Hiring Practices is one of the most essential practices that every organization follows in order to get an effective work force.  Employees are the most essential resources of all organizations across industries and they are the major revenue earning sources for organizations. The major motif behind hiring process is to get in an effective work force who can work towards achieving the set objectives of the organization. To form an effective work force, it is very essential to follow some hiring practices. Let’s discuss about it in this post.

Hiring qualified and trustworthy employees depends on implementing and adhering to personnel policies that screen out those individuals whose past professional history may indicate undesirable behavior. Lower employee morale can result in reduced compliance with controls. Increased staff turnover can also result in lower levels of staff expertise over time. Hiring practices ensures that effective and efficient staff is chosen.

Every organization has a human resource department that pre-decides a level of screening that should be done depending on the position to be filled. Skills should be tested and evaluated, and the caliber and character of the individual should be examined. Background checks should be performed which includes prior-employment, education, criminal history, financial history. Nondisclosure agreements and Intellectual property agreements must be developed and signed by new employees to protect the company and its sensitive information. Similarly conflict of interest agreements for positions handling competitive information and Non-compete agreements for positions in charge of unique corporate processes should be signed. Hiring practices can be summarized with the below mentioned points.

  • Perform background checks
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Intellectual property agreement
  • Conflict of interest agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

These hiring practices not just ensures effective work force but also protects organization security. To know more about hiring practices, you can explore our training courses on Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam. Simplilearn offers extensive CISSP online training from expert tutors.

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