Keyword research is an essential part of SEO. Whether you're relaunching an old blog or developing your content strategy for a new one, using high-quality keywords effectively is one of the best methods to get consistent, loyal visitors to your website. Use the best free tools for keyword research if you want to do efficient keyword research, identify the best keywords, and boost the SEO of your website. 

List of Top 20 Tools for Keyword Research

Let's look at 20 tools for keyword research that you can use to strengthen your content and connect with your audience below:

1. Semrush

Semrush is a keyword research tool with features for social media marketing, competitor analysis, content marketing, and PPC. It accelerates the growth and attraction of your internet audience. This SEO tool performs your keyword research, collects information on the tactics your competitors are employing, audits your blog's SEO, searches for backlinking chances, and does much more.

2. Keyword Tool

Although is a freemium keyword research tool, they provide free keyword ideas. Using Google Autocomplete, the tool will provide long-tail keywords when you enter a keyword. When you search for keyword suggestions on, a good amount of the top keywords will be displayed. You can also locate Questions, Prepositions, and Hashtags for further insight.

3. KWFinder

This tool offers a variety of helpful features and makes it simple to locate keywords with low SEO difficulty. KWFinder is a fantastic option for beginning bloggers because of its intuitive layout, robust features, and attractive design. It provides a variety of keyword research options for uncommon keyword chances.

4. Google Trends 

This free data exploration tool can explore and examine current and past search trends. This tool allows you to search across different areas and languages. Being one of the best free tools for keyword research, it compares the search of further queries using graphs.

5. SpyFu

Because of its extensive feature set, superior reporting, and strong support for content marketing and advertising, SpyFu is one of the most well-known names in the SEO industry. It is the perfect tool for keyword and domain research. SpyFu is made to help you study your competitors' most effective keyword strategies to gain an advantage.

6. Google Keyword Planner

This free tool within Google Ads will assist you in planning your marketing approach by generating keyword suggestions and bid estimates. You can use it to develop your Google Ads search campaigns, conduct SEO keyword research, and create ideas for new content.

7. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Today’s leading keyword research tool for content creators is Ahrefs. You may get thousands of excellent keyword suggestions, assess how difficult it is to rank for them, and estimate how much traffic they could generate. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is powered by the world's largest third-party search query database. This tool provides users with a thorough keyword report and generates distinctive click metrics using clickstream data.

8. Keywords Everywhere

For Firefox and Google Chrome, Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension. It's a useful tool for keyword research that you can access directly from your browser as you put in search terms while browsing. When you utilize search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, Pinterest, and YouTube, it will generate keyword information.

9. Keyword Surfer

This Google Chrome extension displays monthly search counts, keyword suggestions, information from the most popular pages, and content suggestions. You can easily use a keyword to create an article outline. The quickest way to access search data and conduct keyword research in Google Search is through Keyword Surfer.

10. Soolve

Soovle is a free, fully-customizable search engine collector that compiles search ideas from as many as 15 search engines, including Bing, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Youtube, eBay, and others. It assists you in saving your keyword recommendations and suggests the top search terms in alphabetical order. You can identify fresh long-tail keywords to target by swiftly comparing relevant search recommendations across numerous search platforms.

11. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a keyword generator that enables you to obtain a report with information to show the campaign's efficiency. This application supports the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, and other regions. Although you may also view the keywords in a list or download an a.csv file with the findings, they provide the keywords in an excellent visual way.

12. QuestionDB

This tool displays questions users post on websites and forums rather than keywords. For the creation of content, this tool is useful. You can get a more detailed understanding of what your audience is genuinely interested in because of its enormous database of queries. These are taken from a database of 48M Reddit questions.

13. Growth Bar

GrowthBar is a fantastic tool for bloggers and marketers who need ranking difficulty or keyword ideas to appear quickly in their search results. Recent additions include the creation of content outlines, which is a unique feature. You can also view competitor profiles to access information on their backlinks, organic keywords, Google/Facebook ads, and related information.

14. Serpstat

Serpstat, which combines website analytics, a keyword research tool, SERP research, backlink analyzation, rank trackers, and website audit features, is an excellent choice if you're looking for a complete SEO package. It is a complete solution to make SEO simpler in every way.

15. Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer offers pre-built, user-friendly keyword suggestions. Along with the features you'd expect from the most excellent keyword research tools, Moz's SEO tool also provides two unique data points: the Organic CTR score and Priority score.

16. Majestic

Majestic is a comprehensive SEO tool for monitoring the health of your website. It's the perfect tool for new blogs and small businesses that don't have the funds to invest much in intricate SEO support.

17. Long Tail Pro

This tool provides a summary of information about your keyword, focusing on how you compare to your competitors on Google's first page. This keyword tool creates long-tail keywords for niche websites and has even gained a cult following with writers for micro-niche websites.

18. Keyworddit

Reddit's free keyword research tool, Keyworddit, provides a different way to tailor your keyword research to connect with your target audience. It aids you by locating keywords based on frequently requested Reddit questions. This tool is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with a niche.

19. Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool aids in the early detection of search trends. It provides you with the autocomplete databases from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay to find the most recent keywords and search queries. For multichannel marketers and sellers that wish to rank on search engines beyond Google and the others, it's a fantastic resource.

20. Ubersuggest

With its free edition, Ubersuggest provides a wide range of information. It shows the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC when you enter a keyword search. The Ubersuggest extension will give you useful information about a specific keyword search not only on Google but also on YouTube, Amazon, and other websites.

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