With our world finding its way towards self-reliance and encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurship, this century is truly an era of business careers. From social media to organic food and mobile apps, you can start a business in anything today! To gain a professional qualification in Business, the most popular program in India is BBA which is offered in numerous specializations like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, IT, and many more. But the real struggle comes when you qualify for your undergraduate program and step afoot into the working world. Here we bring you the most exciting jobs to pursue in a career after BBA, especially the most in-demand jobs in the world! 

Why Choose BBA?

Here are the top reasons why you should choose BBA as your undergraduate degree:

  • Firstly, BBA is a versatile bachelor’s program that covers almost every little aspect of the Business and the corporate world. It can open doors to various specializations and a promising career after BBA. 
  • You will be developing a more comprehensive skillset, from managerial skills and keen business acumen to critical thinking, problem-solving, business analytics and so much more.
  • This program has a wide scope of growth as it is a broader bachelor’s option in the world of Business. It can help you discover specialized master’s concentrations like Business Analytics, Hospital Administration, IT, Social Media, etc.
  • BBA is also an affordable business undergraduate degree than most business programs. It can help you establish a foundation for your MBA, plus help you network, unravel better skills, and discover newer careers.

Careers After BBA

Here are the world’s top careers after BBA:

1. MBA

MBA is undoubtedly the most popular course to pursue after BBA. MBA is offered in numerous specializations from core business concentrations to fashion marketing, digital marketing, Business and finance and so much more. You can also check out our Global MBA, which has been curated in collaboration with Berlin’s International University of Applied Sciences (IU) and London South Bank University (LSBU).

After completing an MBA, you can choose from various careers in your specialized field at the managerial, associate, or even executive level. Nowadays, companies prefer MBA students over graduates as they come with more personal development, business acumen and awareness than management students. After your MBA, you can aim for a package of 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs. 

2. Project Management

Project Management is becoming a central part of every company these days. Project Managers are responsible for planning, leading, overseeing, and coordinating a whole project over their teams. It’s an exciting career to pursue after your BBA, but for this, it is advised to have an MBA or a Master’s in Project Management. Simplilearn’s Project Management program created in partnership with the University of Massachusetts is perfect for BBA students looking to advance to a career in project management.

3. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst’s role is filled with diverse responsibilities, from closely connecting to stakeholders to assessing leads, sales, business development, target audience, and trends. While a BBA course can introduce you to what this role is all about, you’ll need specialization in this role to apply for it at famous firms in your country or around the world. This is why checking out our flagship Business Analyst PG Program is important to leveling your career the right way. 

4. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is another in-demand arena that offers high-pay careers that are creative yet rooted in business management. These jobs include SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Editors and Writers, Ads Specialist, Social Media Manager, etc. You can also study a variety of Digital Marketing certifications and programs after BBA. Here is the specialized Digital Marketing certification exclusively by Simplilearn that you should check out!

5. Design

If you seek creative opportunities after BBA, you can choose from specializations like graphic design, UX/UI design, fashion design, transportation design and so much more. As it’s a skill-based area of specialization, choosing certifications can equip you with the technical competence you require is better. Simplilearn also has a PGP certification in design and innovation formulated in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Amherst that you must consider after BBA. This online course focuses on mentoring students to understand designing customer-centric services and products as well as practical technology tools and solutions that focus on customer desirability and feasibility. 

6. Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is another unique career after BBA that you can discover. Supply Chain Management strategizes the buying and managing the company’s products on all levels. After an MBA in Supply Chain Management, you can apply for promising roles in the corporate as well as the administrative sphere. Here you can check out Simplilearn’s certification in Supply Chain Management.

Which one of these careers after BBA is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. It is difficult to get a job right after graduation. You need the correct skills to impress employers. Explore short-term courses offered by Simplilearn and become job-ready.


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1. What is a BBA course?

BBA or Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a 3-year business degree at the undergraduate level. It covers different aspects of Business, management, and the corporate sector. It trains you for starting level business roles by providing you with the competent skills of the business world and opens a vast arena of specializations for master’s programs. 

2. What is the scope of BBA?

The scope of BBA is pretty broad in terms of exploring the world of Business and management, whether you are aspiring for executive roles or starting something of your own. 

3. Is BBA a good degree?

BBA program can be a well-thought option for you to kickstart your bachelor’s journey! Looking for short-term specialized programs in Business? Check out the top Business courses at Simplilearn curated with Facebook and Purdue University in collaboration! 

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