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Six Sigma approach is a quality management system which is increasingly used in various industries nowadays. No one can deny the significant influence of Six Sigma on quality management approach, theories and applications. Well, over time, quality management has evolved as one individual and mature field in corporates. It has sound definitional and conceptual foundations. Being an organized and systematic method for process improvement, Six Sigma has become the first choice of leading quality management organizations. This methodology has tremendous potential to reduce the customer defined defect rates. This is why it can outlast the traditional ‘total quality management system’. The pioneer of this extremely powerful quality control method has achieved a near-perfect business process and reduced the number of defects to a great extent.

Initially, Six Sigma quality management system was employed in the manufacturing sector only. But today, it plays an important role in the service sector too. This growth speaks volumes about the efficiency, which Six Sigma approach brings in for organizations. With the Six Sigma quality management system example, it has proved the versatility and compatibility of this process improvement method. One thing why this methodology is being welcomed in varied sectors is that it helps to locate the root cause of the deviation in the quality. However, it calls for a dedicated team of experts to implement it in a successful manner. The role of each team member should be well-defined at the initial stage itself. This practice makes sure that there is no dilution of Six Sigma quality management system principles and quality standards at the time of implementation.

Is it possible to integrate Six Sigma with other Management Programs?

Thanks to the state-of-the-art tools and techniques that were developed over the last couple of years, as they made it possible to integrate Six Sigma with other management programs. The best part is that the basic and fundamental concept of this method remains the same even with other programs. The way the quality management system is used only gets changed. There are a lot of similarities between the Six Sigma and the management framework, which enables this type of integration.

Can Six Sigma outlast the total quality management system?

It would not be wrong to call Six Sigma a revolution in the world of total quality management system. This outstanding quality management method has indeed brought amazing improvements and value for businesses. TQM is known to be an effective approach when it comes to quality management. The method emphasizes more on continuous flow of incremental quality improvements for the benefit of businesses. Six Sigma quality management system adds value to the same. What brings a smile on the quality management professional is that, Six Sigma is not just a quality initiative or a process improvement thing, it is also a continuous quality improvement strategy. Well, Six Sigma commons some cultural methodologies of TQM approach. It has been observed that TQM quality improvement initiatives reach a plateau after some point of time whereas Six Sigma takes it to another level. Therefore, it can be said that Six Sigma quality has all it takes to outlast the total quality management system.

Special aspects of Six Sigma

  1. Being fact based and data driven has got astronomically high popularity for the Six Sigma quality management approach.
  2. This quality management system is not only result-oriented but has the potentials to get quantifiable as well as measurable bottom-line results.
  3. You can call it a leader-sponsored top-down approach for quality management.
  4. It gives proper attention to the customer requirements.
  5. Most importantly, this approach can be applied to various business processes including administration, marketing, sales, Research & Development etc.

Requirement of Six Sigma Quality Management System Training

With the amazing success rate of Six Sigma, more and more people are looking forward for a dependable and efficacious Six Sigma certification training. This is something that can empower the enthusiastic candidate with the required knowledge, approach and principles of quality management and quality control. Getting fine hands over Six Sigma methodologies allows the person to bring both short-term and long-term benefits for the organization.


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