You’ve probably noticed brands hosting virtual events more often these days, especially since many on-site conferences—if not all of them—are canceled due to the global pandemic

For instance, Adobe MAX—the software company’s annual creativity conference—will be held online for free this year. Salesforce reimagined their event in just 10 days in response to the rapidly changing situation, going from 15,000 in-person attendees to 80K viewers of the virtual conference.

While digital events aren’t a substitute for live versions, brands are certainly experimenting with—and benefiting from—virtual events in different ways. Let’s look at how brands are winning by taking their events online.

Marriott Bringing Travel Highlights Online


Source: trendhunter

When you’re staying at a Marriott property, you may walk into a live DJ set at the W Hotel or enjoy an in-person cooking class while traveling abroad. With more customers staying at home, however, Marriott decided to bring the fun of travel to its customers with virtual events like a live-streamed DJ party and master chef cooking series.

Fashion X Video Games


Source: Hypebeast

Now that runway shows are on pause, fashion brands are looking for new ways to show off their style online. The latest virtual events are happening within video games, such as Animal Crossing, where Hypebae hosted an invite-only fashion show. Participants were encouraged to walk the virtual runway in an outfit they designed to mimic the style of the fashion brand.

Technology Brand Finds Added Value in Virtual Events 

When the Irish-brand Renaissance realized its usual in-person conference was a no-go, it decided to take its event online—and discovered more than one benefit of doing so. By setting up its presentations, lounge area, trade booths, and information desk virtually, it not only eliminated the long lines associated with the conference but it also made the experience more accessible for attendees while providing valuable data to vendors and partners. 

Live Music, Live-Streamed

When Ravinia Festival—a live concert series that spans the entire summer season—was shut down due to the pandemic, its organizers got creative. Instead of turning down the volume completely, Ravinia took the fun online with a Living Room Lawn Party (many attendees listen to concerts from the vast lawn seating while enjoying a picnic). The live-streamed show doubled as a fundraiser since the non-profit organization depends heavily on revenue from live shows.


Beverage Industry Raises a Virtual Glass

When you can’t go to the vineyard, the vineyard comes to you. Many winemakers in Napa Valley and Sonoma hosted virtual wine tastings and at-home pairing guidance. Customers who purchased a bottle of wine often received a virtual tour of the vineyard as well as recipes from an in-house chef. 

Broadway Takes the Virtual Stage

It’s a real bummer to miss out on live shows, concerts, workshops, and classes—but at least Broadway is bringing them online. Instead of closing down opportunities altogether, the stage is set, virtually, for recurring concert series, plays, and even dance lessons, and exercise classes from members of the Broadway and dance communities. 

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