send them emails. 

That’s a Wrap

Following are some important email marketing success statistics for you:

  • 18% of organizations accomplish email marketing ROI greater than $70 per $1 invested.
  • Email is 40x more efficient in securing customers than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined.
  • Shoppers spend 138% more when products and services are marketed via email.

We hope these email marketing statistics will help you leverage the power of emails in 2023. Connect with Simplilearn to pursue a Digital Marketing Associate Master’s Program through which you can ace the HubSpot email marketing certification.

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