Podcasts deliver a special listening experience. With a simple click of an app, people can tune in to hear directly from their favorite speakers or brands on ideas they care about, while simultaneously cooking dinner, driving, or exercising. For brands, podcasting is a unique opportunity to connect the way the audience wants, while supporting the overall marketing strategy. And as long as the content remains valuable, you can also build a strong community of engaged listeners who look to you first for information.

Here’s how I see the role of podcasts in marketing for any brand, organization, or individual.

Good Conversation 

By nature, podcasts are conversational. Whether it’s the host speaking to the audience or interviewing someone else, podcasts are appealing because they’re easy on the ears. It’s like listening to a radio station, except the topics are more in-depth and relevant to a specific audience rather than the general public. 

Good conversation can be more interesting. And that’s not to say blog posts and social media content don’t have their place. They do; but podcasts give listeners another way to experience the brand by putting a voice to those values and ideas you’ve been communicating through other channels. It makes them come to life with more dimension and impact.

Hyper-Relevant Content

Podcasts allow you to drill down to specifics on the subjects and ideas that matter to your audience. You can segment your episodes to create hyper-relevant content the audience won’t find elsewhere. That’s where the value lies. If you’re releasing useful and engaging conversations on a consistent basis, then your listeners will be excited and motivated to come back for more. It’s the way listeners become subscribers and then loyal customers. 

And that brings me to this point: you’ll want to be creating podcasts for marketing to all of your buyer personas, in all stages of the customer journey. You can create content for brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion all within your publishing schedule.

Integration With Other Channels

Podcasting works beautifully with other marketing channels, so you can integrate it wherever it makes sense. For example, you can repurpose a blog post into a podcast or include your podcasts in your email marketing to reach more of your audience. In fact, this is important to do, because some people may not even realize you have a podcast.

You can also promote your work through podcasting. Let’s say you’re an author of a new book. Develop a few episodes around the content in your book and let the audience know where they can learn more. Announce the upcoming podcasts on social media, publish them on your website, and – if you’re a guest on a separate podcast – you can talk about it there, too.   

If you’re wondering how to plan for podcasts in your marketing, be sure to check out this guide to creating a content marketing strategy. As with any communication, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of your audience and your goals before you begin.

It’s Not All About You 

In my experience, one of the greatest benefits of podcasting is it makes the content about the listeners. You’re creating podcasts to be helpful to them, to inspire new ways of thinking, or to present solutions to problems that are really plaguing them. It’s not a medium for brands to talk about themselves the entire time (though a little promotion is o.k.). Instead, it’s a space for the audience to find relevant, useful, interesting content that makes their lives better just for listening. 

In the end, when you position your podcasts as valuable, then your brand is viewed as valuable as a natural extension. The role of podcasts in marketing is to create an outlet for your ideas and content that engages listeners in a vibrant, dynamic, and recurring conversation for their personal benefit. 

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