Advertising on LinkedIn can be a highly positive and valuable experience for brands. Not only is there the opportunity to target users by their job titles and the companies where they work, but marketers can also leverage the social platform to move potential customers through the marketing funnel. As such, LinkedIn tends to be a key channel in B2B marketing strategies, as four out of every five LinkedIn members are influencers or decision makers for their organizations’ business decisions!

While highly effective, LinkedIn advertising isn’t cheap, so it makes sense to understand all you can about PPC advertising before investing in campaigns. We won’t cover the ins and outs of paid advertising in this post, but we will be exploring a few effective LinkedIn ad examples and discussing what makes them work so well. You can be sure you will come away with the inspiration to apply to your own campaigns, whether you have already gotten started or are planning to launch in the future.

A Few Effective LinkedIn Ad Examples:



Adobe knocked it out of the park with their latest LinkedIn Ad content, aimed at higher education decision makers. By creating an ad for a specific use case — creating an interactive syllabus — Adobe appeals to users with language that speaks to their individual needs. The media brand skips the generic imagery and instead pulls directly from the program itself — a lesson plan on its own education exchange platform. It’s an effective LinkedIn ad for its personalized messaging, imagery, and highly focused content, which is evident in the engagement numbers displayed on the post.



What stands out most about this LinkedIn ad example is the value that’s clearly stated in the intro text: beat your competition. It’s reiterated in the headline copy toward the bottom of the ad as well. Language like this makes it particularly enticing to download the guide, which will help users gain a competitive advantage. The effectiveness can be seen in the engagement numbers, which reflect a few different responses from likes to applause to insightful. Guides can be a valuable tool for reaching your audience in various stages of the funnel.



Earlier we mentioned the opportunity to target users by job title or company, but you can also speak to an industry in your LinkedIn ad copy. This is a smart approach to capture attention immediately from those you want to influence, and Salesforce does double-duty with language and eBook content geared specifically to the industry pain points. This can be an effective strategy for increasing awareness in an industry where you’re less recognized, to boost clicks and get more traffic, and — again — move prospects further toward the bottom of the marketing funnel

Rise Interactive


One approach to reaching B2B audiences is with thought leadership content, and Rise Interactive uses LinkedIn advertising to get theirs in front of decision makers quickly and efficiently. This LinkedIn ad example features business advice and experience from Rise Interactive’s CEO, which helps the brand establish authority and trust from an audience that may not be familiar with the company. It’s an intriguing strategy for brands looking to connect with leadership at like-minded organizations.



Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to advertise on LinkedIn is with video ads. These interactive formats draw viewers in for an experience, like this promoted content from Smartsheet. The video is effective because it uses text on the screen so users can easily follow along with or without audio, and it speaks to the new kind of workplace so many are experiencing right now — one where we’re doing it all by ourselves. It also features visuals of the actual software and spells out the benefits for viewers within seconds.  

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LinkedIn advertising can be an especially valuable platform for B2B marketers and brands looking to reach a specific audience with targeted messaging. Consider these strategies and LinkedIn ad examples as you create your ad campaigns on one of the most visible spaces for professionals and, even more important, decision makers.

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