It’s a common problem that many have experienced since the pandemic began: they’ve lost jobs; their careers have been put on hold; and their confidence and well-being have been put to the test. The world continues to struggle to move on from the uncertainty and unpredictability of this challenging new environment, and everyday people are looking for ways to persevere. 

That’s why Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online Bootcamp for digital economy skills, is taking action. Upon launching the new Ambition #CannotBeLockedDown campaign, we aim to show people around the world that they can still find their ambition, boost their careers, and thrive in the midst of a global pandemic. We celebrate the inspirational spirit of people who have steeled themselves to succeed in spite of unprecedented career challenges. Millions are using the past year as an opportunity to prepare for a brighter future. 

What Is Ambition #CannotBeLockedDown?  

Ambition #CannotBeLockedDown is a digital campaign launched across multiple platforms, including web, print, and TV. By featuring personal success stories of those who have raised their skill sets during the pandemic to find new career opportunities, we are hoping to inspire a generation of professionals in search of answers to fulfill their deepest ambitions. With new skills developed in Simplilearn’s award-winning training environment, these individuals are able to shift their career focus, secure their dream jobs, lock down higher salaries, and give themselves a better sense of personal and professional fulfillment. 

Hear Inspiring Stories From Our Learners

Simplilearn has witnessed first-hand how learners have used upskilling to achieve their dreams. We’re launching three ad films highlighting the success stories of aspirants who have completed Simplilearn certification courses during the pandemic to improve their career prospects. Here are a few of their stories:

1. Locking Down a First Job – Utkarsh Gupta

Graduating during the pandemic was an unsettling experience. Seeing friends and peers securing jobs and enrolling in master’s programs, Utkarsh knew he needed to act quickly to keep pace. Data science had always been a field he was interested in, so he enrolled in Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s Program. On the first day of the course, he was inspired to see that the instructor worked with Amazon, practicing data science skills on the job as a seasoned professional. He enjoyed machine learning, data science, and Python courses, which were all part of the master’s curriculum. After completing the courses and using the Simplilearn’s Job Assist program, Utkarsh was able to ace his interviews and lock down this dream position as an associate analyst in India (and a great starting package!) with JC Penney. 

2. Shifting Industries During COVID – Alessio Cofone

Alessio had been working in the hospitality industry and as a freelance massage therapist when he realized that his career had reached a plateau. He already had a master’s degree in digital media but felt it had mostly academic value and wanted more practical skills. So he enrolled in Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program. The courses not only provided relevant content, but also showed him how to be a digital marketer in today’s complex world, employing all the modern tools such as SEO and keyword optimization to carry out projects. Simplilearn’s comprehensive learning path was the perfect springboard to secure his new job as a digital marketer at The United Grand Lodge of England in London — all in three short weeks. 

3. Overcoming Career Stagnation – Christopher Paulucci

Christopher began his career in computer operations, customer service, project management, and information systems. But after 26 years at Thomson Reuters, he was laid off and faced a challenging hiring environment. He decided on upskilling to survive. With the many Simplilearn certifications he earned, including the Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Scrum Master, and ITIL Expert, he put himself in a position to compete for new jobs in a very competitive environment. Simplilearn gave him the best value for the money, he says, and provided a versatile, rewarding learning experience. His certifications helped him build a great profile, get interviews, and find his new position in New York in the booming field of agile project management. 

4. Becoming a More Well-Rounded Professional – Matthew Albanese

Matthew was a long-time project manager at Caterpillar in Northern California but was intent on making himself a more versatile and viable professional. He decided to take Simplilearn’s Six Sigma Black Belt, ITIL 4 Foundations, and PMP courses to brush up on his skills and begin a transition from IT to a more well-rounded career in professional services. He was attracted to Simplilearn’s dynamic learning experience and lessons that were easy to follow. Now after landing jobs at two different companies managing professional services in San Francisco, he is able to better engage in fluid conversations with IT consultants and subject matter experts, and resolve problems with the right strategic approach. 

5. Learning to Impact Global Health – Dominic Amon

Dominic is a pharmacist who developed an interest in health projects and decided to take Simplilearn’s Prince2 (project management) and Introduction to Analytics courses to boost his skills and make him more employable in the pharma sector. He’s now a pharmacist at the University of Ghana Medical Centre, where his newfound expertise is helping him implement strategies to assist patients in the ART and diabetic clinics to adhere to their therapy. He sees each patient as a ‘project’ and strives to address each one uniquely. His training has helped him rate progress of therapy using KPIs, calculate risks, offer clinical advice, and gather and interpret data. Upskilling has taught him discipline, perseverance, and achieving targets so that he can inspire others and make a positive impact on global health. 

6. Expanding Skill Sets to Thrive After COVID – Marcos Pereira

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master’s in supply chain management, Marcos worked as a buyer at several companies in Europe. When the pandemic struck, however, his contract with his previous company ended, so he decided to invest in upskilling to further his career growth. Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Master’s Program has transformed him into a more refined professional, from the way he approaches work to the way he tackles challenges and aggressively analyzes opportunities. Business analysis has given him a deeper understanding of the entire buying process beyond just transactions and helps him make more informed decisions. He chose Simplilearn over Coursera and Udemy and raves about Simplilearn’s testing exercises to track progress and the unparalleled customer service. Marcos now works as a buyer at the Berlin-based ecommerce company, Zalando.

Find Your Ambition!

Challenging times often call for innovative solutions. In spite of the pandemic, professionals around the world are discovering that they can still realize their professional dreams by boosting their skill sets. Simplilearn is the world's #1 online Bootcamp for the digital economy. Learners boost their skills in a wide range of emerging technologies such as data science, AI, cloud computing, full-stack programming, digital marketing, and much more. 

The training is hands-on and immersive, including live virtual classes, integrated labs and projects, 24x7 support, and a collaborative learning environment. Over two million professionals and 2000 corporate training organizations across 150 countries have harnessed Simplilearn’s award-winning programs to achieve their career and business goals. 

Simplilearn gives people reason to believe that their ambitions can always be met, and that they simply #CannotBeLockedDown. 

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