YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. Thus, whether an individual is trying to make videos on YouTube to display a skill they have, or a digital marketer working on building a brand image for a client, understanding YouTube Analytics is crucial. Today, YouTube is a highly crowded platform, and making a mark amongst thousands of channels dealing in the same niche is tough. This blog focuses on several important aspects of YouTube Channel Analytics and answers a few common questions that often baffle creators.

How to Use YouTube Analytics?

YouTube offers many free resources to understand the platform prudently, and one of these tools is YouTube Analytics. It helps you know the outcome of every video posted on a channel. Understanding this section at one glance is a painful task, but as a creator breaks it, working with this tool is simple and helps the creator understand the channel's performance better. In simple words, a YouTube creator can work on this analysis and develop better content in the future to garner more viewership. This page is differentiated into various sections, such as:

  • Watch Time 

It shows the total time people spent watching your videos in the selected span. The watch time is calculated in minutes, and as the number augments, the number of people engaging with the content has increased. 

  • Average View Duration 

This section highlights the average time viewers have invested in individual videos. As this number increases, it is clear that a recently released video garnered more views. A more detailed assessment of this video can be obtained by separately viewing that video's page.

  • Views 

This part reflects the number of people who clicked on a video in a selected span. This section is a straightforward way to tell an individual creator or a digital marketer optimizing content for a brand how well their deployed strategies are converting into views.

  • Rewatches 

This section indicates the number of times viewers rewatch specific video parts and is denoted by the rising curve in the video graph. You will also get to know what kind of content viewers are enjoying. In the future, you can plan related content for your youtube channel 

  • Estimated Revenue 

This highlights the estimated ad revenue for a particular period.

  • Other Numbers 

The analytics page has many other options that are self-explanatory and simple. They calculate every interaction that a viewer can have with any content.

Each of these sections shows an up or down symbol helping the creator or the marketer understand whether the channel performance has improved or not. The default timescale for the analytics' page is 28 days.

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What Are Free YouTube Statistics?

Originality is the chisel to make it big on YouTube. However, that does not mean researching the rival channels' plunge, or surge is bad. YouTube Channel Analytics helps you learn from the lessons and inculcate those changes in your content.

Using YouTube Channel Analytics for Other Channels

It gives a competitor's YouTube Analytics access by collecting data from their account/s, particular videos, and subscribers. This helps a YouTuber or a marketer using YouTube to create more brand awareness to understand the competitor's analysis and leverage these insights to grow their channel. 

This analysis helps understand the best time to upload a video, ways to increase engagement with subscribers, and viewers' interests. Whether you are trying to carve out your credibility in a specific niche or are a marketer looking to make money by affiliate marketing on YouTube, this assessment comes in handy for optimizing the content.

A range of third-party tools such as BuzzSumo, Tubular Intelligence, and many others helps creators see statistics such as average view duration, watch time, retention, and target audience of any other YouTube channel.

Using YouTube Channel Analytics for Your Own Channel

It is vital to assess your channel's growth or decline by tracking the statistics of other channels. YouTube Studio gives a creator all the insights of their channel. It lets the creator see how a video is performing to the gender and location of subscribers.

Simple steps to run YouTube analytics of your channel:

  1. Open the YouTube Studio app, and it will take you to the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Analytics tab.
  3. Under this tab, browse through various options like the audience, engagement, reach, and others.
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Understanding YouTube Analytics can be tricky, but it provides a huge amount of data and insights required to grow your channel. All the creators and brands on the platform must have a sound understanding of YouTube Analytics. Sign-up for a Digital Marketing course at Simplilearn and learn all YouTube Analytics and other essential tools! 


1. What are social media engagement metrics?

Some YouTubers have a large number of subscribers to their channel. However, having this mammoth number is useless if the engagement metrics are low. In simple words, every like, comment, share, watch time, and click-through is critical and helps analyze the actual viewer engagement with the channel. 

2. Will a YouTuber know if someone checks their channel's analytics?

No, when you use a third-party tool to check the dashboard of someone else's YouTube channel, the latter does not get any notifications about the same. 

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