This field of Cloud-computing is ever-changing. The range and scope of opportunities available to a Salesforce professional are among the best in the IT industry and might continue to rise in the future. A recent report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., stated that Cloud Computing marketing is expected to earn over $127 billion by 2017.

With the constant expansion of the domain into functions ranging from Customer Relationship Management to Mobile Marketing, the demand for capable and qualified cloud computing professionals is at an all-time high.

The most popular and useful Cloud Computing tool is the suite of enterprise sales and relationship management software that has been developed by

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Most Fortune 500 companies want professionals who are skilled in Salesforce — the platform that has transformed CRM across the globe.

The best and the most efficient way to ensure that you have the requisite skills is to acquire a Salesforce certification.

But, how will a Salesforce certification help me progress in my career?

Certification in Salesforce will help you prove two things to your potential employer:

  • Your knowledge

    A Salesforce certification will give you an in-depth understanding of the platform and will also improve customer relations and sales for your company. Getting certified is also useful for professionals with years of experience in the platform; they often learn new shortcuts and features that they hadn’t known about previously.
  • Your experience

    Certification training courses emphasize hands-on experience, industry-relevant projects, and case studies, often based on real-life scenarios.

When you enroll in a Salesforce certification course, you will receive 12 hours of training devoted to industry projects and over 20 hours of in-class lab practice, which will increase your expertise in the domain. Certification also increases your chances of earning a high salary.

Well, how much will you earn as a certified Salesforce professional?

IT professionals can expect as much as a 40% pay raise with a single Salesforce credential on their resume. And as the saying goes, the more the better.

According to a study conducted in 2013, the average salary of a Salesforce expert with no certification was $69,600. A certified Salesforce professional, on the other hand, earned an average salary of $86,850.

On average, Salesforce certified professionals earn over 25% more than their non-certified peers.

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Certified Salesforce Developer

Starting salary: $47,000

On an average: $87,000

Primary tasks:

  1. Work within companies to provide medium-to-large-scale Salesforce implementations.
  2. Work as independent Salesforce consultants.
  3. Use Apex Code and Visualforce to extend the standard functionality of Salesforce.
  4. Use Java and other programming languages to interact with Salesforce.
  5. Distinguish between scenarios that require code and those that do not.

Certified Salesforce Administrator

Starting salary: $40,000

On an average: $64,000

Primary tasks:

  1. Have a deep understanding of the configuration side of Salesforce.
  2. Set up users, administration, and training processes.
  3. Project work also features heavily in an Administrator role.

Salesforce Certification

Salary estimates for certified Salesforce professionals states that both certified Salesforce Developers and certified Salesforce App Builders earn $97,000 on average, while a certified Salesforce Administrator earns $92,000 on average.

Well, now you have a clear idea of the salaries of certified Salesforce professionals.

The high salary figures are not rumors but a legitimate fact.

So act on it!

Get a Salesforce certification and join the fast-growing Cloud Computing industry.

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