IT Service Management (ITSM) is in a state of constant progress as it is operational by technology and a diverse range of organizational environments. This evolution of ITSM has a great influence on the execution of the business processes. To overcome change and stay steady, it is vital that a best practice approach such as ITIL is relied on for the running of successful businesses.ITIL is the most widely accepted and adopted methodology at a global level for IT service management. It lays the structure for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services by aligning well with the business goals. Needless to say, apart from a systematic execution of IT services, ITIL also puts the business in a different sphere aiding in their transformation and growth.

Having said that, thousands of top organizations globally have gone the ITIL way and stand testimony by their humungous business growth. Let us have a look at some of the major players in various industrial sectors who owe it to ITIL.


The Walt Disney Company (TWDC),
one of the giants in the entertainment industry has their business spread across 5 divisions in the form of studios, consumer products, media networks, interactive media, themes & resorts. Naturally, it is essential to adopt a best practice approach to keep the business rolling. It was in the mid -2000s that Disney began adopting ITIL best practices to ensure that guests checking into their theme parks & resorts have the perfect experience. Translated in IT language as 100% availability, reliability, and maintainability, it was to ensure that maximum professionalism, reduced risks, and widespread change is experienced. Having seen increased results, better efficiency, and cost reductions, ITIL indeed has proved its role in quality service delivery.

Muller Dairy, is another notable example. This number one yogurt brand and a giant in the food industry from the UK is known for its incredible marketing strategies and innovative product range. The IT service department has been a major contributor to driving its business to the forefront. By adopting ITIL as the best practice approach, constructive action plans were laid and a framework to meet common objectives and KPIs -Key Performance Indicators were strategized. This led to an enormous transformation and worked well for the company creating a 180-degree change.

The top leadership acknowledged and perceived ITIL to be closely bound for the business to move forward tremendously. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre is a dedicated medical institution whose only purpose is to make sure kids are happy and healthy. With the growing demand for quality medical services and a need for a robust 24/7 system, the hospital needed to rejuvenate itself to align to its service goals. This led to the adoption of ITIL for a customer-focused, process-oriented and cost-effective approach in order to minimize business disruptions. It also led to adhere to the vision and mission of quality service. The results with ITIL implementation were palpable, as products were aligned with their business and therefore complicated projects could be tackled in a very cost-effective and streamlined manner.

The above are few examples of ITIL in different industries and the positive impact it has made. Other leading players in the market who adopted ITIL methodology included NASA and HSBC to name a few. Apart from better efficiency, quality service and delivery, and organization’s growth, ITIL best practices also support the foundations of ISO/IEC 20000, the International Service Management Standard for organizational certification and compliance. Organizations, thus can implement ITIL to achieve organizational certification. With so many laurels resting on it and its contribution in diverse industries like entertainment, food, hospital management, banking, space research, IT and many more, ITIL is definitely the ‘King of IT service processes’ and the ‘Jack of all domains’. Click here, if you are interested to know more about IT Service Management & ITIL training

Case study from: Muller Dairy Disney ITIL journey Cincinnati children's hospital

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