Today, so many different things are data-driven, which means more and more companies continue to need qualified individuals with relevant data and IT backgrounds. Whether you have some developer experience, or you’re looking for a completely new career path to take, the Big Data industry is currently booming. 

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is a lot like it sounds: significantly large sets of data. For people to read and understand such Big Data sets, they need to be computationally analyzed. This critical data can reveal trends, patterns, associations, and other useful things that can help businesses make plans, make products that perform better, and so much more. For big data to be analyzed appropriately, an experienced and trained Big Data developer is needed.

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The Role of a Big Data Developer

Big Data developers are expected to deliver an array of data-related IT services to their organizations. They frequently work with Big Data software, such as Hive and MapReduce, which allows developers to interpret theories, debug and optimize data, and take care of other significant responsibilities and day-to-day tasks. They are skilled in programming and understand how to process parallel data and address stream processing; they are also experienced in transferring information to big data platforms. Big data developers frequently work with other data specialists within their organization, such as Big Data analysts and Big Data engineers. While the ability to work independently is essential, because of the need to work frequently with others, it is also crucial that big data developers can work well in teams on various projects.

How Much a Big Data Developer Earn?

For many people, the average salary for a particular role is the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a career path. On average, Big Data developers earn an annual base salary of $87,321, according to PayScale. There is the possibility of even more earning potential than this with bonuses and perks, like stock options, as well as higher annual base salaries for those with more experience. 

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Demand for Big Data Professionals

Big data isn’t going anywhere soon and only continues to grow. The International Data Corp. (IDC) anticipates Big Data and business analytics (BDA) solutions to reach approximately $260 billion in revenue globally by the year 2022, along with an 11.9 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Currently, the market is valued at $166 billion, which is an 11.7 percent increase from the year 2017.  With this growth, the demand for big data developers will naturally grow, too. 

If job security is important to you, and you want to focus on a field that has little to no chance of becoming obsolete anytime soon, big data is the way to go. 

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