Enterprises today face a critical challenge in a business environment that is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Operating and competing in the Digital Economy requires a workforce that has an ever-evolving and ever-rising level of digital skills. The challenge is only made more difficult by the fact that every other enterprise has the same need for the same skill set. Competition for qualified digital professionals is intense and continuously increasing.

Simplilearn offers customized corporate training programs to help enterprises solve their most pressing skills development challenges. One of Simplilearn’s outcome-oriented engagement models is new hire onboarding. This is a set of hands-on, applied learning programs comprising essential skills for new hires. It enables faster job readiness and a more consistent standard of technical skill in the enterprise workforce.

Onboarding That Improves the New Hire

In an ideal world, an organization would be able to issue a job requisition with a detailed job description and receive applications from candidates whose skills and experience exactly match the specifications. The organization would then select one of these candidates, and the onboarding process would consist mainly of administrative tasks and familiarizing the new hire with the organization’s culture and standards.

In the current environment with respect to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding technology professionals, competition for the same skills and experience means that it’s exceedingly difficult to find candidates who are a perfect match for the job description. Since no enterprise can afford to wait for the ideal candidate to apply for every open position, it’s vital to have a mechanism to help a new hire who is a near-match to the job specification to become properly skilled for the role.

One of the benefits of the onboarding engagement model is that it allows the enterprise to widen its recruiting pool. The hiring manager can broaden the definition of a qualified candidate to include individuals who have aptitude in the target job area but who haven’t yet acquired the full skill set for the job. 

In Simplilearn’s onboarding model, the new hire gets access to specific role-based skills training. Simplilearn delivers this training in a digital bootcamp format that is completely online and blends live virtual classrooms with self-paced learning modules. The courses and programs incorporate web-based assessments, labs, and projects that let the new hires learn by doing and that verify their proficiency with their new skills. This model lets the new hire become familiar with the enterprise’s culture and standards and integrate with the work team while acquiring skills calibrated for the job role.

Onboarding for a Range of Digital Economy Roles

The ideal learner type for this onboarding engagement model is the entry to associate level professional. The onboarding training process can be tailored to each individual new hire’s level of preparation, skills gaps, and required skill set. The Learning and Development manager can monitor employees’ training progress through dashboards and reports to ensure that the upskilling program proceeds smoothly.

As described in our white paper, Skilling for the Digital Economy: A Role-Based Approach, Simplilearn offers training programs designed around the job roles that are common across the Digital Economy. Simplilearn has identified 37 job roles in four domains of the Digital Economy (Digital Business, Digital Operations, Data & AI, and Technology).

Simplilearn can design onboarding programs for any combination of job roles across the four Digital Economy domains. Examples of our programs include:

  • Full Stack Certification: the Full Stack Web Developer program includes a comprehensive set of courses covering the full web stack, from the database to the web server to client-side scripting and UI/UX design. We also offer individual courses for specific skills like Angular, .NET, and Java.
  • Data Science Certification: courses in data modeling, data analysis, machine learning, and more. Our Data Science comprehensive programs include content provided in collaboration with IBM.

The focused and flexible approach of our digital bootcamps shortens training time while increasing course completion rates and learner engagement. At the same time, the personalized learning curriculum for each new hire streamlines the onboarding process and reduces the overall time to get the new hire to become fully productive. This time factor confers a critical advantage to enterprises that have to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and competitive product offerings.

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Simplilearn’s Other Corporate Training Services

Simplilearn’s bootcamp approach to corporate training in Digital Economy roles and skills boosts learner engagement and leads to our industry-leading course completion rates. Simplilearn’s corporate training engagement models for enterprises also include:

  • Level Setting and Upskilling: Continual upskilling engagements aligned with the organizational development strategy, for the entire tech workforce.
  • Digital Academy: Programs to enable practical learning with a business and industry use-case driven approach, targeted to middle management up to CXOs

Visit our Corporate Training page for more information and to contact us for more information about our corporate training solutions and these engagement models.

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