Are you wondering how to help your video content earn greater visibility? 

Do you want to increase traffic to your content and boost video conversions?

Optimizing your video content is essential to achieving these goals.  

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

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Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

The Importance of Video Conversions

What Is a Video Conversion?

A video conversion happens when someone who watches your video content becomes a buyer, subscriber, follower, or any other next step you have identified in the conversion process. Video conversions are based on your goals for your video content, whether it’s purchases or channel subscribers.

Video conversions are important because they validate the purpose of your video assets, confirm you are achieving your goals, and help you learn more about your viewers so you can continue to create valuable content.

The Value of Optimizing Videos

Of course, the end goal of video conversion is important, but there are also other valuable benefits of optimizing videos, including:

  • Helping search engines better understand your video content
  • Improving visibility for your videos in search results
  • Reaching a wider viewing audience that is searching for your type of content
  • Driving more qualified traffic to your videos

By optimizing your video content, you help search engines better understand what your videos are about in the first place. When search engines have this information, they can better align your content with search queries that relate to it. This means a higher chance of users finding your videos, understanding what they’re about immediately, clicking on them, and finally (hopefully) watching the content. Video conversions are the final step in the process.

Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

With Purdue Digital Marketing PG ProgramExplore Course
Become One of The Highest Paid Digital Marketer

How to Get Started With Video Optimizations

When you have video content that’s ready to be optimized for search engines, then there are a few steps you want to take, including:

  1. Write a title and description that includes your keyword: For your video content to be discoverable, you need to determine which keyword(s) you want it to be found for in search. Then, be sure you include that keyword, or keywords, in both the title and description, preferably somewhere near the beginning.
  2. Create a thumbnail with your keyword: Search engines typically display video content as thumbnails in search results. Therefore, you’ll need to create a thumbnail, too. Be sure to include your keyword or some variation of it on the thumbnail itself. This way, users can identify what your video is about right away.
  3. Add video length and upload date: To help search engines better understand your content, you can also add information about the length of your video and the date you uploaded the content. This information is displayed in search results, so users can see how relevant it is and how long they may be watching.
  4. Include tags and hashtags: Before you finish optimizing your video content, you’ll want to be sure to add tags, which help people find your videos by searching for certain keywords. You will also want to include hashtags, which can help people find your content more easily.

For even more information, check out how to optimize videos for SEO

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Optimizing your videos is critical if you want to gain more visibility in search results, reach a wider audience, and drive more traffic to your content. Not only does this help you maintain your position in search results, but it’s a major factor in boosting video conversions.

Try these tips with your existing and future videos and keep tabs on your metrics to see how much progress you’ve made with these improvements. Check out Simplilearn’s Advanced SEO Training Course for more helpful tips.

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